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February 2003
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Reiki Heals Fibroids
Hi, my name is Rosie. Three years ago I was told I had fibroids in my uterus as big as an orange plus other smaller ones causing my uterus to grow and cause very painful periods. Months before this discovery I had become Reiki One. I was attending some Reiki Practitioner's classes and so met a lot of people. In telling my story many of the practitioners offered to send distance Reiki as well as give Reiki treatments. I did my own too. A month an a half later I saw the doctor again to have some ultrasound testing done to determine the date for the surgery. Sure enough to the doctor's surprise and mine she only found a really small fibroid in my uterus and that my uterus was a normal size. I was very happy and impressed with such a miracle. I became Reiki two and finally got my Reiki mastership last year. I felt the need to pass this experience on to others. I've become a healer and love to help people to find the same joy I have. I can say Reiki is now a part of my life. May love and light surround all who read this. Thanks, Rosimar Redquest

A Healing Saved My Mom
My mother has suffered from a blood disorder for several years. She is 70 years of age and just a teeny bit stubborn. I have given her several Reiki treatments and some distance healing work and she responds to the energy very well. At one point, 2 years ago, she had a sore on her foot and it was not healing. It became worse with time and eventually she could not walk without assistance. She lives 1,650 miles from me so I was sending her distance treatments and prayers and finally decided to make a trip to her bedside to see if I could be of more help. I asked her what her doctor was doing for her and she reported that she was being treated with washing and medication twice a day and wrapped in sheepskin. She continued to say that they were discussing amputation should it worsen and not heal. My heart ached for her and I felt that amputation was going to be the bitter end to my precious mother. I thought about it for a while before making the trip and during meditation asked the spirit guides to assist me on how to help her. During the meditation the thought came to me that the boot called "Ugg's" an Austrailian shoe made from sheepskin. I could treat the boot with symbols, mail them to her and in two days she would be healed and able to walk. So I did just that. Told her to wear them even in her sleeping hours. My mother WAS completely healed in two days, and walking to the amazement of her doctor and care providers. She is more confident and less stubborn these days and I can still enjoy her sweet spirit just a little longer. Gail Echeverria

Champion Horse Healed
At the local horse shelter, where abused and abandoned horses are rehabilitated for adoption, I was asked to treat a 19-year old thoroughbred that had been a top champion. She had been
leaning on her shed wall for most of the previous 3 months. As the shelter could not afford leg surgery for the supposedly fractured leg, she would soon have to be put down. She was
considered unapproachable as her pain had made her very snarly. She would bite and kick at everyone. After I held out my hands for about 10 minutes she finally moved into them and
seemed to melt into them. This is common with animals and always is a gratifying experience. To treat them one stays with the contact until they move away. They somehow sense how
much they need and are often faster to respond than people. After a couple of treatments, in one week, she was trotting with her head up. The second week she cantered. The third week she actually jumped the fence to leave her paddock. She has now been well and her personality has been lovely for the past 3 months. In all, she had only 5 treatments. Sandra Cointreau

Healing with Angels
Whilst healing a friend of mine who has received many Reiki sessions in the past I asked the healing Angels to take her aura to Source for healing and purification. I normally call on
the Angels, however it was the first time I had used this particular request! The energy in the room took on a new level! In discussions after the treatment I asked how she felt (she was unaware of my evoking the Angels) to which she replied - "it was really strange, different from any other experience I have felt during Reiki." She went on to say, "I felt as if I was floating in the air and there were hands underneath me - it was wonderful!" I believe Angels play a huge role in our healing - and are just waiting to be invited in! Love and Light, Cally

Chemo Healing
I found "The Book on Karuna Reiki" by Laurelle Shanti Gaia (what a beautiful name). I was very
excited to receive it and read it in one day! My partner's middle son, Rupert (aged 40), had last September been diagnosed with high-grade non-Hodgkins lymphoma and had chosen surgery and chemo. I received the book a week before his 3rd and final chemo, so I had time to apply the technique. Somehow I had total faith that it would work. I gave Rupert an hour of Reiki for 5
days before his last chemo. He had been feeling poorly after the first one and was very sick after the second, and he was dreading the last one! (In addition, I also gave him a small purple plate, for any nausea) Well, his last chemo shot came and went. He felt a little nauseous the next day, put the purple plate on his solar plexus for a few minutes, and the feeling went away. Apart from that, he has had no other symptoms! He's felt absolutely fine. All the family are thrilled at such a wonderful result. Thank you, William, for Karuna Reiki®. And thank you, Laurelle Shanti Gaia, for writing this wonderful book that has helped one person in my family already and will help many more people I know, I'm sure!! Love and deep thanks, Hella Burrell, London, Great Britain

Vertigo Healed by Reiki
I became an initiate of Reiki January 7, 2003. Prior to this initiation, I had been experiencing vertigo on a daily basis. I had attributed the vertigo to the c-section I had 6 months ago when I had my daughter. The vertigo started when I was in the hospital with her and only slowly lessened up. But when 6 months went by and I was still having vertigo I became worried and started looking for answers. I tried homeopathy, and herbs and to no avail could I find relief. I became frustrated and just gave up. My friend told me about a Reiki training class she was going to and asked if I was interested. Reluctant at first, I said what the heck, I can't lose anything. So we both started and by the time we had the 3rd session I noticed the vertigo was gone. I could dance again. I failed to mention that I do East Indian and African dance and it is extremely frustrating and heartbreaking when your equilibrium is way off. It was so off I could not even pretend not to be dizzy, nor could I dance and that made me very depressed. The morning I realized I was no longer dizzy I turned on Mary J. Blige and did "HipHop" to "No More Drama". Thank you Reiki. Shakti

Reiki Heals Back Pain
September of last year I was on holiday in the Greek Island of Kephalonia. We met a nice couple and after to getting to know them a little they explained John was going through a highly stressful time at work, and since then was suffering severe pain with his back and it was ruining his holiday. I talked a little about Reiki and offered a treatment to see if I could help. We agreed on a time and John sat on a chair and I began. In moments his breathing became extremely ragged and labored and he was moaning loudly. To my amazement he began pouring with sweat, to the extent he looked as though I'd dunked him into a swimming pool. Throughout all of this my guide kept telling me to continue. When finished, after two glasses of water he calmed down enough to tell me his experience. When I moved down his back he felt hands going inside of him and re-organizing something, he felt as though he was going to be violently sick, then as the feeling began to dissipate and the sweat began to flow unchecked he knew something major was happening to him. At this point I left him to take control and to have a shower. One hour later he met us with no more pain! He remained this way for the rest of his holiday. I can honestly say that was the most remarkable experience for me and for him - Thank you, Reiki. Lauraine Lawrence

Reiki Cures Bad Dreams
My boyfriend's sleep was deeply troubled. I was amazed when he told me had been having really dark demonic nightmares every night for as long as he could remember. As we were both going to sleep I would send him Reiki with the emphasis on emotional healing. I then set up distant Reiki so he would receive treatment every day for this problem until it cleared and then I promptly forgot about it. I was amazed two months later when he bounced out of bed one morning, the endless nightmares had stopped, and he dreamt peacefully again. It really convinced me about the value of setting timed healing to work on chronic conditions and just the use of intent to send the healing. Have the guides take care of it even if I am not consciously channeling Reiki. Amanda Renske Mann

Reiki Helps Heart Surgery
On Friday, December 20, 2002, my 66-year old mother was rushed to the Emergency Room complaining of chest pain. When I arrived, she had received quite a bit of medication and being a Reiki Master my first instinct was to lay my hands on her. Mother has rejected Reiki in the past, but this time she absorbed it like a sponge and within seconds she began to calm down.

On Monday it was determined she had a blockage and the cardiologist was going to insert a stent. The doctor soon discovered the blockage was too severe, and the procedure sent
her into cardiac arrest. She was rushed to emergency surgery, where she had a triple by-pass.

Later that evening her vital signs started to drop, she began losing large quantities of blood and was taken back in for a second emergency surgery. The doctors told us she might not make it as this was very high risk. I did Reiki throughout the procedure and once she was back to the Unit and stabilized I went home and did another Reiki session. This time, I asked for those in spirit to assist me and I "saw" my grandmother, uncle, and a great aunt and uncle, all relatives on my mother's side standing around her bed and sending healing energy.

The next day Mom was up and eating solid food. The nurses were astounded as they thought she would be there for quite some time. They moved her to a regular room on Christmas Day and she had two strokes. The family knew something was very wrong but the staff kept insisting it was the medication. After 36 hours, they finally decided we were right and she went back to the Critical Care Unit and was started on Heparin.

I sent out a request to my Reiki friends for help and Mom received quite a few distant healings. I truly believe Mom is alive and recovering nicely today because of all the Reiki. She has a bit of short-term memory loss but all things considered she is doing extremely well.

I have always known Reiki works because it changed my life but being human I sometimes hear the little voice in my head that makes me doubt. Just yesterday Mom informed me that on the night of her second surgery she saw those individuals I mentioned earlier standing around her and sending her love. She said she actually felt their love flowing into her body. That was validation enough for me as I had not told her about the Reiki.

My Mom has had a life filled with pain. From being severely abused and neglected as a child to entering into abusive relationships. She has always felt unworthy and lacked confidence. The outpouring of love she received has helped her heart heal. Through the art of Reiki I have been blessed with more time with my mother and for that I am most grateful. Many blessings, Kathy Browning

Boxer Pup Incision Heals Quickly
Our granddaughter's boxer pup returned home from surgery with a six-inch long red incision on her abdomen, seeping yellow pus. "Princess" was hyperactive and neither medication nor the over-the-head plastic collar kept her away from it. After a trip back to the vet with no improvement in healing our daughter asked me to do Reiki. The first day during every inhalation while my hands were on her stomach her entire body shook. Her exhalations were relaxed. The next day she shook only 1/3 as much during the Reiki session and on the third day she relaxed completely as the red, pus appearance subsided. The veterinarian remarked how nicely and quickly the incision had healed. Dave Bause

Reiki Cured Chronic Allergy
I wanted to share a miracle I experienced. I was suffering from a chronic allergy and Angioeodema for one whole year. I have been on treatment with at least seven doctors and no one could help me out - until the day I stepped into Reiki. On the 21st day after my attunement that was the last day I had swollen lips and Urticaria. I am seriously thinking of stepping into the 2nd Reiki level and strongly recommend everyone to go for it. I am an Organizational Psychologist and very often Reiki is the magic to help me help others. Thanks to the Divine Energy and all the wonderful Reiki Masters who are doing a wonderful karma of transmitting Reiki to others. Chaaya

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