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November 2002
Reiki Stories

Reiki and Uterine Cancer
Six years ago while a Level Two Reiki healer I was witness to an extraordinary healing of a woman diagnosed with cancer. My Reiki Master (Colleen Chauntler of Gladstone, Australia) was staying with me at the time. A woman was brought to my home presenting a distended lower abdomen and we were told by her friends that she had been sick for some months. In the week prior to this visit she had a scan and had been told by doctors that she had a large tumour in her uterus that was probably cancerous. Surgery was planned for the following week. We decided to give her three sessions of Reiki healing throughout the week, hoping that would encourage rapid healing for her after her surgery. Rather than the usual hand positions, three of us worked on her-my Reiki Master held her hands on the patient's lower abdomen, I had my hands on her head (crown) and another Level Two healer (Sharon Honatana) was at her feet. We stayed like that for approximately an hour each session.

On the day she was to check in to the hospital I saw a large black energy in the shape of a ball and surrounded by what appeared to be sparking energy lift from her abdomen and rise up into the air. It kept rising and disappeared through the ceiling of the room. I asked if anyone else had seen it and each of the others confirmed the same thing, including the patient. She duly went on to check in to the hospital, and when they examined her they could not feel the tumour; they sent her for a scan and it had gone. She told us with great humour that the doctors were arguing and quite flustered at the result. They eventually went on to do an exploratory operation but no tumour could be found. She had therapy for the few cancer cells they did find and is fit and healthy now.

The woman believes she was healed by Satya Sai Baba and Reiki. On the night before her last session she said she dreamed she was in her car and it was teetering on the edge of a cliff. Below her was blackness; in her rear-vision mirror she could see a long road, and walking along this road was Sai Baba. He came toward her car and stood looking at her. She cried out to him to help her and he reached down and pulled her car off the edge of the cliff and placed it back on the road. Penelope (Penny) Hayward

Reiki and Prostate Cancer

With the thought of promoting Reiki, I called an assisted-living center to offer an Introduction to Reiki class with free mini-Reiki sessions. When I asked the social director if he was familiar with Reiki he said, "Let me tell you my story," and proceeded to tell me that he had been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. His massage therapist, Reiki Level II, had been told by a psychic that he (the social director) needed to receive three treatments in close succession by three Reiki healers. I quickly set things in motion and our team performed Reiki on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. No other treatment was given. Prior to treatment his test confirmed he was 4.0 and his doctor diagnosed that he had prostate cancer. The Monday after we completed the three treatments he was again tested. On the following Wednesday he called to say the test results showed 0.3 and that he was free of cancer. He remarked that in all of his life the test results were never that low. I am so honored to have been a part of his healing. I feel honored to be called by Reiki, a major part of my life. Phran Gacher, Stamford, Connecticut

Reiki and Heart Attacks
Without a sound, a man collapsed, sliding silently from his chair and onto the floor. People crowded around him, and one person, a Reiki Level One, began hands-on while I went into another room. I could clearly feel his heart beat. It was very faint and squishy (a technical term?).

As energy began to flow, a slightly different connection was made and I found that my heart was beating for his. That was new to me, but it added a lot of depth to Usui-Sensei's statement to "Always expect there to be oneness." The man was sitting up by the time the paramedics arrived.

Less than a week later, a friend phoned. She had just called 911; her husband was having a heart attack. His heartbeat was entirely different: fluttery and erratic, a bit like static on the radio. Again the link was made allowing my heart to beat for his. He too was sitting up when the paramedics arrived.

Similar scenes have happened over the years-similar, yet each one entirely different. Panic attacks respond in a similar manner, except that the victims' breathing and heart rate move into synch with mine. There seems to be a definite increase in panic attacks nowadays. W. Craig

Reiki and Two-Story Fall
On July 10 of this year I fell two stories onto concrete while practicing a rope rescue technique. Luckily my friends surrounded me. A friend I took Reiki I and II with immediately placed her hands on me, before I even thought about what was happening. I was able to be transported by private vehicle to the hospital, and experienced minimal pain. The emergency room physician was very surprised to see my X-rays. My left ankle was fractured and dislocated and I had suffered a T-12 compression fracture. Despite this, my ankle was not swollen and was mobile with a good pulse. I required no narcotic analgesics until transfer to a trauma facility one hour away.

Reiki, along with aromatherapy, massage, and yoga, continues to be an important part of my recovery. Thanks to Heather, my teachers, and the great Reiki masters for the great healing. Amy Fierro

Reiki Heals Bird
This is an incident which occurred when I did Reiki Level I way back in 1997. My son, who was then four years old, and I went to our garage to take our bicycles for a ride. To our surprise we found a bird lying down, unable to flap its wings and making a feeble attempt to fly. I said to my son, "Lets give Reiki," and I went ahead and without touching the bird gave Reiki. Lo and behold, after some time it flapped its wings energetically and flew off!

Both of us were pleasantly surprised and happy, too. My son now knows what Reiki can do, and often when he is tired or has any pains due to play or whatever, or before going to sleep, asks me to give him Reiki. This has left an impression which he will remember throughout. I have so many live examples to share but this should convince other first-timers to seek and experience Reiki to have full conviction on the effectiveness of Reiki in day-to-day life. Love and Light, T. S. Srinivasan, Secunderabad, India

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