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March 2002
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Reiki Heals Pancreatic Cancer
Dear William Rand, On October 12, 2001 my brother Tex was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and informed nothing else could be done for him. He was depressed and wouldn't talk to anyone in the family except my mother. I told her to tell him to hold on until Thanksgiving when I could come and visit him and attune him to Reiki I. I was scheduled-and did attend a workshop to receive my Reiki Master Teacher certification on October 28, 2001 from Accem Scott-who is filled with so much wisdom on natural healing. I recommend everyone should know him and his method of teaching.

For a month I performed distance healing on my brother and during my meditation asked the Universe to instill in his mind the will to live. During the wait before my visit, my brother informed his doctor that his sister was coming to give him a new pancreas. His doctor thought he was crazy and decided to put him on medication for denial of his terminal situation. I was angry and wanted to see his doctor and ask him when did he become God/Goddess/Mother/Father/Mystic Laws/Universe that he knew exactly when someone was going to live or die.

On Thanksgiving, November 22, 2001 I arrived at the hospital where my brother was staying. I explained Reiki to him, the hand positions, and what I would do during the attunement. I knew it was important to attune him to Reiki I before his first Reiki session because within a month he went from giving up on life to wanting to liveÖ and he believed I was going to help him. I let him know that it was not me-I am a conduit/vessel-but the healing energy from the Universe passing through me to him that would be doing the healing. As soon as the attunement was over, my brother told me he felt something circle his body and he knew he would be all right. I gave him instructions where to lay his hands for direct healing to his pancreas, when to take his juices, teas, and herbs (I also use herbs and essential oils to help people heal themselves naturally, so I bought a lot of natural products, such as Noni juice, grape seed extract, and herbal teas for his daily regimen), and most importantly to say the affirmations or write daily, 'I am in perfect health' and 'My body is now free from all dis-eases.' The next day, I went back to the hospital to give Tex a Reiki session. I asked him how he was doing and he said great-the previous night was the first time he experienced no pain in months.

On Thursday, December 20, 2001, my sister called me from California because my mother couldn't reach me to tell me about my brother Tex. He had a check up with his doctor that Thursday morning. My brother's doctor told him that his pancreatic cancer was in a state of remission and that he doesn't know what his sister [me] had him doing but keep doing it, even though he [the doctor] didn't believe in that mumble jumble. I was so elated with this news. I thanked the Universe and told everyone I knew. Now, I have people in my family calling and asking when am I going to heal them. I tell them it's not me, it's the healing energy of the Universe. Sincerely, Bianca

Reiki Heals Injured Hip
Dear Mr. William Rand, I have a story about a special healing that I did on an elderly, eighty-three-year old, lady. The request was made by her niece to do the healing. She fell and broke her hip and was taken into surgery to have a pin put in her hip. She also is diabetic and the complications of this disease with such a serious injury and surgery at her age was life threatening. She was not recovering from the first surgery and so the doctors planned a second surgery because the hip was not healing. Aunt Cat, as her niece called her, was losing weight and unable to eat. The doctors said she might die without the second surgery but she also might die during the surgery because she was so weak. Aunt Cat is a very spiritual person and has had Reiki Healings before. The healing was performed on her in the hospital the evening before the second surgery was scheduled. Aunt Cat and her niece were praying as I started my Reiki Healing. The Healing progressed as usual until I got to her injured hip area, my hands became so hot and the energy was so intense that I became hot all over. I held my position as long as I could endure it before continuing on down her legs and to her feet. I felt drawn back to her hip area and worked on her hip again. The heat and energy returned again. My hand turned red and throbbed. My clothes became damp from perspiration and I held this position until I could no longer handle the intense pain from the energy. I have no doubt in my mind that this was a divine healing. I have been a Reiki Healer for a couple of years and only certified on the first two levels of Reiki. I have not advanced to a Master yet, so I don't have a lot of years of experience to use as comparison but the high levels of energy and heat was something that I have never experienced before. The doctors came in to do a pre-surgery check on Aunt Cat and discovered that all the problems and complications that had been affecting her health and life were no longer a factor and the second surgery was canceled. Aunt Cat has since recovered and is now living in a nursing home. This was one of my most profound and exceptional experiences as a Reiki Healer and one that I will never forget. I'm not sure if you can use this story but I wanted to share this story with someone who would understand and appreciate such a wonderful happening. Thank you for listening and for your great website. I have recently moved back to my hometown where no one even know what Reiki is and they look at me like as if I am a freak so to be able to go to your website and read all your information and enlightening articles is a lifesaver for me. Thank you for putting out such a great newsletter. Sincerely, Linda J. Shook

Reiki Heals Hearing
Several months ago when I was still a level 2 practitioner and my husband was level 1, we offered a friend of ours a Reiki treatment in barter for watching our Umbrella Cockatoo, Chela and our cockateil, Fred. Before the treatment she kept asking if we could do something for her shoulder and while we made no promises, we told her that she would, at the very least, feel much more relaxed. As the treatment progressed, she *did* become much more relaxed, but I also noticed that my husband spent a great deal of time working on her head and neck area...he kept being guided back to two particular spots. When the treatment was over, our friend got a very quizzical look on her face and asked me to whisper something in her left ear. I just sort of shrugged and whispered something inconsequential that made little sense. Her eyes LIT up and she repeated it back to me. It was at this point that she told us that she had been clinically deaf in that ear since she was 4. She says that her shoulder is still the same, but now she hears like a bat. Maria Myrback

Reiki on Mother For Hearing
I have been a Reiki Master since April of 1997. My mother was in a nursing home and started having difficulty hearing. We had to yell to get her to hear. I asked them to test her to see if they couldn't help her with no results. I started doing Reiki on her ears each time I came to visit. I had given her several treatments and then one day when I was giving her a treatment, she said, "Did you hear that cracking noise?" My husband was with me. We both said that we hadn't, but from then on she could hear perfectly. God took her home in Nov. of 1998. She hadn't walked or even moved for some time. Was bedridden. When she died her arms and legs were all moving as if she were walking to meet someone as she was so anxious and then she died. It was a very moving experience. Blessings, Marie E. Schrader

Reiki and Cancer
I was diagnosed with ovarian/paratonilee cancer. I was not given a good prognosis. With extensive Chemo treatments, I stood a good chance- without- maybe I had 6-9 months. I had just lost my husband within two years, I had two adorable kids ages 12 and 11. At that time, they had lost their Dad and now Mom was real sick. I had extensive surgery and was faced with chemo, which I didnít want to do as I had seen what chemo had done to my husband. I was not a happy camper, but wanted all best odds in my favor so I decided to go with the chemo. After my second chemo treatment, I saw a long time friend of mine. Her family and she herself have dealt with this situation before within her family. She came up to me and said " I am not going to send you flowers, I am going to come over to your home and do Reiki on you as my gift." Reiki, I said, what is this? I wanted to live and I wanted to do anything to make all options work, so I accepted her offer.

After the first treatment, I felt relaxed, calmed, and very good. Almost, rejuvenated. My Reiki Master had said to me after the second treatment she had seen many little black balls firing through my abdomen while treating me. I thought this strange. That night, about five hours after she had left, I had an experience in the bathroom, which is hard to describe. However, after completed, I felt strongly that "all the cancer was gone out of my body". I called a nurse and a doctor and after tests, they agreed that all the cancer was gone, but could not explain this since I had had only two chemo treatments and they thought I would need many more. I also have to say that my faith has been renewed and I look forward to a long and happy future.

I began my journey with Reiki that night and I am now a cancer survivor for a third time over 26 years. I plan on seeing my children graduate from college, get married and have my grandchildren.

To date, I am about to celebrate my two-year anniversary from that surgery and I am feeling good and going on with life. I have introduced my family members to Reiki and I have progressed to a Reiki Two level. There is a lot to this, and I will continue to practice and heal. I am living proof that it works. My doctors cannot explain how well I am doing- but they suggest " just keep on doing whatever it is!" Lee Spence, Chagrin Falls, OH

Reiki Heals Bird
During the summer of 2000,while sitting in my living room, I noticed a boy on his bike stop in the street in front of my house. I went out to see what was bothering the young boy. In the road was a sparrow that had been hit by a car and was bleeding internally. Being a Reiki Master I took the bird to my garage while doing Reiki on his spirit. I called to my wife so she could also give Reiki to the bird. Than both of us did Reiki to the bird on and off for at least forty minutes. The Reiki energy brought the small bird out of its deep sleep and all bleeding stopped as far as we could tell. The bird looked up at me for at least thirty seconds and flew to a nearby bush. It looked in my direction one more time as if to say "thank you" and flew away. From that day on the energy coming from me has become stronger and stronger, with wonderful healings of all degrees. Thank you for reading this letter and remember to use your Reiki gift everyday. Thanks, Vinnie

Reiki Heals Dog
I arrived back in South Africa after taking Reiki 1 and 2. I settled into a group of old and new friends. All with a vibrant lifestyle and search of God. I spent my New Year somewhere in the bush. A golden Labrador crossed with a sausage dog puppy, called Mari Gold was either bitten by a snake or had eaten a poisonous frog. Her hole body was contracting as the life force energy was visibly leaving her body, as she dreweled buckets full....Myself and friends laid hands on her... whaaaaw....Needles to say, In the name of the Lord and all that is light the miracle happened in a flash right in front of our eyes. The next morning Miracle as she was called since then came running, licking to us with a new sparkle in her eyes.....God bless us indeed and enlarge our territories......So be it. Thank You, Anton Hay

Pet Healing with Reiki
I am so grateful to be able to share Reiki with those around me. My youngest daughter became so interested as she observed the effect Reiki had on me that she began to request that I read my Reiki books to her at night. At age eleven now, she has been attuned to Level II. We have woven Reiki into all aspects of our day and are blessed by it.

We found an injured cat recently and brought it to the vet clinic. She had lost most of an ear and had an open wound down her entire left side, about two inches wide. Remarkably, there was no infection. She was glad to have attention and was responsive. We named her Hope. Two days past before it hit me, duh-h-h-h as my kidís say- use Reiki. With only a ten-minute session that evening, the next day the exposed tissue had turned from a dark red color to light pink. With just a few minutes each day her healing intensified. The wound was so responsive to Reiki. Within twelve hours after a mini-session the healing was visible to the eye. I am continuously reminded of the gift that Reiki is for our lives.
Many blessings to you all....Gaywynn Gaude'

Reiki Heals Pets Eye
It's such a joy to read the stories that are shared, I thought it would be a nice return to share my story. I am a Reiki Level II healer, and give Reiki healings to friends and my pet. Well, I have a beautiful white Turkish angora that I noticed had some leakage from her eye. Since my experience with this breed was eye infections, I had some medicine from my vet. I decided to use the medicine and add some Reiki to my girl. As she lay in her deep sleep I laid hands upon her and for 2 days she was treated with the Reiki. And by the 3rd day her eye was back to being bright & shiny, with no discharge. Needless to say, since then she has maintained excellent health and has even become quite loving. Thanks, EagleSong

Reiki Heals Wrist
My sister was "retired" from the police dept in Miami after having her nerves in her wrist severed and "permanently" damaged while on duty at the scene of a hotel fire. Many years of pain, surgery, counseling and frustration ensued. I have been a Reiki master since 1995 and about two years ago she decided to try Reiki to ease the pain and discomfort. The wrist is now healed, the use of her little and ring finger on that hand are restored, the numbness is gone, the sensitivity to cold is gone (used to be terribly painful) and she is able to do the work she loves, helping others. This occurred after being told by several medical experts" it will never get better, just get used to the pain." Thank God for Reiki. I love the newsletter, it helps network Reiki users and educate and support as well. Blessings to you, Cheryl "Aurora" Collins

Time Extension Reiki
Dear William, Thank you for putting out this wonderful newsletter I look forward to each edition. I was introduced to Reiki 3 years ago and found it to be the most wonderful experience. I was on a retreat for people living with HIV and AIDS and a friend volunteered to give a demonstration and did brief healing sessions for the retreatants. I felt as if someone had given me the greatest gift I had ever received and I was only getting a glimpse of it through the wrapping. I immediately signed up for a full session. Since then I have taken Reiki classes and now have my Master's certificate and am preparing to share this gift with my first student. I still attend HIV/AIDS retreats and offer Reiki to the other attendees. Because I try to give as many sessions to as many people as I can at these retreats I only have about 20 minutes to work on each person. Intuitively I started picturing a clock in my mind with the time and distance symbol on the face and only a minute hand. As I channel energy the hand of the clock moves about 15 minutes for every 5 of actual healing, allowing me to channel an hour's worth of energy in a short period of time. As I channel I periodically send all the symbols into the clock. I have had wonderful results at these retreats and have had nothing but positive feedback from the people I have worked on. I suggest others try this method if they are doing Reiki with a time constraint. Thanks again. Bill Seal

Group Distant Healing
In April 1999, my Mom suffered a stroke and heart attack at our home on Long Island, N.Y. I am a Reiki Master and live just north of Sydney, Australia. Needless to say, I was quite distraught at not being able to physically get to my mother, and comfort her - however, due to circumstances beyond my control, and having two young daughters - I could not fly home. Coincidentally, a girlfriend and I were going to attend a Reiki Workshop the very weekend my Mom was struck down with the heart attack, we decided to go to the workshop anyway and it was the most amazing experience because the entire "Healing Circle" (about 12 people) sent "Love and Healing" to my mother in N.Y. Mom recovered, and told me that while she was in her hospital bed, she had felt a flood of "Love and warmth", and knew that she would recover. The miraculous thing about this healing is that, (with the time zone difference), at about the same time my Mom felt "the healing", the Reiki Circle, here in Sydney, were "sending the Love and Healing"! My Mom has since passed away two years ago on Christmas Day - she passed quickly, peacefully, and very well "Loved". I will always miss her, but am grateful for that little bit of extra time we had together, with "thanks" to the Reiki Circle that I met at that workshop. Debi Line

Cough and Allergies
Dear friends, Iím writing you from Corfu-Greece and I would like to share with you my personal experience about Reiki self-healing. You should know that I had during the last 20 years many, many health problems. During the winter and spring, I was twice a month ill. I would catch a cold or an allergy would give me a hard time. It was a sickness without a real sickness, but it caused me many problems and it really wasnít so nice to feel bad all the time. The worst thing is that I never thought that there could be a solution to my problem. Till someone told me to try Reiki, and I did. No one in my family can now believe that the whole winter passed by and I never coughed, I donít sneeze all the time, or little terrible things like that!!! You may think "thatís nothing!" but for me its the end of a very annoying period of my life. And Iím absolutely sure, that it stays that way! Because now I have the protection of Reiki energy and I can only be very grateful about it. I invite you all to discover this beautiful world of Reiki. Be sure, you will not regret it!!! Thank you for listening. Best wishes of peace and happiness, Konstantina Sait

Reiki Heals Depression
About 4 years ago, I went through a transitional spiritual awakening. I needed to rid myself of some deep inner negative concepts & habits, and I was also almost clinically depressed. Maybe I was. I was in deep need of some 'light healing'. I went to a local Wicca workshop, and there got some Reiki for about an hour as I sat in a chair. I felt a little different afterwards, and definitely noticed a big difference in how I felt. Well, I just kept healing from there on throughout the winter, and gradually and surely my depression healed and vanished. I was once again "free spirited" and enthusiastic about life again, (Thank God!), and resumed my daily routines and continued my Inner Light work. I am a much more spiritual person nowadays. Alyse

Reiki Heals Pain
My mother was afflicted with sever pain on the left side from the shoulder to the ankle. For three months the pain gradually increased. By taking high potency allopathic painkillers, the pain decreased but did not go away. All the lab tests showed nothing. Finally she started homeopathic treatment in such a way that she initially felt much better but after a while, the pain increased and got worse to the point that all the allopathic & homeopathic painkillers failed to diminish the pain. After I started giving her Reiki, she slept. After about half an hour I asked, "how do feel?" She said excitedly, "I feel much better, the pain has almost gone." I gave her about 8 or 9 days of Reiki once daily. Thanks to ALLAH now she is completely pain free. Also, once my younger sister felt an acute headache, I laid her down on the sofa and started giving her Reiki. After 25min the head pain has completely gone. I immensely pay thanks to Gracious ALLAH that he blessed Reiki and Prof-Dr.Moiz Hussain [an angel in the shape of human.] And I secondly pay wordless thanks Prof-Dr.Moiz Hussain that he gave my life a purpose.
Regards, Wasim Khawaja.

Reiki With Counseling
Dear William, I am a licensed professional counselor and marriage and family therapist. I am having great success using Reiki in my counseling practice. I always send Reiki during my sessions, which helps my clients to be more relaxed and centered. And using Reiki to prepare the space in the room and then clean it up after a difficult session is valuable too. Due to ethical and legal issues, I prefer not to do a regular Reiki session with hands on my clients. Instead, they remain seated in a chair. My greatest success is with Reiki Aura Clearing, which I call Psychological Clearing in counseling and learned in the ART class taught by our Center Licensed teachers. I have had several clients with major issues such as depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, and chronic relationship problems that have cleared within one or two sessions using this technique. I had been seeing some of these clients for months in counseling without this much improvement. I will continue to explore the use of Reiki in my counseling sessions and would welcome hearing from other therapists about their experiences.
Thanks, Karen Harrison, Ed.s, LPs, LMFT

Reiki For My Dying Mother
Last August my motherís health was failing and she was dying from congestive heart failure brought on by type A diabetes. We all knew she was going to pass through to the other side, but it was very hard for our family. The night before she passed away, she called me in to her room and asked me to perform Reiki on her. I must say it was the most defining moment in my life to perform Reiki on my dying mother. It is a moment I will always cherish. She had a lot of stored emotion that she was able to finally get out, and the pain medication that they had given her had no affect on her mind. I believe that it was because of the Reiki treatment that she was able to pass away with clarity of mind and heart, and I will always treasure our last moments together. I thank God and all the Reiki practitioners that have passed this unique gift to me that shined a great beacon of light in a time of grief. Michael Taylor

Reiki Healing for Stomach Pain
I would like to tell you my story of a wonderful Reiki healing. My son, who was age 12 at the time, seemed to have always had stomach problems from the time he was born. Never anything serious...just many stomach aches. As he matured, it seemed that his problems were more frequent and finally it became a constant mealtime problem. He would eat and in the middle of each meal he would have to leave the table and go to bed until the pain stopped.

I took him to our family doctor several times and each time received the same answer. There is nothing wrong. I took him to a specialist, tests were done and again, the same answer, we can find nothing wrong with him. He had x-rays.......nothing. Yet, this child was in pain at every meal. I was worried and of course as his mother, I felt his pain as much as he did. I was frustrated. I wanted to help him but what could I do when all the doctors said they couldn't find anything causing his pain. Late one Friday afternoon, I received a call from the school. Your son is ill, please come get him. I immediately drove to the school and picked him up. He was lying on the nurse's couch and he was doubled up in pain and his face was as white as a ghost. Upon arriving home I called the doctor's office but they couldn't see him as they were booked up. I could take him to the emergency room.... but something told me not to. I made a bed for him on the sofa and sat next to him. I spoke softly and calmly and helped him to relax. I knew of Reiki but had not taken any classes. I decided to try it. First I prayed for guidance. Then I placed my hands on his stomach and projected energy. The painful look slowly left his face and he fell asleep. I sat with this child for two full days and never left his side. Without telling him what I was doing, I constantly prayed and used Reiki on his stomach area. Late in the afternoon of the second day he asked if he could get up to use the bathroom. The door closed behind him. Within a few minutes I heard his voice urgently calling me. I opened the door and fear was written on his face. He said, " Mom, I'm bleeding!" He showed me that there was blood in the toilet and the body tissue that had been passed. I felt no fear! There was a calmness and peace that told me this was nothing to fear and that this was a good sign. He would be fine now. I gave him a loving hug and told him everything was going to be fine and that he was healed. He went back to the sofa and rested. After about 20 minutes he announced he was feeling much better and wanted to get up. He also told me he was hungry. I fixed a light lunch and he ate it and experienced no pain. His healing occurred 6 years ago and to this day he has never had another attack of stomach pain. Reiki healed his problems and rightly removed all that was offensive. I have recently taken classes in Reiki I & II. It is a daily part of my life and has brought much help to my family and friends. I highly recommend it to everyone who has an interest. Marie Chesbro

Reiki Works!
Hi William, I have recently found your website and subscribed to it. It is really fantastic. I discovered Reiki when I was wiring a house for a Reiki Master. She, using Reiki cleared a wheeze that I had developed one morning. I was convinced. A while later I attended a level 1 course. This was with a different Master. A few months later I attended the level 2. Later on I talked about level 3 - but the Master wanted IR£1000. This was way too much, so I was put off. Some time later I came in contact with the first Master and I attended one of her level 3 courses. That was one of the most amazing things I have ever done. I have since initiated my now wife and stepson into Reiki. They love it. Reiki has been a very important part of our lives and has gotten rid of many physical ailments including asthma attacks an eye cyst many headaches and sports injuries. That was the beginning, the future looks rosy.
Thanks for such a wonderful site. Tony Groome

Reiki and Electronics
Dear William, Recently my cell phone locked up and would not work. I thought I would have to visit the shop and spend at least an hour or so to get it checked out. On impulse, I decided to try Reiki. Within 30 seconds, it started working fine and has worked ever since. Additionally, my phone at work stopped working. I did Reiki on it and it started working. This has happened several times since and each time it starts working again. I am starting to think my phone craves Reiki! It sure beats a repair bill. Karen Harrison

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