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April 2002
Reiki Stories

A Reiki Birth Story
Dear William, I am writing to share with you and your readers the wonderful experiences I had at the birth of my son in January this year and how Reiki was such a major part of his gestation and actual birth.

Soon after I discovered I was pregnant, I was lucky enough to have my masters re-attuned at Stonehenge, a truly wonderful connection that not only empowered my Reiki but also created a
deep bond with my unborn child. All through my pregnancy I continued to give attunements (and became noticeably larger after each workshop!) and really felt intune with both Reiki and
the baby.

Then the real magic happened the day of his birth. For a variety of reasons I decided to have an elective caesarian this time and wanted to make the experience as spiritual as
possible. One of my students and close friends who had previously been a midwife agreed to be my birth partner and gained permission to Reiki the operating theatre beforehand. On
the morning, she smudged the entire theatre and theatre staff (who were totally intrigued and very supportive, then used the Power symbol to Reiki the whole theatre and operating table. We then played a CD of women's empowerment songs, which created a lovely and calm atmosphere for my son to be born into.

Since his birth, he really has been the most chilled out baby I have ever known and I am sure this has everything to do with Reiki.

I think it is important to remember that healing with Reiki is such a small part of what it has to offer. The boundaries of opportunity and empowerment are immense and it's integration into
everyday life is such a blessing. Sharon Carrington

Reiki Heals Mental Imbalance
Dear Mr. William Rand, It is always pleasant to read your newsletters. It not only
gives the insights of Reiki but makes one want to learn more and try to use Reiki on different problems and situations.I am Reiki 3rd channel and have been practicing Reiki for the last 3
years. Recently my Master had asked me and one more Reiki 2nd channel to help her to treat a psychologically imbalanced gentleman (a government employee not attending office for about 2 and half months), and glad to inform you that he could be cured just within 5 days. On the 1st day when we saw the gentleman, we were not sure for how many days we would need to continue the treatment as the symptoms were very peculiar. But the best part we observed
was that he was very receptive, which boosted our moral. His throat was fully choked and one can barely understand his talks, his looks were very odd, his food habits were very strange, he
wouldn't sleep until he is given the drugs (prescribed by the doctor). However after the first day's full body treatment we requested his wife not to give the drug for sleeping for the night until she feels that it is out of her control. The next day when the gentleman arrived for the treatment we found a significant change and his wife's opinion was very positive. After the full body treatment of the 2nd day we requested to stop one more medicine and observe as she had stopped one
medicine on the first day and didn't face much problem. The treatment continued for 6 days and everyday we used to find real changes in him and the family of the gentleman was getting a
sign of relief. After the sixth day neither we nor the gentleman or his family felt that any more treatment is needed. He was ready for his duties. The smile, freshness on his face and the
relief on his family's faces gave us our rewards. They were very pleased. But I told them that it is not we but the Cosmic energy Reiki that healed the gentleman, so we should thank
Reiki for such an unconditional power.

I take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to write this experience and getting published by you're kind efforts.May the power of Reiki bless your every moment.
Thank you Sir. Amiya

Clear Negative Thought Forms
I was giving healing to a neighbor of mine who is suffering with Prostate Cancer. I am a Reiki 1&2 practitioner and was using the Power symbol for the Prostate Cancer condition, as I am
not experienced at any other degrees. The cancer had gone past the cell stage and hadentered into his hip/groin where he suffers most. The session went very well with him advising me after the session that it felt very good and there was lots of heat and tingling in both these areas.

There is one thing that I saw which surprised me and I was wondering if you had heard or experienced similar. As I was giving him Reiki I heard a voice say (in my head) "You won't be able to cure him." I said well I've got to try I can't just give up." The voice again said, don't bother." At this stage I got angry at the voice and I felt it was trying to get me to give up. I then said to the voice "Clear off, go on sod off I don't want to listen. I don't want your negative vibes around me"

Then a very strange thing happened. I saw (mentally) a large black vulture type bird fly out of his groin area the area of the Prostate Cancer, and at the same time the healee gave a large sigh as if he had got rid of something. I immediately felt emptiness in the area of the Prostate.

I have never experienced anything like this before and was wondering if you have heard or experienced anything like this.
Many thanks John

* Editors note: Dear John, You did the right thing. The voice was coming from the negative thought form and your refusal to give up is what caused it to leave.

Burn Healed
Dear William, One morning I was making myself a cup of tea and while pouring the hot water into the cup, I accidentally poured the boiling water over my hand! In agony, I ran it under cold
water, then grabbed ice from the freezer and held it onto my hand while doing Reiki on it. I had to repeat the ice and then continued with the Reiki for about 15-20 minutes while having a
phone conversation. When I hung up I looked at my hand and saw that there was absolutely no sign of a burn! Nothing! I was so very grateful because years ago I had a similar accident and had to spend the night with my hand in an ice bucket and went through all the blistering etc. that goes with such a burn. I seem to have success with "right away" Reiki. I have staved off several nasty bruises and a very painful banged knee by applying Reiki immediately to the injured area! Tony

Young Person's Reiki Story
I don't necessarily have a dramatic story on how I have used Reiki to heal others. Instead I have a story about myself, and how I have come to learn about Reiki. I was only thirteen when I
received my first degree in the Usui system of Reiki by a long time friend of mine. It wasn't until I turned sixteen that I received the second degree. I love Reiki and the affects on my life. Because I am so young, going on nineteen, I feel I have "grown" both spiritually and mentally with the world. You hear of the interconnections one shares with all living things. I
have had the utmost pleasure spending my adolescence maturing with these feelings of unity. Today I was looking at a baby as his mother held him over her shoulder. It was indescribable the feeling I got as I gazed into his innocent sole. It was like there was a connection, brief, yet seemingly forever. When I send Reiki it often astounds me the feeling of energy filling my
life. It seems all too unreal, yet at the same time it is reality! I have yet to tell my friends and the people around me that I was blessed with this wonderful gift. I guess it is my "limiting
belief," or so my Reiki master says, that is holding me back. Being so young I don't want to be put into the category of witchcraft, or as my dad says, "Voodoo hoodoo." Needless to say,
Reiki is a part of my life and always will be. I love the feeling that I'm almost like a guardian angel, making sure the people around me are well protected. Mark Thorpe

Kaballah and Reiki
As a traveler and writer and Reiki master I have been travelling in Central America right now for almost 7 months. I have been doing volunteer work and in January this year I ended up with a spiritual group...A shaman from the United States gave classes everyday about energy work and healing. The shaman also taught Kabalah healing according to the ancient Jewish tradition. Together with a friend we did {the path of the flaming sword, a technique with which you bring light into the various circuits of the Kaballah. This heals on spiritual, mental, astral and physical level and is very powerful. But then this happened while I was giving a Kaballah healing to my
friend. It was as if I was in contact with this energy (that happened all the time. As soon as we intended to start, the energy sort of brought in the colors that were needed, and decided when it was enough) and then the energy started speaking to me and said... IT IS ALL REIKI.

I was amazed and surprised, it felt different. But since then my Reiki energy has changed, is stronger and can have the same feeling as I had with this Kabalah healing. Reiki is great!

With this group we also were in the Rainbow gathering in Guatemala where a Guatemalan Reiki master and I gave initiations on the beach. It was very nice and powerful to do. Right now,
14th of March, I am in Costa Rica, planning to go to the Rainbow gathering, celebrating the full moon of this month, and also to give Reiki initiations. In April I will be flying to Peru, to work in an orphanage and also to teach Reiki. Wish you all the best, Paul

Adventures With Reiki
Hello! My first miraculous story began when I had just completed level 2 and I traveled with a group to Sedona, Arizona. I was lying on Bell Rock when I "heard" to dig a hole. (I was perplexed because it's a rock!) I was told to lean out over the edge. I did and found an opening filled with loose rocks. I dug them out and found a rainbow colored small crocheted bag
containing crystal and amethyst points. A note that read, God, please heal us signed Steve and John (names changed to keep their privacy) I knew I was to carry the energy healing to them wherever they were and I knew they had aids. At first I was frightened because I thought what if I fail. Why didn't you send someone more experienced than me God? I "heard" that I was working with spirit and when they decided to leave would be their decision. Pacified I did the healing. I believe to complete the circle of eternal love, when something is given, something is received. I accepted the little Amethyst point as my gift and reburied the bag.

It's been 10 years since then and I continue to do distant healings with the approval of the persons Higher Self. I was amazed to find people coming out of comas and healed on every level. Long Distance Reiki certainly works.

Now I believe I am doing more than Reiki healings in that when I scan someone I can tell where the emotional pain is being held.This past week I found where a man was holding on to someone from a past life and could not be with someone this lifetime due to guilt he still carried. I LOVE this work! He couldn't stop hugging me when we did that healing!
Thank you for allowing me to share! Patty

Kidney Stone Pain Healed
My husband woke one morning feeling uncomfortable in his back. He has had kidney stones years ago and his current discomfort reminded him of past kidney stones. As the day wore on he became more uncomfortable. The next day he was in pain and asked if I wouldn't help him with the pain. I facilitated Reiki to his kidney area for about fifteen minutes. Every bit of the
pain ceased. It scared him! He knew he had a kidney stone and he should feel pain. He went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a kidney stone of 5mm. That is very large, too large to
pass. The doctor was amazed that he had no pain. The doctor said he should be doubled over. They had to put in a stint because the surgery would be a week away and the stone was
blocking the urethra. The pain did not return during the week he had to wait. Sheila Noah

Demetrius, the Acropolis Dog
On a sunny March day in 2001, I sat on a park bench below the Acropolis in Greece. It was early in the morning, and already the parking area was lined with tourist buses. A steady stream of visitors trailed up the hill towards the majestic Parthenon. Down below, an unforgettable drama began to unfold, and soon I was to have a Reiki experience like no other.

I became fascinated with the goings-on of a unique group of area "residents". The Acropolis is home to numerous packs of maverick dogs who roam the ancient area, foraging for a bit of
food and a puddle of rainwater. At any second, two or more of them may aggressively compete for a prized scrap of discarded food. Their haunches are callused from sleeping and scrambling
about on the acres of gleaming marble pavement, which covers the Acropolis hill. Most have an assortment of old battle scars, and from day to day, they live as they can, uncared-for and
unnoticed by the human community.

Dog lover that I am, my heart went out to these poor neglected creatures, who seemed oblivious to the camera-toting travelers around them. That is, except for one brownish black dog who stood about 30 feet from my bench. His behavior was quite unlike any of his four-legged companions. He sat and stared directly at me. I stared back. Slowly he lifted his thin frame
from the marble and tentatively began to limp towards me. He advanced only a short way, then stopped to lick an area on the side of his body. He eyed me again, and walked a few more
steps, then repeated the licking. As he came closer, I spotted a seeping wound on his right side. Each step seemed to be a slow and painful ordeal. Still, he continued, coming ever
closer. At about 10 feet away, he looked soulfully into my eyes one last time. All of a sudden, I knew! I looked back and inwardly said, "Of course I will! Yes, of course!" With that, he turned and gradually moved away, stopping now and then to look back at me. In a few minutes he was gone.

Later that night, I did what was asked. It was one of the most profound distant healings I'd ever channeled. I named him Demetrius. I'd always liked the sound of the name. And each
time I sent healing for Demetrius, my hands buzzed with the energy. The next day, much to my surprise, our tour guide led us to the Church of St. Demetrius, and explained that the real
Demetrius, a Christian martyr in the 1st century, was associated with spontaneous healings! If ever one decided to participate in his own healing by requesting Reiki, it was Demetrius, the
Acropolis dog! Jean Formo

Reiki on pets
I have done a few Reiki treatments on my daughters German Shepherd. My daughter told me the dog is allergic to the flea collars and the other methods of preventing the dog from getting
fleas. So I asked her if I should give the dog a Reiki treatment to prevent him from getting flea infested. Well I gave a treatment and the dog laid down on the kitchen floor soon he got
up and around the area he was laying down there were fleas on the floor that had apparently been forced off the dog by the Reiki. A few weeks later I was there to baby the Shepherd another Reiki treatment. Animals can sense those who have been attuned to Reiki. Pat Nice

Reiki And Visions Of Christ
I am kind of skeptical as to writing you my story/experience with REIKI, but something inside me tells me to share it, so it must be told!!!!! Up till 3 months ago I had never heard of REIKI. I have been involved in the occult and the metaphysical for over 15 years. I
was a businessman by trade. I notice that all of the experiences people have (or at least most) have to do with "healing of the body". Well my healing came from REIKI, but not for my body,
instead for my mind and soul. I felt, I knew, I was in big, big trouble, then out of the blue a friend introduced me to a REIKI practitioner, a young girl. From the first time, I felt the power
surround me and engulf me. I actually became witness of multiple visions of Christ speaking to me, of angels, etc, etc. I don't want to get into detail, but I believe that REIKI is much more
then a "plain healing power". I have changed drastically, I feel good, and I am going for my First level of initiation.I believe that everyone should feel the possibilities this system
offers to all mankind, the possibilities of getting in touch with our higher self. May God bless all, and guide us all to see the truth.Thank you REIKI, George

Healing A Headache And More
Dear William, I have been using Reiki for a little under a year now and have found it to be the best gift a person can give to themselves (and others). Since having the Reiki 2 attunements, I
have noticed a massive difference in the energy and seem to be more able to let go of all the things that no longer work in my life. Such life lessons always feel like a small miracle at the
time, but I always seek to learn, and therefore, was delighted by your book: The Healing Touch. I had suffered a tension headache for about 3 days, when I decided to try your 'scanning'
technique. Imagine my delight and surprise, when after giving myself Reiki for only a few minutes, I felt a 'pop' in the back of my neck and the headache was gone! Thank you so much for writing the book and sharing your experiences with everyone.I live in Edinburgh (Scotland), and have many good friends in the USA, mostly in Texas. One of my friends has been struggling with cancer for about a year now, and I have been sending Reiki
as often as I can. Would it be possible for you (& as many people as you know) to also send her some Reiki? Her name is Kim and she lives in north Texas. Well I think I've rambled on long enough, thank you once again for sharing your knowledge with us. Kind regards, Cheryl Richards, Edinburgh.

Reiki On A Terminal Cancer Patient
I'm a Portuguese nurse, and last year I was working in a Hospital
with a terminal cancer patient. She was feeling very strong pain, she was crying a lot and she couldn't sleep at night. Even the morphine didn't work any more. I started to give her Reiki and
the first night she fell asleep in 5 minutes and she did not wake up the morning without feeling pain for several hours. Many times she called me " The nurse of the good energies", and Reiki could help her until she died, with less pain and anxiety.
Isabel Maria Banquart Dias Leitao do Couto

Perforated Colon and Coma
I had a wonderful learning experience about 3 months ago and I just thought I would like to share it with you. I have a friend who was recently staying at my home as a result of an abusive situation where she had to move out of the home that she shared with her husband. One night she received a call from her sister in law who informed her that her husband was in critical
condition and was not expected to live. My friend felt that no matter what the normal circumstances were that the right thing to do was to go and be with him at that time in the hospital. She requested that I go with her and I suddenly received a spiritual message (guidance) that this would be appropriate so I went. I have been called to the Reiki Master Teacher Level and go where I am guided. When we got to the Hospital her husband was comatose and had a fever of 109 - He had somehow perforated his colon and bile had leaked all through his system. The doctors and nurses said he would die soon.

As she stood by his bed I noticed that she was turning gray so I placed my hand automatically on her back in a gesture of support and love. Immediately a tremendous surge of healing energy began to flow which caused her to regain her color at which time she asked me if I could try Reiki on her husband although she knew that he did not believe in any type
of a higher power. I told her it wasn't up to me but I would ask permission and allow for the highest good for him. I explained that I could give unconditional love and the universe
(God) handled the rest.

I placed my hands on him and the healing surge started again even stronger so I just sent the
energy through his left arm and shoulder, as it was the only area not wired to a monitor. I may have stood there for approx. 2 or 3 hours then the energy flow began to ebb and I knew that I
was finished at that point. I than excused myself to give her a little privacy with him and went to the cafeteria to sit and have some water. I went back in approx. 30 minutes to check on my friend and the room had 3 nurses working on the gentleman.

In 30 minutes his fever dropped to 101 and he came out of the coma so they were disconnecting most of the equipment. The rest of the night he slept normally all of the bile purged itself out of his system and by the next morning he was back to his normal may I say without judgement -self at which point my friend retreated quickly from his proximity and his reach. The couple did not live happily ever after together. My friend is creating a new life for herself. The learning was in seeing the effect that the Reiki Energy had on the husband. The doctors said he had no chance and that he was going to die. But in a matter of less than 6 hours even though he had and still has no belief in God, Reiki, Spirituality or anything else he cannot see.

I guess the energy believed in him or maybe he believes that I believe. He did mention that he heard me asking permission and he remembered seeing himself take hold of my hand in a dream. He just couldn't figure out how I got into his dream he absolutely can't stand me and what he calls my "witchcraft." Of course I truly can take none of the credit for what happened but I truly know that only a higher Universal Life force energy could have assisted him and I know that the doctors and nurses were expecting the gentleman to die. Reiki works in its own way and I have never been other than (well) just a little surprised at what happens sometimes. Thanks, Ellen

Polyps Healed
A while ago my friend Barbara had a scan, which revealed a number of Polyps in her womb area. She was scheduled for minor surgery to have these removed, prior to this I gave her Reiki sessions and distant healing. When she went down for the surgery the Polyps had gone - she's absolutely convinced these had been 'Reikied away' as she likes to call it. A while later she
had Polyps up her nose and again she was convinced Reiki had seemed to help. When she finally went for surgery on them, they hadn't disappeared but she was advised that she would be quite ill for a couple of weeks - she was up and about the next day and has felt absolutely great ever since - again Reiki helped. I have been a Tera-Mai Reiki & Seichem Master now for five months and Barbara is about to be the first person who I attune to Reiki. It really does work, Reiki is like having a constant friend who you can call on to give you help and support when you need it, wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone could use it. Lorraine Willis

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