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August 2008
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Operation Cancelled after Reiki!
Last year I had a desperate telephone call from a concerned husband. His wife had been suffering from severe neuralgia pains in her face for six years. She suffered this pain 24 hours a day and in the course of the six years she had several operations on her face to freeze the nerves to no avail. The pain continued and even the strongest painkillers could not subdue the pain. Her husband brought her to my Reiki clinic on a Friday morning. She was due to have a "brain operation" at Groote Schuur Hospital on the Monday morning.

Due to the severity of the pain, I did not have any hope of stopping the pain, my only purpose was to just help her relax and not to fear this pending operation. I worked through her chakras and spent a long time with her. When I completed the Reiki treatment, I had a "flash" reminder of the teachings of my Reiki Master regarding the extension of the fingers. I then returned my attention to her face on the side where she had this constant pain. I "extended" my fingers to the inside of her face, bone, nerves and flesh and actually felt a small ridge and worked on that ridge for approximately 2 minutes until the ridge vanished. I felt a tremendous amount of "energy" pouring into her face. I asked her how the pain was. Her reply: "The pain is gone", and she burst into tears. I called her husband to the therapy room where the three of us prayed together to say thank you. The operation was cancelled and the pain never returned again. She is still in contact with me. She only had the one Reiki treatment. To me this was truly a miracle! I've experienced many healings but this one beats them all. Reiki master, Sonia Carlil

Reiki Heals Ear Infection
A few years ago I had this lady come to me for a Reiki treatment. Not knowing of her condition I began my session, but while working around her ears noticed something terribly wrong around her left ear. After completion of the session I inquired if she had something wrong in that specific area. She told me she was scheduled for surgery the 
following morning because of an inner ear infection that doctors had been unable to correct after a number of months of treatments. She went back to the hospital that night and the next morning she called saying the surgery had been cancelled because sometime during the night while sleeping her ear had broken open, and whatever was inside had run out onto her pillow. The doctors had no explanation, but she said she knew it was because of the Reiki treatment. She went on to say that after the treatment something started moving inside her ear, and she had a peaceful feeling that she had never experienced before.   John Prior

Getting Reiki Into A Hospital
As a new Reiki Master, I was eager to share Reiki with everyone. Without knowing there were actually limitations, I charged forward and approached our hospital oncology center with the idea of establishing a Reiki evening for their patients. After a one-hour presentation, they whole-heartedly accepted! After I received the news and shared it with other hospital personnel, I was told it should have been impossible to establish a Reiki share due to hospital policy. Well, Reiki came through anyway!!! We are in our sixth month of once-a-month free Reiki for cancer patients, and our patient load has tripled, to the point of having to move to a larger space within our medical 
center. Our volunteers have been dedicated, and all of them admit that they possibly gain more peace and comfort than the patients who receive Reiki. What a gift Reiki has been in my life and the lives of those who share Reiki with others.
Patricia Scheder

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