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CT100 - Reiki NYC Symposium Tapes . . . $19.95
This four hour tape set includes some of the best information on Reiki from top authorities in the field. Never before has a group like this come together to discuss Reiki on topics so appropriate for the Reiki community. The caring, knowledge and clarity of the speakers are an inspiration to us all.

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CT101 - Mrs. Takata Talks About Reiki . . . $10.00

This is an audio tape of Mrs. Takata talking about the history of Reiki. This 75 minute inspirational tape was made in 1979 when Mrs. Takata was 78 years old, just a year and a half before her transition. The original tape was poorly recorded and we have re- mastered it to improve the quality, However, you will still need a good quality tape player to hear what is said. Because of this, we have included a booklet with a word for word transcription.
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CT102 - Meet Your Reiki Guides . . . $12.00

There are spiritual beings who are Reiki masters. They can guide you within a Reiki treatment as well as on your path through life. They can add their Reiki energy to yours to increase the effectiveness of a treatment and they can send you love, protection and healing throughout the day. The more you are aware of them, the more they can help. This audio cassette tape is a guided meditation that gradually increases your level of consciousness so you can communicate with your Reiki guides. You can ask questions and receive guidance and healing. Side two is a guided meditation that connects you with the energies of the earth and the universe.
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CT103 - Heal the Cause . . . $10.00

You have lived many times before and your subconscious mind has a perfect memory of all your past lives. Often the original cause of a problem is in a past life and by going back to the cause it is possible to understand the lesson the problem has to offer and to release the problem for good. This tape is based on twenty years experience in guiding people back into past lives for healing and personal growth. It allows you to choose the problem whose cause you would like explore and guides you in a safe and healthy way to understand and heal the problem. When using the tape, you always have control and can awaken at any time.

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CT104 - Spiritual Protection and Healing . . . $16.95 . . . Details

Negative psychic and psychological energy from people around you can cause stress and even illness. It can also reduce your productivity and interfere with the enjoyment of life. It is no longer necessary to be affected by the negative energy from others. 2 self-hypnosis healing meditations on audio cassette tape with booklet.

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CT105 - Chanting Reiki Master . . . $15.00

This tape was created at a Reiki Master training in the Rocky mountains. While hawks and eagles soared outside and herds of elk roamed the valley, eighteen Reiki Masters chanted the names of the four sacred healing symbols. While chanting the sacred symbols, they also beamed Reiki with the intention that all who hear theses sacred sounds will be healed. A microphone at the center of the circle captured the sound and energy of the experience on tape. The tape was mixed at a recording studio. The four sacred sounds were recorded over each other so that all four chants are being done at the same time. This blending of the four chants increases the intensity of the vibration and also prevents one from actually being able to hear the names of the individual symbols thus maintaining their secrecy.

Metaphysically, the tape captured the energy and intention of the moment. Whenever the tape is played, the same energy of the chanting Reiki Masters is reproduced! Playing this tape will increase the vibration of any healing or meditation work you are doing. It has been tested by Reiki practitioners and found to increase the strength and depth of their Reiki energies. Both practitioners and clients notice the benefit. It has also been used during other types of healing work and always increases its value. Even though the names of the symbols cannot be understood, the healing effect is very clearly present.

Side one is chanting only. Side two is chanting with drum and Tibetan tingshas.

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CT106 - Reiki Meditation 1 & 2 . . . $12.00

This is a tape of the Reiki meditations given in Advanced Reiki Training and Reiki III/Master classes. While it is true that doing a Reiki self treatment is a form of meditation, it is possible to meditate with Reiki in a much more powerful way. This meditation system combines all the value of other types of meditation plus the healing power of Reiki. It can bring physical relaxation, mental clarity including improved ability to visualize, clairvoyance, enhanced healing skills and the expansion of consciousness. It can also be used to realize goals, to evenly distribute healing energies throughout your system, and to release and/or transmute negative energy. If used on a regular basis, it can transform your life.

Side 1: Bringing in the Light; Side 2: Creating Balance & Harmony

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CT107 - Healing Your Shadow Self . . . $12.00

Side 1: Healing The Shadow Self
The reason we have unwanted experiences in our lives is because we have parts of ourselves that we are cut off from. Even though we are not aware of them, they are still powerful and can attract unhealthy experiences, conditions and people. These unconscious parts are created when we refuse to accept our feelings and tendencies that have been classified as unacceptable. We push them down into the subconscious mind and they become what is called the Shadow Self. Because we are unaware of the Shadow Self, we think it is gone, yet it is still present. The Shadow Self can create problems that we blame on others when, in fact, we are creating them. This tape guides you into a deep state of relaxation and helps you to first get to know your Shadow Self and then to heal it, thus bringing healthy change to your outer life. The cause of specific problems is accessed and healed.

Side 2: NLP Exercises
The state of mind you are in has a direct effect on your ability to deal with life and to solve problems. We all have the ability to enter a resourceful positive, successful state of mind at will. The Resume for Life exercise helps you develop this ability.

The universe is always in a state of balance. A problem cannot exist unless the solution exists at the same time. The cause of our problems and the solutions exist within us. We have all the resources within us to solve our problems and live a happy, successful life. All we need to do is bring the solution into contact with the problem and it will be solved. The Zoom exercise is a powerful process that assists this.

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CT230 - The Reiki Class Tapes (3 tape set) . . . $19.95 Special Price (Normally $29.95) . . . Details

Three hours of Reiki instruction on audio cassette. What is Reiki, how it works, how to use it. Over one hour on the Reiki II symbols. Great for the prospective student, or for Reiki Masters to review parts of a Reiki I&II class at their own convenience.

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CT231 - Updated History of Reiki . . . $10.00

This tape is included in the tape set above. We make it available by itself in case you purchased the above tape set prior to 1998 as this information was not included before then. This way you will not have to purchase the whole set to have this updated history.

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OT220 - Reiki Healing Yourself (2 tape set) . . . $22.50

A two cassette album. One cassette guides you through a Reiki self-treatment, telling where to place your hands, the glands and organs being treated and when to move to the next position with beautiful, relaxing music in the background. The second cassette contains relaxing music only to use while doing Reiki.

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