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December 2001
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Aching Joints
Dear William:  Before I attuned my mother, she said she was reluctant to ask my wife or myself for Reiki treatments as she knew how busy we were. And she didn't want to go to the homeopath more than once a month because of the cost. At 74 she leads an active life, but her aching joints and bones made her feel tired and depressed. After the attunement she did self-Reiki every day and whenever she had aches and pains and she says Reiki has just taken away that sense of powerlessness that she used to feel. I attuned my children aged 8 and 10 and it's calmed them down and allowed them to take more charge of their health. Reiki continues to surprise me as I develop with it.  Brian Aldworth, South Africa

Diabetic and Surgery
Dear William:  Some months back I was diagnosed as having a mature cataract in my left eye for which urgent surgery was the only solution.As a longstanding diabetic with sugars hovering around 220mg/l despite medication, it was difficult for the doctors to go ahead with the surgery. I then thought of my friend Mr Somo Mukherjee of Imphal, Manipur, India who traces his lineage to William Rand. He gave me healing in person and followed it up with distant healing for a week. The sugars dramatically reduced to 110 and remained at this level till the surgery was successfully completed. I must thank Reiki and the ascended Masters for taking me out of a tricky situation.  Chakravarti

Reiki Pager
Some time back a friend's mother expired suddenly. His sister was in another part of the country on a holiday and there was no contact number. It was a hopeless situation. I decided to ask for Reiki's help. We only knew the name of the girl and her husband. We gave her Karuna Reiki awareness symbols and I requested Reiki to let her call her brother's residence number. Within half an hour the girl was in touch with her brother enquiring if all was well because she had suddenly had the urgent urge to call him up. Even I was surprised and the incident strengthened my faith in Reiki.  Thanks, Madhu Seth

Reiki Heals Cuts
Dear Mr. Rand:  I have done level 2 Reiki here in Australia and have two small experiences with Reiki healing.  Now the ladies reading this will probably agree that if you are shaving your legs with a rasor and happen to cut yourself, you just bleed like the proverbial stuck pig. Well being careless I cut my leg whilst shaving in the bath. I thought that I should try Reiki to stop the bleeding, as my Master had told me it would.  Being a relative newcomer to Reiki I was almost hesitant to put it to the test, as I knew I would be so disappointed if I just kept bleeding. Anyway I covered the cut with the palm of my hand and opened myself to the energy. I just sat like this for about five minutes.  Tentatively then, I lifted my hand and the blood had actually clotted on my skin and hadn't ran down my leg at all.

I was really excited and pleased as this was good confirmation for me that my belief in Reiki was well placed. Some weeks later, I was washing up dishes in the sink, and had foolishly left a paring knife laying in the sink along with other cutlery. Yes, you guessed it, I ran my finger along the blade. Oh boy!!! You know that shiver that goes down through your body when you cut yourself deeply. I hardly dared look. Oh yes, I had cut it really badly. My first thought was, I need to get to the Ambulance Station ( Maybe you call them paramedics over in the U.S.)  So I wrapped my finger in facial tissues and it was really bleeding hard. Then applied an adhesive plaster to hold the tissues in place, binding it really tightly. By then I had calmed down enough to think Reiki which SHOULD have been my first response.  So I sat and did Reiki on my finger. I had expected it would be throbbing but it seemed to be OK. I kept waiting for the pain to come but it never happend  Just then a friend phoned me from work and I told him I had cut my finger really badly and it had given me a fright, but I wasn't going to the ambulance or doctor because it seemed OK and wasn't bleeding now.   To cut this long story short. I left that original bandaging attempt on all day and that night I replaced it with a bandaid strip and was surprised how much the cut had healed. I went to work next day, and everyone was waiting for this badly cut finger, and honestly, it had just healed so quickly I'm sure they thought I had over-reacted.  I was amazed. I have had smaller injuries which hurt more and took longer to heal, before I knew about Reiki, and within 36 hours this really bad cut was virtually nothing.So these are only two small examples of healing but they mean't a lot to me because it was a personal experience of the power of Reiki Healing. Coralie Clune

Reiki Heimlich Maneuver On Dog, Calming Crying Child
Dear William: I am happy to relate two recent Reiki experiences. The first was with my roommate's dog, Charley. He kept gagging slightly, trying to clear his throat. I couldn't tell if he had something caught in this throat or was ill and about to vomit. But he kept running around playfully in spite of his intermittant throat clearings. After about 45 minutes I decided to open my hands in his direction to send Reiki to him. He looked up at me while he paced back and forth. After just a minute or two I knelt down and put one hand on the back of his neck for just a minute since it's hard for him to be still. After I stood up, he walked two steps and lowered his head releasing a rock from his mouth!  And it was not just a pebble but a rock!

The second Reiki event took place with my friend's one-year-old baby. The baby was crying hysterically despite his mother's best efforts.  I took him into my arms with the intention of allowing Reiki to pass through my hands and he stopped crying instantly. After a few minutes I laid him on the bed with his mother and held my palms towards them both from a foot away. I couldn't believe the energy I was feeling in my hands! He smiled at me and then crawled over and laid himself in my arms. I kept one hand on his front and the other on his back for awhile. He fell asleep soon after!  E. Leon

Reiki Saved My Tooth
Dear Mr. Rand: A few months ago I had an abscessed tooth.  I had an appointment scheduled for a root canal and crown when I realized that I hadn't signed up for dental insurance at work and that the bill would be more than I could afford.  I asked my husband to try some Reiki on my tooth (the side of my face).  The pain was gone.

I called the dentist to cancel the appointment and he suggested that I come in just to see.  I went in, he x-rayed, and there was no problem.  Since then the tooth has twinged every now and then, but I've had no more problems with the kind of pain I'd been having. Fran

Reiki, Chemo and Cancer
Dear William: I have been a Reiki Master since early in 1998, mainly working on myself and my pets, but Nancy, a neighbor of mine who lives only two doors away, developed cancer some months ago and had a “terminal” diagnosis.  Only after she had gone to bed and was barely eating, and had significant pain, was she open to me trying Reiki on her.  I sat upright on a sofa next to her and placed my hands on her liver area, the area of the pain, for about 10 minutes, after which she said it was a bit better and moved away a bit.  I figured if Reiki was to be of help I would know, and sure enough, the next day her husband showed up at my door and said Nancy wanted me to come and take away her pain! 

I have gone over 3-4 times daily and done Reiki sessions, mainly in the liver and lung area for a period of about 25 minutes each.  Within two days all pain was gone, which puzzled her doctors, and her first chemo session was a breeze.  The nausea from the cancer and chemo is also minimized.  I had the opportunity to see how much Reiki was working when I had to leave for 10 days right before Nancy's second chemo session in order to be with my husband who was undergoing back surgery to relieve pain (that's another story, hubby is fine, and I got to directly experience a person blocking Reiki and then relaxing into it).

I attuned others to work with Nancy while I was gone and was able to send by distance Reiki a few times during my travels, but learned upon my return that the second chemo had not gone well for Nancy, who experienced pain and severe nausea for several days.  After one day working with her all the symptoms are gone and her next chemo will be in a few days. 

I don't know if Reiki and the powers-that-be will allow Nancy to survive liver cancer, but I can tell you that she is most comfortable, eating well and pain free, walking, laughing and having a reasonably good time during which she was supposed to be miserably in pain. 

A side effect of doing Reiki on Nancy is that I feel even better after the energy passes through me!  I sincerely hope many more people will attune to Reiki because it's not a good feeling to know I am the only one around that can relieve pain thru Reiki.  It is my deepest wish that Reiki spread far more rapidly than it has, even if most people attune to Reiki I.  The need for bandages around my house is non-existent!  Peggy Griffin

Hello again.  I wanted to add a lovely postscript to my months of Reiki work on my friend, Nancy.  She got the test results back today...she will live, the "terminal" diagnosis is no longer in effect.  Her liver function is almost back to normal, and she will have four more chemo sessions, another test and if entirely free of all traces of cancer, two more "for good measure" chemo sessions. I am in awe.  She was nearly dead, with only a few weeks to live when we started Reiki on her.  Another friend who is a nurse said she had never seen anyone react so well to chemo.  Thank you, Reiki.  Thank you, Universe.  A happy Peggy

Instantaneous Healing
Namaste to all: My name is Richard, and I have been following Reiki principles for several years now. Thought I would share a recent experience with you all.  Three nights ago whilst cooking my delicous sweet corn risoles, I happeded to drop a cooked one back into the frying peanut oil.  The oil splashed up all over my arm and face. I laughed at it, and didnt even care.  Others in the kitchen paniced and fussed.  Its alright I said.  I cant burn me. I finnished what I was doing, went and wiped the oil off me, and found that no burning had even taked place.  I couldnt even feel any burning.   The thought processes involved in Reiki, are beyond astounding.  And as the next couple of years come rolling on, the energy of our thought patterns will be only stronger.  Now is the time for all those, practicing Reiki or any other form of healing to be very aware of the thoughts you think.  Nothing gets you down. 
In love and light.  Namaste.Richard Kerr.

Reiki Heals Problem Pregnancy
Dear William:  I had just learned Reiki II, and my daughter in law, Sue was in her 7th month of pregnancy and was experiencing very excruciating pain in her back and could not walk. She went to the Dr. and he told her that the baby is lying on her sciatic nerves in her back. So he told her to just stay in bed and rest and there was nothing he could do for her. So being that she had 2 more children at home, there was no way she could just stay in bed, well she was in tears, and asked me if I could give her Reiki. Well, I was worried that the energy might bring on labor pains, and at 7 months I knew it would be too early for a baby to be born. I refused, saying I’m worried it may not be good for you or the baby, well, she insisted, and said please, I really need your help. And so I gave her Reiki and as soon as I gave it to her, her belly was moving around in circles, her 2 children were laughing, saying Oh my God, look at what’s happening to mommies belly. Lo and behold, the baby actually turned, and was off her sciatic nerves, she was so relieved, got up off the chair, and was so happy to be pain free for the next 2 months! To me that was a miracle. P.S. We now have our own Reiki baby named Diane Marie who is the most happy, loving and spiritual child who is in love with everyone and everything. Thank You God for letting me find Reiki in my life.  Margaret Ann Ciel

Reiki And Stomach Cancer
Dear Mr. Rand: My mother-in-law was recently hospitalized after emergency  exploratory surgery. An aggressive, cancerous tumor was found nearly surrounding her stomach, which made eating painful and impossible.  Doctor's inserted a tube and fed her intravenously.  Their prognosis was that she would NEVER be able to eat without a stomach tube or IV.  She lay in the hospital in enormous pain.  Morphine was restricted because the doctors were concerned it might interfere with her difficult recovery. I took the evening plane and began Reiki on her as soon as I arrived to correct her energy imbalance and help relieve the pain.  Within a few minutes, she was thrilled to find she was pain free and able to sleep peacefully.  I performed Reiki on her every day for the next five days.  The doctors, who at one point, had told us she probably would never go home, were AMAZED that not only did her incision heal incredibly quickly, but she recovered enough to ingest food and she left the hospital within a week, strong enough to care for herself at home. I might add that my mother-in-law had always been a traditionalist and was never interested in any type of alternative therapy.  I taught her how to perform Reiki on herself and she enthusiastically applies her skill when she feels low in energy or a bit off center.  She is home, taking care of her cats and eating everything she loves, so far without recurrence of the tumor's interference in her quality of life.  Ciel

Travel Safety and Post Surgical Healing
Dear William: About 1 month ago I requested long distance Reiki for my Father, Lee, and his wife Nenita as they journeyed to the Philippines for a visit with her family. They were a bit concerned about their flight as well as how things would be after they arrived as there are Muslims who are not happy with the USA's response after the terrorist attacks.  I am happy to report that their visit went well and they arrived back home safely. 

At the same time, I also asked for your assistance for my dear friend Wanda who had just had gall bladder surgery.  I didn't request Reiki treatment until almost 3 days after surgery and at that time she was in extreme pain and feeling poorly.  It was then that I asked for long distance Reiki and when I called her about 5 days later, she reported that she was feeling so much better.  As I listened to her "turn for the best" it matched the same time that I requested Reiki treatment for her.  Now, just over a month later, she told me that she feels not only physically better, but that her spirit is renewed as well. My thanks to you for your reaching out to others and for being facilitators for the healing power of Reiki!!  Thank you!   Leslyn Gatlin-Grape

Cool Hands Heal Stomach
Dear William:  I have just read your newsletter & can relate to the feeling of cold hands when giving Reiki.  One evening a few weeks ago my daughter (age 9) was complaining of sharp stomach pains and felt sick, she also said her stomach was very hot.  We were a bit worried that Reiki would make her stomach too hot & make her feel worse, but decided to try anyway.  To our surprise she experienced a cold sensation where I placed my hands which spread across her stomach and within minutes she felt much better and fell asleep.  In the morning she was feeling perfectly well and full of energy as usual. I normally feel a hot sensation through my hands during Reiki sessions, but on this occasion they had just felt pleasantly warm.  Carole Gibbins

Reiki Heals Depression and Back Injuries
Dear Mr. Rand:  In 1978, I had a very bad accident at work, which resulted in many problems in my back, stretched muscles, herniated discs, arthritis, pinched nerves, and more.  I spent a lot of time at chiropracters, Drs. pain pills, and the like.  In 1992, I slipped and fell on a patch of ice as I was leaving work, a different job in an office as I could not do any physically demanding job for all these years. More herniations, pain a broken arm and another trauma to contend with.  I spent nearly 2 years in bed, depressed, many pills to numb the pain, and was quite a mess.  Then I went to a high school reunion, as my friend urged me to, and she helped me have the strength to go.  She told me about taking Reiki, and explained what it was.  Desperate to be helped without pills, we both took the class and I could not believe the difference!!!!!   It was like a miracle.  My strength got better, my depression lifted, and positive energy began, letting go of the negative feeling I had for so long!  I am not fully healed, but can walk, even swim a bit, take an arthritis aqua class, WALK A TREADMILL,(WHICH IS A MIRACLE), 15 to 20 minutes a day, I also do not eat much red meat, I cannot believe the difference!!!!  A miracle indeed. I have Reiki II and practice on self and others and everyone I touch feels so wonderful and transformed by it.  I cannot speak enough of this great art.  It will always be a great part of my life.  I will be taking more in the future.  Respectfully, Bonnie Kemp, Kingston, PA

Boils and Ulcers Healed
William:  I received a miracle healing after painful suffering with constant boils and various ulcers that just would not heal. Desperate to try anything I was told of a Reiki lady not far from us so I went and after three hours went home.  The toxins began cleansing. After a week passed the sores stopped multiplying and got less until and all vanished.  I now have no symptoms.  I am forever grateful.  Fiona Elizabeth Hill

Normalizing Thyroid
Dear William: My daughter-in-law's doctor discovered that her thyroid was enlarged. He did a test and the test came back normal, however the thyroid was still enlarged and quite firm. After two Reiki treatments, which included using a blue stone on her thyroid, she developed a horrible cold that lasted only two days and it was completely gone.  I gave another Reiki treatment and after the treatment, I felt the thyroid and it felt like a sack filled with water, not firm like before. (she said that during the treatment, she felt like vomiting, but fought the feeling)  The next morning, she vomited and had a bad bloody nose. When she got to my house that day, her neck was exactly the same on both sides, no enlargement on the left side whatsoever, and her thyroid continues to feel and look normal in appearance.  I believe that this is truly a Reiki miracle.  Terri Snyder

Reiki and Uterine Fibroids
Dear William: Last Spring, I began experiencing extreme pain upon ovulation and during menstruation.  I have always had discomfort during my cycle, but this was intense.  Each month the pain progressed, until September when I began having to take time off work.  In October I told my partner, David that I would make an appointment with my Gynecologist because this pain was very unusual, even for me.  Knowing me and knowing my desire to use natural healing rather than allopathic approaches, David was shocked.  Something was definitely wrong and I needed to find out what exactly was causing so much pain.  Was it a tumor, could it be cancer?  The fear was overwhelming.  I believe that the fear attributed to the increase in pain.  I absolutely dreaded the thought of ovulating or having my period every month. 

After an unpleasant but necessary test and physical exam I waited two weeks for a diagnosis.  On November 22, 2000, my partner and I met with my doctor to receive the news.  The doctor diagnosed a uterine fibroid tumor and then went into how they would handle it.  I listened as he explained, telling me that I would be receiving Luprin treatments for two months (Luprin is a drug that produces false menopause).  After two months of being on Luprin, the doctor would then surgically remove the fibroid.  As he detailed the surgery, I knew I could not - would not go through what he offered as it seemed to me to be barbaric.  I knew there had to be an easier, gentler method

to clear the fibroids and I was determined to find it.  Once the doctor was finished speaking, telling me about the different ways they could approach this problem.  I asked him, if he would give me some time to try my own methods first.  He said sure,

but I give you just two months, after that we will take care of it.  A follow-up appointment was scheduled for January 25, 2001.

As soon as I left the doctor’s office I began my healing process.  First, I released the fear around the issue.  I knew now that it was not cancer and realized that this was really just a lesson to take better care of myself, another wonderful lesson in self-love!  I love the lessons life offers, I must consciously remember to ask that they be gentle, not painful.  I immediately began researching fibroids on the Internet in published articles and books.  After reading Dr. Christiane Northrup’s book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and Dr. Lee’s book What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Menopause, I was determined to find a way other than surgery to shrink and hopefully eliminate the tumor. The following are the methods I used, I believe that my determination, strong will and belief in these methods is what cleared the tumor.

Reiki: Reiki is an ancient healing art in which Universal Life Force Energy is transferred through the practitioner to the client via light touch. The client remains fully clothed while receiving a session. As I mentioned, I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and used Reiki (I used both treatments by other practitioners at my monthly Reiki Circle and daily self-treatment) and visualization to shrink the tumor.

Massage: I used two modalities of massage, Traditional Massage and Rhythmical Massage.  The Traditional Massage therapist also used Acupressure and Cranial Sacral therapy.  On November 28th, a day when I was experienced extreme pain, she used a pelvic release to open the pelvis and release the restrictions this immediately eliminated the pain.

Reflexology: I went every other week over a six-week period. I explained to the practitioner, what my diagnosis was and he worked on the reproductive points on the feet and legs.

Homeopathy: I saw my Homeopath on November 29, 2000, who interviewed me about the pain I had been experiencing. After asking many questions, he was able to prescribe a remedy that I used for about 1 month.

Chiropractic: I told my Chiropractor, of the diagnosis of the fibroid and the pain I had been experiencing. He suggested and performed a specific adjustment for the spine that related directly to the reproductive organs.

Castor Oil Packs: An Edgar Casey remedy for pain, inflammation, infection and various other ailments. A flannel cloth is saturated with castor oil, placed in a leak-proof plastic bag, and is placed next to the skin in the area in need, a hot water bottle is then placed on the outside of the castor oil pack. This has been very helpful in eliminating discomfort.

Progest Cream: I read in Dr. Lee’s book What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Menopause, that many problems that are associated with menopause, including fibroids is due in part to the decrease of progesterone prior to the decrease of estrogen. He theorizes that increasing progesterone levels will eliminate these problems. I use this for 21 days,beginning on the 7th day of my cycle until the 28th day (per label instructions).

Prayer: This really should be listed first, as I believe that faith has a great deal to do with healing. Upon receiving the diagnosis and knowing what I was dealing with, I sent out a call (via email and phone) to prayer groups far and wide. During my life I have experienced numerous answered prayers, and know with all my heart that this is just another time that God has answered my call.

I also elimated from my diet completely, both chocolate and caffiene. 

On January 25, 2001 I returned to the doctor and received a clean bill of health.  The fibroid was completely gone; and I was no longer experiencing any pain during my cycle or during ovulation!  My doctor and I had worked together to clear the fibroids; I feel that his support of my decision to work on this issue naturally helped greatly in the healing process.  I believe it is of utmost importance to have ones physician, family and friends supportive of any health care decision that is made.  Keeping a positive attitude and holding thoughts of perfect health at all times is imperative to a positive outcome. 

I offer this information not to say allopathic medicine is bad, quite the contrary, I strongly believe that allopathic and holistic methods can be combined to bring forth positive results for health and wellness.  I share my story to offer hope and empowerment to any woman who is experiencing health Challenges. It is my hope that sharing this may empower other women to find whatever healing methods work best for them.  This may or may not mean allopathic medicine or alternative/complementary medicine, it may be a combination of both, each woman will know what will work for her.  I believe that we are given opportunities, such as health challenges as I like to refer to them, as an avenue to share our experiences and to realize our own power, to be a beacon of light for others who may one-day experience similar challenges. 

Women for too long have given their power over to others; it is time that we recognize that we are very powerful beings, able to know what is right for us, if we only listen.  I strongly believe that allopathic and holistic methods can be combined to bring forth positive results for health and wellness.  Andrea E. Mincsak, Albany, NY

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