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January 2003
Reiki Stories

Operation Cancelled after Reiki!
Last year I had a desperate telephone call from a concerned husband. His wife had been suffering from severe neuralgia pains in her face for six years. She suffered this pain 24 hours a day and in the course of the six years she had several operations on her face to freeze the nerves to no avail. The pain continued and even the strongest painkillers could not subdue the pain. Her husband brought her to my Reiki clinic on a Friday morning. She was due to have a "brain operation" at Groote Schuur Hospital on the Monday morning.

Due to the severity of the pain, I did not have any hope of stopping the pain, my only purpose was to just help her relax and not to fear this pending operation. I worked through her chakras and spent a long time with her. When I completed the Reiki treatment, I had a "flash" reminder of the teachings of my Reiki Master regarding the extension of the fingers. I then returned my attention to her face on the side where she had this constant pain. I "extended" my fingers to the inside of her face, bone, nerves and flesh and actually felt a small ridge and worked on that ridge for approximately 2 minutes until the ridge vanished. I felt a tremendous amount of "energy" pouring into her face. I asked her how the pain was. Her reply: "The pain is gone", and she burst into tears. I called her husband to the therapy room where the three of us prayed together to say thank you. The operation was cancelled and the pain never returned again. She is still in contact with me. She only had the one Reiki treatment. To me this was truly a miracle! I've experienced many healings but this one beats them all. Reiki master, Sonia Carlile

Reiki Healing for Cancer
This story deals with my sister Mansi who was suffering from cancer in the month of March 1998-99. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had one ovary removed but after we came to know about Reiki healing and its power we made sure she got it everyday until the doctors said now cancer will not make its home in my sister's body.

We had been giving Mansi Reiki for almost 1 to 1-1/2 hours a day and with the grace of God she is all well now and happily married and settled. Thanks to Reiki and it's healing powers.
Priyangi Mehta

Dog Heart Failure Healed
My 16 year-old dog Topaz had pneumonia and heart failure. For nearly two weeks, he couldn't stop wheezing, he could barely stand up and his weight suddenly dropped by about 25%. As his
condition worsened his kidneys failed. After being sent home from the veterinarian hospital, I did Reiki on him several times daily. He seemed to be improving. After a week, I took him back to the vet. The vet had thought I was bringing him in for euthanasia, and was surprised to see he was better. His heart sounds had returned to normal and his kidneys were back to normal. A month later he saw this dog in a pen and asked if it was one of my new puppies (as I breed dogs). When I said no that it was Topaz he turned around and went back to look at him seeing he was spry, actually jumping in good humor, and had returned to a normal weight. He agreed that there was no medical explanation for how the dog could have gotten better. Sandra Cointreau

Ego Bowed Down - A Tumor is Healed
A friend of mine, a lady in her 40's, I think is open to me because I'm one of the few people outside her family she feels she can call on for help, without my taking something for a favor.
In an informal chat one day, she was very apprehensive about a tumor that needed to be operated on the next day. It was an outpatient procedure, not dangerous but very stressful for her. I asked her if she'd like me to send Reiki and she said she did though she didn't know what it was. Asking her the time of her appointment, I told her I'd be sending Reiki from the time she would leave the house and at the clinic. After the Reiki Master meditation, I sent distant healing to the lady and stayed in healing meditation for the planned duration of the procedure. The next day she called and told me in an annoyed voice, "I don't know what you did with your Reiki but the doctor was called to an emergency and couldn't even see me. Now I have to see him in a month."

Instead of consternation, I felt immense joy and light-heartedness. Smiling, but not wanting her to feel I was taking her lightly, I made some appropriate noises to soothe her. I knew that this "setback" was because she didn't need the procedure; but also that I would have to continue to send healing throughout the next month. At irregular times during the next month, the healing energy would go through me towards her, and each time I would feel lighthearted and joyful.
A month later, she called me again, "I went for the procedure, but they couldn't find the tumor! It's disappeared. I don't know what you did, but it has gone." For me, the miracle was not in the healing of the tumor but in the awakening of awareness that came with the entire episode.
The ego bowed spontaneously to acknowledge the workings of higher powers. Amen.

Normal Heart Beat Restored
We had a patient admitted to the cardiology floor. He was an older gentleman, about 70 years of age. His heart was doing flip-flops, and the doctors wanted him admitted for tests. Gloria and I were told about him, so we visited and asked if we could "pray" with him. We were sure the sound of the word "Reiki" would raise lots of questions in his mind -- so we explained Reiki as a prayer-form, asking God's presence and healing. He agreed. Gloria was on his left side, and I was on the right side of the bed.

Within two minutes his right hand came bolt-upright, to the point you could see the tendons in his hands. Talk about being tense. With no one saying a word, Gloria placed her hand on his heart, and I went to his crown chakra. Ever so slowly his hand returned to his side on the bed, and then gently came up to rest on Gloria's hand. The peace that appeared on his face was noticeable -- along with the tears that flowed. Reiki had allowed him the release of much pent up emotions that needed to be released. I spoke to him, reassuring him that the space he was in was sacred, and okay. Within 24 hours his irregular cardiac symptoms disappeared! Jim

My Mom's Appendicitis
I have been practicing Reiki for a few years now. My mother was complaining about her ulcer. It was very bad and she could not sleep. I gave her some distance Reiki but it did not seem to help. She was very uncomfortable. As I was offering Reiki to her I also asked my guides and angels to take care of her. After I asked I received a lot of energy from them and wondered why they gave me such a strong yes for something as small as an ulcer attack.

Three days went by and she was still not feeling very well, although better. She went into the hospital and the doctor was shocked to find out that her appendix had burst three days ago. He remarked that my mother must have an incredible immune system, there was no infection. I am sure that it was angels, guides, and Reiki that kept her infection free. Marty

Reiki Heals Sprained Foot
I had been to a Veteran's Hospital with my significant other, a Reiki master, to have a surgical procedure done to his back when I fell in the parking lot. I didn't think I had hurt myself until about an hour later when his procedure was done. I couldn't put any type of pressure on my foot at all without screaming in pain. Steve had to wheel me out of the VA hospital in a wheelchair, which when we look back was quite funny.

He took me to the hospital and I hadn't broken it but I did sprain it very badly so they gave me crutches and told me I would be off my feet for at least two weeks which floored me! So as soon as I got home I lied down on the couch and put my hands on my stomach and went to bed, and by the end of the following day, I was off the crutches and walking with very little pain! Between the Reiki I was giving and what Steve sent me I was off and "limping" within twenty-four hours! Michele Mele

Confusion Over Bill Healed
I'm a second level Reiki and a dowser. Two weeks ago just before Christmas I was working long days and my wife got a phone call about some equipment we rented in early October which they said wasn't returned and that we owed quite a bit of money in back rent. We had returned the equipment but I couldn't find the return slip and without that we had to pay. This was on a Tuesday and I wouldn't be able to go into their office until the following Monday.

After thinking some negative thoughts it came to me not to send negative thoughts but to send positive thoughts so I put them in the [Reiki] light of pure love. Every time I had a chance I did this and by Friday it didn't seem to be needed anymore.

On Monday I went into their office armed with all the paperwork I had. When I went up to the front desk the owner met me and said, "Oh, my partner and I talked it over on Friday and decided to believe you so we wrote up a return slip and it's all covered. I picked my jaw up off the ground and went out thanking the system. Putting them in the light did make a big difference. Namaste', Dave Carlson

Reiki and Arthritic Pain

I am a nurse and have many opportunities to use Reiki in my practice. I had a patient who had a cervical fusion due to arthritic changes in her neck. She was complaining of her hands hurting and it wasn't time for pain medication. I held one of her tiny crippled hands between mine. Within a minute she said her hand was warm and so was her other hand and both feet. These
had been cold since the surgery and she was told they were always going to be that way. That was early on in the night shift and they were still warm in the morning. Thank you Reiki. Jean LaBore

Reiki Guides
My story is one of awakening. I spent a long time denying my true spiritual nature and then finally I made the commitment to a Reiki course that opened a new dimension long forgotten. It was like coming back home. I remember sitting in the Reiki One course and thinking everything was so familiar. Reiki Two was even better because I had become very sensitive to the flow of energy and could physically feel the attunement. I memorized the symbols in seconds, as if I knew them already, stored somewhere in my memory.

When I came back home that evening I was very light and happy and I was talking to my children about the wonderful magic of Reiki (Natalie is 2 and Thomas is 1) Yet they seemed to connect to what I was saying!). At some point, a very strong energy filled the room and I knew there was somebody there. I could sense two beings.

My children were staring at the left end corner of the lounge in amazement as if somebody was there. They seemed to see people, I couldn't see anyone but I sensed their energy and the fact that they were oriental and very tall. It was amazing.

For me, it was the confirmation that the spiritual path was the path to follow. This experience has helped me in times of doubt. Elena

Reiki Heals Knee
I would like to share my special experience with Reiki in Japan with you. I am a Reiki master from the Netherlands. This summer the thought crossed my mind that a visit to Japan would be an important part of my training as a master! But I also knew my financial situation would not allow me to go for the next ten years or so. And I went on with my life. A few months later I received a phone call from a colleague whom invited me for a trip to Japan. I only had to pay for my food! Incredible. So I went and we made the trip to the Kurama mountains. It was fabulous.

When we went down from the mountain my travel friend began to complain about his knee. He was anxious about the growing pain and could, perhaps, not make it downstairs. I was anxious too because he was not into Reiki and also showed no open mind to receiving Reiki. He made it all the way down but he could not walk anymore. Well, within a few minutes we sat down on a bench and my friend had no other alternative than to receive Reiki there and then! At first he felt the heat and after 6-8 minutes the pain disappeared.

He walked all the way to the train and back to the hotel, four kilometers. It blew his mind and mine I must admit. I had to treat him a few times in the next days but now his knee is okay. Reiki always makes me very humble and surprised when it does the work I expect it to do. I thank Usui for this gift and hope to meet you sometime.
Love, Alette Manekofsky

Having a Little Fun with Reiki
I write this with "tongue-in-cheek." I have the highest regard for Reiki and I also believe in having a little fun with it. Last week, while playing cribbage with my sweetheart, he was beating me unmercifully. Well, the more he gloated, the more I felt the need to retaliate! Teasingly, I said I was going to Reiki the cards. The very next hand I was dealt a triple run! And every hand thereafter, for the rest of the evening, I was dealt a mind-blowing hand, sometimes 30 points! Those of you who know the game can appreciate this. Honestly, I was as flabbergasted as he was! I could just picture my Reiki angels standing by having a good time with this one! Diana Kirkpatrick

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