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January 2008
Reiki Stories

Reiki and Stroke
April, 2005, I had a stroke which paralyzed my left side. I went to the emergency room immediately and received tPA, a clot busting drug. The following day my neighbor, Sue, a Reiki Master came to the hospital and gave me Reiki. While she was doing the treatment my whole body felt a surge of energy and I moved my left fingers for the first time in 24 hours, my brain felt as if it was working with my total body for the first time in 24 hours. Sue gave me Reiki everyday while I was in the hospital and after returning home. I felt it was most beneficial along with rehab for my body to return almost completely back to normal.

August, 2005, I had another stroke affecting my left side and my voice. I received tPA again and my neighbor, Sue, also came to the hospital to give me Reiki everyday I was there. Upon returning home Sue continued Reiki and with rehab I regained almost all of my physical movement on the left side and I can speak again, although it is not with the same volume or sound as before. I wrote several letters to the hospital administration, the person in charge of the stroke section and also to the Volunteer Program. The Hospital uses Reiki Practitioner Volunteers in the Heart Hospital adjacent to the main hospital but to date they have not used Reiki Volunteers in the stroke section. I am presently taking Reiki I and Reiki II and will volunteer at the hospital as soon as I am certified. I feel very strongly that stroke patients benefit greatly from Reiki and the healing energy it provides. Jane

Reiki Dissolves Blood Clot
My 33 year old daughter had always been in perfect health. In mid-September she had been having difficulties due to pain and extreme pressure in her chest and upper back when she was doing anything other than lying down. At a certain point it was necessary for her to have a physical to determine the cause of the discomfort. Her M.D. thought it was important to have a CAT scan to see what this test might show. A CAT scan was done and a blood clot was found in her right lung. It was speculated that being on estrogen may have been the culprit (she had to have a total hysterectomy 4-1/2 years ago).

This was her first major experience with a serious illness and she was terrified. Unfortunately, I live 2100 miles away and couldn’t make regular visits. Many times in the past Long Distance Reiki worked but never for something this serious. I began sending Reiki twice daily for this condition. I also have a Reiki box which permitted Reiki to be sent constantly in addition to my two daily sessions. Slowly she began to feel better but there was always the worry present. Eventually the worry began to disappear and she was recently scheduled for another CAT scan.

A few days after this test the results showed that the blood clot was completely gone. In addition, as she is still seeing the doctor and her attitude has changed from worry to “let’s see what the medical profession” can find as the actual culprit for this clot. Whatever happens is better than not knowing.

So, Reiki has given her mental relief as well as physical healing. I am so grateful that Reiki came into my life and that I deemed it necessary to advance to a Karuna Reiki Master a few years ago. My family is happy also. Thomas De Mann

Hospice Healing
A friend of mine had lung cancer and when I found out about it she was already in the hospital. The doctor's held no hope and she was dying when I and another friend arrived. She was in a lot of pain and the nurses were contacting her family to come and make arrangements. A matter of hours they said. My friend and I started to use Reiki over the area where her tumor was and then proceeded to do a full body. She said the heat felt so good to her because she had been so cold. We stayed about an hour and realized her aura was very close to her body. The family came and we left to give them privacy. The next day we went back and she asked us to do "whatever it was we did again" she said she slept like a baby and had no pain. The first time in months. We gave her another treatment. The nurses saw what we were doing and closed the door to give us privacy. She sat up and spoke for a little while then fell asleep as we continued treating her. The next day I went back to see her and my heart sank; the bed was empty. I asked where she was...(meaning which funeral home) they said she went home. I could not believe it. I found her at a home of one of her friends who asked us to give Reiki treatments to her because of a bad back. We did this gladly since she was taking care of our friend. My friend eventually passed (two months later) but not in pain and fear in a hospital bed but in a home with people who loved her by her side. I treated her with Reiki energy until it felt like she was ready to go forward. She had no fear...and no pain and it was a tremendous blessing for me I will never forget. Ase Mercedes

M.D. Uses Reiki
I’m a 30-year-old medical doctor from Romania, and I have two healing stories I would like to share with you. The first one is about a young woman (22 years old) who just ran away from the hospital because she was very afraid of the surgical intervention the doctors wanted to perform on her in order to remove the 7-cm cyst (confirmed by ultrasonography) on her right ovary. She contacted me on the telephone (she heard about me from a friend); fortunately for her, I was available, and I went to her that very evening. She was lying in her bed, with her boyfriend and the family gathered around her, and she was having a very intense pain in her right lower abdomen. She was hemorrhaging and was feeling really ill. At that time I had a pretty good perception of the aura, and I saw a hole in her right lower abdomen, near the location of her right ovary, through which her energy was leaking. The rupture was caused by an energetic aggression of some kind in her aura. That’s where she was having the pain, she told me. So I started the first healing session using distant Reiki, not hands-on, from classical Reiki and from Karuna Reiki® and Seichim - over the "diseased" area, and over her entire organism. After one hour and 5 minutes, the area where she had the pain was literally "numb" (she described it exactly like that) - she did not feel the pain anymore - and she got off her bed and asked for something to eat.

In the following days I performed another 2 (shorter) healing sessions (she was already feeling much better), and after that her doctor saw on the ultrasonography that the 7-cm cyst was completely gone!

The second healing was a case closer to me - someone in my family was having intense abdominal pains and severe diarrhea that day (probably an alimentary intoxication from spoiled aliments). She took some medication, but to no avail... and finally, at 10 o’clock in the evening she called me and asked me to help her. So I asked her to sit down in an armchair, and instructed her how to relax and breathe calmly, with her eyes closed. I began passing her symbols (mainly, power symbols and calming ones) - and after 30 minutes her abdominal pain was gone, and she went to bed and slept soundly that night. The next day all the trouble was gone. As a doctor, and as a holistic medicine practitioner, I believe Reiki can be one of many powerful healing systems - too good to be described even in many, many words. Adrian Petre, M.D.

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