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CP500 - Temple Great Beaming Light . . . $25.00 . . . View Large Poster


The Reiki master symbol, learned in advanced Reiki training, represents a great beaming light. While the source of healing light is often perceived as being outside ourselves, its true location is within. It is actually our own true nature that can be experienced during deep meditation

This beautiful full color art print by Alex Grey is predominantly in tranquil shades of blue, with subtle white and golden tones. A beautiful addition for the home, office, or healing space. SIZE: 33" x 20", suitable for framing.

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HT707- Reiki for World Peace Poster . . . $13.00 . . . View Large Poster

This is a poster of William Lee Rand with the World Peace Crystal Grid at the South Pole. Peace Grids have also been placed at the North Pole and Jerusalem. Size 13" x 19" Click Here for more info.

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HT702 - Reiki Hand Position Poster . . . $13.00 . . . View Large Poster

Hand Position

This is a poster of the Reiki hand positions for treating both others and treating yourself. Large enough to see from across the room. Great for your Reiki room.

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HT703 - Reiki Beaming Postcard . . . $ .75

This postcard presents a healing photograph taken during an advanced Reiki Teacher's class. The photo is charged with healing energy. Many Reiki practitioners have noticed a powerful soothing effect when resting with this.

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CP510 - Reiki Ideals Poster . . . $7.00

Reiki Ideals

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CP511 - Takata's Clinic w/Light Beings . . . $1.50

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CPNP - North Pole Grid Photo 3 x 5 . . . $1.50 . . . View Photo

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CPNP8 - North Pole Grid Photo 8 x 10 . . . $18.00

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CPSP - South Pole Grid Postcard . . . $.75
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HT701 - Set of Photos: Usui, Hayashi & Takata . . . $6.00 . . . View Photos

Dr. Mikao Usui, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, Mrs. Hawayo Takata.
This is the lineage through which Reiki was rediscovered and passed on to us. Dr. Usui rediscovered Reiki during a mystical experience on Mt. Kori-yama. He passed it on to Dr. Hayashi, who in turn passed it to Mrs. Takata, who brought Reiki to the western world.

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HT701H - Single Photo: Dr. Hayashi . . . $2.50
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HT701T - Single Photo: Mrs. Takata . . . $2.50
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HT701U - Single Photo 4" x 6": Usui Sensei . . . $2.50
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HT705 - Single Photo 8" x 10": Usui Sensei . . . $11.00

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HT706 - Single Photo 11" x 14": Usui Sensei . . . $22.00

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Antahkarana Symbol

Alice Bailey and several other authors of Tibetan philosophy have some knowledge of the Antahkarana, which you can find in a number of books. They describe the Antahkarana as part of spiritual anatomy. It is the connection between the physical brain and the Higher Self. It is this connection that must heal and develop if we are to grow spiritually. The Antahkarana symbol depicted here represents this connection and activates it whenever you are in its presence.

This is an ancient healing and meditation symbol that has been used it Tibet and China for thousands of years. It is a powerful symbol and by simply having it in your presence it will create a positive effect on the chakras and aura. When doing healing work, it focuses and deepens the actions of the healing energies involved.

Historically, the use of this symbol can be traced back through a number of Reiki Masters to a few ancient Tibetan meditation techniques. The few Tibetan meditation masters who knew of this symbol tended to keep it to themselves. Now it is time for all to have access to this ancient sacred symbol.

Below are listed the Antahkarana symbols printed on card stock. We also have them printed on cloth 20" square. This is a more versital style that allows you to lay them over a client when you do Reiki. To see these symbols printed on cloth, please click here.

OP700-M - Antahkarana Symbol (male) . . . $6.00

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OP700F - Antahkarana Symbol (female) . . . $6.00
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OP700-C - Antahkarana Symbol (cross) . . . $6.00
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OP700-S - Antahkarana Symbol (multiple) . . . $6.00
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OP700-4 - Set of all 4 Antahkarana Symbols . . . $17.00
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HT704 - Antahkarana, Business Card Size . . . $ .25
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