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July/August 2002
Reiki Stories

Reiki Heals Infection
A friend of mine went into the hospital for some reconstructive surgery due to breast cancer. After a couple of weeks, I saw her husband and inquired about her health. He was devastated and told me that she had developed a severe infection and had been running a fever of 104 degrees for several days and the doctors
did not know where it was coming from. He said they believed her organs could begin to shutdown. I asked permission to visit her the next day, which he later called to tell me she accepted, and I began to send Reiki to her immediately. Upon my arrival the next morning, she looked wonderful! I asked her how she was and
she said it was amazing. She woke up that morning and her temperature was completely normal. She felt great! The doctors had no explanation for her healing. She then asked me to explain Reiki to her and before I had finished, she took my hands and placed them on the site of her infection, closed her eyes and said, "Just do it." My friend is now home recuperating with her family. I thank God everyday for her health and this beautiful gift of Reiki. Kathleen

Doctor Uses Reiki
Iím a 30-year-old medical doctor from Romania, and I have two healing stories I would like to share with you. The first one is about a young woman (22 years old) who just ran away from the hospital because she was very afraid of the surgical intervention the doctors wanted to perform on her in order to remove the 7-cm cyst (confirmed by ultrasonography) on her right ovary. She contacted me on the telephone (she heard about me from a friend); fortunately for her, I was available, and I went to her that very evening. She was lying in her bed, with her boyfriend and the family gathered around her, and she was having a very intense pain in her right lower abdomen. She was hemorrhaging and was feeling really ill. At that time I
had a pretty good perception of the aura, and I saw a hole in her right lower abdomen, near the location of her right ovary, through which her energy was leaking. The rupture was caused by an energetic aggression of some kind in her aura. Thatís where she was having the pain, she told me. So I started
the first healing session using distant Reiki, not hands-on, from classical Reiki and from Karuna Reiki® and Seichim - over the "diseased" area, and over her entire organism. After one hour and 5 minutes, the area where she had the pain was literally "numb" (she described it exactly like that) - she did not feel the pain anymore - and she got off her bed and asked for something to eat.

In the following days I performed another 2 (shorter) healing sessions (she was already feeling much better), and after that her doctor saw on the ultrasonography that the 7-cm cyst was completely gone!

The second healing was a case closer to me - someone in my family was having intense abdominal pains and severe diarrhea that day (probably an alimentary intoxication from spoiled aliments). She took some medication, but to no avail... and finally, at 10 oíclock in the evening she called me and asked me to help her. So I asked her to sit down in an armchair, and instructed her how to relax and breathe calmly, with her eyes closed. I began passing her symbols (mainly, power symbols and calming ones) - and after 30 minutes her abdominal pain was gone, and she went to bed and slept soundly that night. The next day all the trouble was gone. As a doctor, and as a holistic medicine practitioner, I believe Reiki can be one of many powerful healing systems - too good to be described even in many, many words. Adrian Petre, M.D.

Heart Healed
On 23 October 2001, my 60th Birthday, I had a heart attack. A few days later after an angiogram showed severe blockages requiring 5 by-passes and lots of scaring from previous heart attacks which I didnít know I had. On the 1st Thursday of November I returned to where I had learned my Reiki and that night 10 people gave me a joint healing for Ĺ hour and again the following week, (there wasnít much room for any more hands). Add on to that what my friend and I did I sure copped heaps of Reiki. On 10 December 2001, when I was opened up to get the By Passes, The surgeon noted that my heart had healed itself as the scaring was not there. My girlfriend and I couldnít believe what he said. But we were very happy. I am convinced that it was Reiki that did the trick. I have since had the scaring re-checked from another angiogram and when I received two Stints into one of the new grafts as it had become blocked. Believe me, with what I have been through this news convinced me that Reiki is no scam. I am a true believer and I am now back to walking 3-4 miles every 2nd day in one hour. I will soon be doing my Masters and I will be out there spreading the power of Reiki to those who wish it. Reiki, Wonder Drug. John Lincoln

Preventing Surgery
I am a RN at a major city hospital. Last week I had a patient who had an IV that came out of the vein and all the IV fluid went into the surrounding tissue, causing severe swelling. When I took over this patient, her arm was so swollen that the doctors were planning to take her to the OR to relieve the pressure with surgery. She was having excruciating pain, but the doctors refused to give her pain medications, because they didnít want to mask the pain. I did Reiki on her a few times through the night. The Reiki not only relieved the pain, but her swelling was decreased by 90% by the end of my shift. The doctors couldnít believe it. Barbara Costa

Cervical Polyps Healed
In March earlier this year 2002 I had had a routine pap smear done and the results came back abnormal. I followed it with another pap smear, which also came back abnormal and followed that up with a Coloscopy, where several polyps were found on my cervix (precisely, SIX). The gynecologist who was doing the Coloscopy referred me to another physician for the biopsy work, who scheduled me for an appointment this June for another Coloscopy and the biopsy. Between March and June 2002 I received two Reiki attunements. I have been giving myself Reiki on a daily basis. I have my second degree and am soon starting the third. Lo and behold, the doctor I saw in June took one look at my cervix and found only ONE polyp on my cervix, and it was tiny at that! I could hardly believe it but knew it was Reiki that had worked the magic! He took a biopsy and during the whole procedure, which can be quite uncomfortable, I gave myself Reiki, and it ended up being, by far, the most comfortable surgical procedure I have ever had! Hardly any pain and not too much discomfort afterwards and only two hours of work missed. The results of the biopsy came back normal and I couldn't be happier! Reiki heals! Namaste! Julia Sullivan

Back from Coma
My brother suddenly got ill one evening and passed out. He was aspirated and was rushed to the hospital. He was transferred to the hospital (45 minutes by ambulance) and during this ride his blood oxygen levels dropped in the area that causes brain damage. He went into a coma. The first neurosurgeon indicated that there was probably little hope. His pupils were fixed and dilated. He had none of the normal reflexes. At one point his eyes rolled upwards. I had met a wonderful young lady who had warm hands from a very
young age. She introduced me to Reiki. I brought her to the hospital hoping to get her in his room. Of course they would only allow family members. I was a level I Reiki student so I did the best I could trying not too look to obvious, although there were tubes and wires everywhere. I touched his crown and elbow. The next day my girlfriend called the ER waiting room hoping to speak with me. By mistake they patched her through to my brotherís room and he answered the phone! He has since made a complete recovery! Thanks! ~ Paul

Reiki Heals Brain Injury
I want to share an experiences of Reiki with you I had while treating one of my patients. Once I was giving Reiki to a patient who had a sever brain injury. He was experiencing a lot of swelling in his brain and was admitted in the I.C U. The doctors told us that if the patient did not gain consciousness within 10 days then the chances of his survival would be very little. I started giving Reiki to his head points and was continuously giving him Reiki. He was responding very well as I could feel Reiki flowing from my hands. Due to this the person came to his senses within 10 hours and the doctors of the Neurology Department were amazed to see his quick recovery. The swelling of his brain subsided. This man is no longer in the hospital, and is living a healthy life with his family. With Love, Light and Reiki, Madhu.

Brain Healing
The founding President of our Toastmasters Club in Pretoria had been hijacked and shot in the head 4 years ago. The bullet had lodged in his skull and he was a virtual vegetable - paralyzed, unable to speak and seemingly non-cognisant of outside stimulation. Recently his wife began taking him to regular Reiki and reflexology treatments over a six-month period. I was invited to a special dinner celebrating the 20th anniversary of the founding of the club as well as a celebration of the dramatic healing of this guy. His mental capabilities are as sharp as they were before the shooting; he is still partially paralyzed in the right side and yet his health is very good. Everybody is amazed at his recovery and attribute it to Reiki. Brian Aldworth, South Africa

A Chance to Live
Reiki has had a profound influence not only on my own life, but also on those around me. I received a message on my answering machine at about 11:00 PM, July 4, 2002, that could I PLEASE send Reiki to my business partner's fiancé's best friend. This incident had happened late in the day on the 3rd! He was a high tower repair worker and had slipped, tangling in the ropes so that the fall of 10 feet caused him to not only land on his crown, but split it wide open, embedding pieces of bone directly into the brain. The prognosis was NOT good at all. The family was told that he would not live through the night. He and his wife were expecting their first-born child in three weeks. The family was told to gather and that life support would be pulled early the next morning. Last rites were given, and they were told to prepare the funeral arrangements. .

I had no patient name, just the hospital's name and general location, about 60 miles from my home here in West Virginia. I began long-distance Reiki at approximately 11:20 PM, the night of the 4th. In scanning, I found the head and neck were obviously traumatized, but stable, surgery to remove bone fragments was successful, no infection. The will to live was flowing so strongly that I knew this man would live despite his injuries. I also knew he would be paralyzed, but perhaps not for the rest of his life. I continued to send Reiki for close to half an hour. Unfortunately, I had to get to bed to be rested for my own clients at 8:00 AM the next morning. Before bed, I placed a description of this incident on the Reiki grid, went to bed sending prayers to all, especially this man.

At 7:00 AM, the next morning I received a call that: "It worked! It worked! The Reiki worked!" The hospital pulled all plugs and the man was for all intents and purposes, ALIVE and NOT going to die! I've never spoken with this man, don't even know him, but knew that Reiki could and would help him, which his higher self allowed. I had just attuned my business partner to Reiki Level I the week before this incident and she agreed, that yes! Reiki can work miracles. It's the best. Love to all, Lydia C.Smith, LMT;RM;D.Ay.

Severe Injuries Healed
My story is very simple, and starts about three months ago, on the island of Lanzarote when a young boy of 15 years was on a motor bike. He was hit going around a roundabout at night. His injuries were both legs and both arms broken, both lungs punctured and then one lung removed, part of his liver removed, fractured neck, and he was on a life support machine. The doctors gave him a 5% chance of living.

Three days after the accident I sent out requests for Reiki on the Internet, and I set up a Reiki circle here in Lanzarote. I went into all the bars along the front and asked that on the following Sunday at 8 oíclock if everyone could light a candle and send out some nice thoughts of help. The following week he came off the machine, two weeks later he was transferred back to Lanzarote and out of danger. A further week later he was out of the hospital all together, and three months down the line he is up and about 95% back to normal. So he went from a 5% chance to live to 95% healed in three months. I wanted to finish by saying thank you to all the Reiki healers out there that sent out healing, and to all those that sent out love. God bless all and keep up the good work, Debbie.

Reiki Heals Drug and Alcohol Affected Baby
I am a special needs foster parent for the state of New Mexico. On December 14, 2001, Children, Youth and Families asked me to take a baby born on October 16, 2001, at 27 weeks and weighing in at just 2 pounds 10 ounces, who needed an "at home Mom". This child, because of alcohol and drug abuse by his mother during pregnancy, had severe brain damage and some physical abnormalities which were determined in his prognosis as limiting his sight, hearing, gross and fine motor function, respiratory development, and digestive processes to name only a few. The left side of his body was impaired by cerebral palsy. We brought him home and began giving Reiki in his body, mind and spirit. He immediately responded to Reiki life force and began to eat and be comforted by the constant flow of energy. He started to sleep soundly and gain weight. Our little darling began to grow and improve which was verified by each visit to therapists, doctors and specialists. I was a privileged witness to a new diagnoses of perfect sight, excellent hearing, steady weight gain and development of gross and fine motor skills. All of his caregivers were astounded at the positive progress this child was making in spite of the negative prognosis he had been given for his future. Today, he is 9 months old. He is 15 pounds, crawling, pulling up to standing position, picking up toys with both hands, chattering and laughing, and discovering the beautiful details of his world. I give all the glory to the healing power of Reiki and our love for him. We continue its application so that when he returns to his mother, he will have a fighting chance to continue his positive progress and to spiritually overcome anything that would stand in the way of his growth. Once again, I have seen the astonishing results of Reiki energy manifesting itself in wholeness of the body, mind and spirit. Namaste, Kathryn King

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