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Claiming Your Life
by William Lee Rand

The weather is getting warmer and more enjoyable, allowing us to relax. Spending time outdoors seems like a good idea and you might decide to sit on the lawn and read or just enjoy the fresh air and look at the trees and grass and bushes and clouds. And there are also picnics, laying on the beach, swimming, hiking, canoeing, bicycling, and so many other wonderful things to do. It’s amazing how much better we feel when we spend time outdoors.

And as we observe nature, especially when we’re away from the city, in the forests or mountains or by the rivers and lakes or the ocean, it’s easy to see that each living thing grows in a way that is unique and right for it to grow. Nature has a way of giving life the freedom to express itself.

As living beings, we are also unique in our potential, in the ways that it’s possible for us to grow and in what’s possible for us to experience and accomplish with our lives. But sometimes, cultural conditioning and social pressures or influences from those close to us such as our parents, siblings, and friends prevent us from bringing about the expression of who we really are. Yet, as we heal and grow, the fears and worries and doubts that allowed others to direct our lives weaken and fade. We remember our dreams and hopes. And as the healing process continues, the meaningful parts of ourselves become strong and with this new strength, begin to express themselves.

This is our purpose— to heal and grow into the person we are meant to be, to become centered in the values we cherish and to live our lives from a place of integrity with who we really are. While there are parts within each person that are the same and allow us to bond and connect with each other, it is the unique parts of ourselves that must be expressed if we are to truly enjoy our lives. It is also our uniqueness that is most enjoyed by others. And most importantly, individual uniqueness is the essence of creativity and a necessary part of accomplishing our life purpose.

As we listen to popular music it’s easy to tell that musicians become popular because they develop a unique sound. The same is true for all forms of artistic expression and for life in general. Discovering your unique strengths, developing them, and making them a central part of your life is the key to a life well lived.

So if there’s something you’ve been longing to do with your life but have held back from doing it, I encourage you to trust in your longing and go ahead and do it. Be adventurous, be bold. Trust in yourself and your ability to learn what you need to learn and create the opportunities you need to move forward with your plans. Life favors those who live this way.

This article appears in the Welcome section of the current Summer 2011 issue of Reiki News Magazine. To read all ten articles, please subscribe.

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The Reiki Membership Association

We’ve started a Reiki membership association. Its purpose is to establish a professional image for our members at the same time we assist members in creating a thriving Reiki practice. I’ve focused my 20+ years experience teaching and practicing Reiki into this purpose and have created a set of membership benefits based on what I know produce results. Please see the list of benefits below and also go to

  • Standards of Practice
  • Code of Ethics
  • Advertise your Practice
  • Personalized Reiki Brochure
  • Membership Certificate
  • Online Database for your Classes and Students
  • Online Personalized Student Certificates
  • Reiki Share Page
  • Social Networking Page for Members
  • Reiki Insurance
  • Step by Step Guidelines on How to Develop Your Reiki Practice
Membership is currently for US and Canadian residents only.

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The Origin of All Is Pure Consciousness
by William Lee Rand

The Reiki Distant Healing symbol is made of kanji characters, which are simply words from the Japanese language. These kanji form a spiritual saying used in Japan. There have been a number of translations of these kanji, but the one which I believe to be the most meaningful was revealed to me in 2002 when I had the good fortune of having dinner with Hiroshi Doi and Hyakuten Inamoto, both Reiki Masters from Japan. After some discussion, the conclusion reached was that the meaning of this symbol is “the origin of all is pure consciousness.” Since Reiki is a pure form of consciousness, and the distant symbol allows us to create a healing affect on others at a distance, this definition is validated by our experience.

Scientific Validation
The origin of the Universe has been a topic of scientific study and debate for a long time. As new technology has come along ever more powerful tools for examining the Universe, and theories about of its origin has have continued to developed. The current theory which has a considerable amount of scientific verification, was originated by Edwin Hubble, and is called the Big Bang. According to this theory, the Universe came into being with a huge cosmic explosion, which occurred 13.75 billion years ago. Prior to this time nothing existed. There was no matter, no time or space and there were no laws of physics. And what was to become the Universe existed in a point with no dimension. It was smaller than the smallest thing that can be imagined. It didn’t even have a location in the 3 dimensional world because space didn’t exist yet. Then for some scientifically unknown reason, the point exploded and as it expanded all the matter and energy currently in the Universe was created. Space, time and the laws of physics came into being at this moment as well. It continued to expand faster than the speed of light so that in just 13.75 billion years, the observable Universe has expanded to an estimated diameter of 93 billion light years.(1, 2)

The size, time and distances involved in this description are profound concepts. But even more profound is the idea that this model of the Universe indicates that at the beginning, everything in the Universe was one. This means that the matter of which our bodies eventually became composed was one with everything in the Universe!

In Quantum Physics there is a concept called quantum entanglement which has been verified in laboratory experiments.(3) With quantum entanglement it’s possible for sub-atomic particles which have been created together to communicate with each other instantly regardless of the distance they are separated. With this in mind we can hypothesize a scientifically based concept that on some level, all humans continue to be connected with all other humans and with every part of the Universe.

These scientific concepts validate what Usui Sensei had in mind when he made use of the distant symbol to send Reiki healing to those at a distance.

But of course the idea that pure consciousness is the origin of all can mean much more. It also means that our consciousness is the most important factor in creating our lives. When we decide to take action and manifest something, it’s the quality of our consciousness that has the most important affect on the outcome of our actions. This includes the quality of our plans, our belief and determination that we will be able to accomplish our goals, and the skill and confidence we have as you we carry them out.

On a grander scale, it means that everything , including the Universe itself , has come from pure consciousness. Think about what this means. If everything has come from consciousness and the most central aspect of ourselves is consciousness, then we have something in common with the origin of all.

In The Mind of God, scientist Paul Davies asks the question, “Why should human beings have the ability to discover and understand the principles on which the universe runs?” The answer is because our consciousness was created by, and is directly connected to, the consciousness that created the Universe .

Zero Point Field
Astrophysicist Bernard Haisch in his book, The God Theory, postulates that consciousness may be based on the Zero-Point Field. The Zero-Point Field is a field of light that exists on a hidden dimension and is different than regular light. He indicates that this field may be responsible for creating consciousness, and that it preceded the Big Bang, and that it is responsible for manifesting the material world. This idea connects in an interesting way with the meaning of the Reiki Distant Healing symbol.

This idea is further validated by consciousness researcher Stuart Hameroff and physicist Roger Penrose. They say that both matter and consciousness arise out of a space that is 25 orders of magnitude smaller than an atom called the Planck scale where fundamental space time geometry is located. Matter and consciousness arise out of this space. This happens continually in our brains to create human consciousness where quantum effects take place, but also is the process that is responsible for the creation of the Big Bang. (4)

I suggest that you set aside some time to use the distant symbol to send Reiki to the source of the Universe and as you do so, contemplate your connection with everything that exists.

Parts of this article came from an article with the same title in the Summer 2008 issue of Reiki News magazine.


Davies, P. The Mind of God: The Scientific Basis for a Rational World. New York: Touchstone, 1993.

Haisch, B. The Theory of God: Universes, Zero-Point Field, and What’s Behind It All. San Francisco: Weiser Books, 2006.


1 Gott III, J. Richard; Mario Jurić, David Schlegel, Fiona Hoyle, Michael Vogeley, Max Tegmark, Neta Bahcall, Jon Brinkmann (2005). "A Map of the Universe". The Astrophysics Journal 624 (2): 463. arXiv:astro-ph/0310571. Bibcode. 2005ApJ...624..463G. doi:10.1086/428890. .

2 It is scientifically accepted that matter cannot travel faster than the speed of light. The expansion was caused by an increase in the amount of space between particles of matter rather than matter moving through space and therefore could expand faster than the speed of light.

3 C. H. Bennett, G. Brassard, C. Crépeau, R. Jozsa, A. Peres, W. K. Wootters, Teleporting an Unknown Quantum State via Dual Classical and Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Channels, Phys. Rev. Lett. 70, 1895-1899 (1993) (online).

4 Stuart Hameroff, “Finding Spirit in the Fabric of Space and Time,” EnlightenNext Magazine, Issue 46, Spring/Summer 2010,

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The Gift of Touch
by Natalia Pisetskaya

In my attempt to communicate to others what Reiki is, I have come up with quite a few definitions, each highlighting a specific aspect of Reiki. Those of you who practice Reiki already know that it is almost impossible to explain Reiki using words. It is like trying to squeeze into a form something that is all-encompassing by its very nature. Reiki is an experience, an experience of the fullness of life, life as is. It is no surprise that after years of practicing Reiki, new insights continue to be revealed to me. In this article, I will focus on just one—perhaps the most obvious aspect of Reiki—the one that has to do with touch. Reiki is a practice that brings us in touch with ourselves, literally.

At the time when we are born and throughout the baby stage of life, touch dominates our experience. While it takes a while for visual and hearing abilities to develop, as well as for taste and smell to fully serve us, touch provides everything we need and is crucial to the development of a human being. At the end of life again, touch starts to regain its role and assists us in having last moments of physical connection with the world we are to leave behind. But what about the so-called mid-life stage? It happens to be that touch is the most neglected sense for all adults. In our high-tech society, other senses dominate our experience. The sense of sight, hearing, taste, and smell are challenged to accept more and more information, which we are unable to process fully. We live in the world of sensory overload. It applies to all senses, but touch.

Interestingly enough, it is the touch that can help us to limit the input that we receive from outside, guiding us to discover the universe within. Touch in general, and Reiki touch for sure, helps to establish the communication with the inner world. When we place the hands on the body, the link is created, and we begin “to hear” what is happening inside. We start to realize that there is a life flowing within us, life that was unnoticed and unappreciated before. The hands guide us into the world of subtle perceptions and to the most profound discovery of peace within:

The touch invites us to be present,

To stop, to rest, to simply settle;

And as we hear this quiet call,

A different world begins to show:

The rainbow of colors not seen by the eye,

Angelic sounds from Heaven above,

Familiar tastes and smells are here –

This all the simple touch brought near.

That perfect stillness, inner peace,

Was waiting there underneath

All fears and worries and everything else…

Receive the gift of your True Self!

Finding ourselves. How important that is! Isn’t it strange, that while we look for ourselves, we are drawn outward? It is no surprise that we cannot find ourselves there. We remain unsatisfied no matter what we do: no amount of food or entertainment can bring us lasting fulfillment. Everything we engage in brings just a fleeting moment of happiness that never lasts. Perhaps, we are hungry for something else. That something else, however, is right where we are and what we are looking for is within us!

The journey with Reiki is always a journey inward, the journey that begins with a touch guiding us to reverse direction of our perception and start paying attention to what is happening within. It is from the depth of our being that the answers come. We find that everything we need is given to us in every moment. Inspiration and insight begin to flow into our actions and interactions. And we start living from the inside out, channeling the gifts we have been given into the world we live in. Then everything we do becomes a meaningful contribution to life around us.

Touch is finding its way into our lives again. New modalities that involve touch are being introduced into the medical setting: Healing Touch, Comfort Touch, and, of course, Reiki Touch. Regardless of how it is called, human touch carries enormous power to provide comfort and support, to relieve pain and stress. There is much more to it than can be measured and validated, although anything that can provide credibility for this kind of work helps all of us to transition to a health care where real human touch is an integral part of all other therapies.  Not only does it help patients, it helps medical practitioners as well.  When we honor the healing power of nature, which we are a part of, anything we do is empowered by this connection.

Yes, it is by the design of nature itself that we do have touch and that we use it. From the ancient times, touch has been known as a healing technique. It is the first intuitive response that arises when we hurt ourselves as we immediately put our hands on the body. Actually, we do not “do” that, nor do we make a conscious decision: hands are finding their way to where they need to be. It is the first thing the mother does to calm the child that is in any kind of discomfort as she simply holds it. Doesn’t it tell us something? Perhaps, the answer is simpler than we think: for as long as we have a human body, that human body will always need human touch.

There is something special about Reiki touch, though. It is the touch with intent to support and to honor, touch that re-affirms wellness and re-connects with wholeness. It dissolves the barriers that obstruct the flow of healing energy, helping the body to find its way to balance once again. This is something that the body does for us so many times when we are not watching. There are times, however, when we need to help it, and our Reiki hands create a powerful link, connecting us to the healing power within.

In my own experiences of receiving Reiki, I was always deeply touched by the very fact that someone would be willing to simply be there and hold hands over me.  I actually remember how I felt after receiving my first Reiki treatment: so peaceful and so grateful! In our high-tech society, we are very deprived of this kind of touch.  Can we really measure love and compassion that flows during those moments and what it actually does for a person? And since I continued my own daily Reiki practice, because I could not be without it, I could see in my own life that the benefits of this simple practice, that every person can do for himself, are so far-reaching.  The benefits reach beyond making us more comfortable and helping to deal with pain on a physical or mental level, although this is important as well.  They are about making peace with ourselves and what we have been given and living a meaningful live regardless of any limitations that we may experience.

I love the openness of the framework that Reiki provides. It is a gentle process of opening the channels of healing. It is about allowing the body to find its own balance and supporting it through the process. It is also about finding peace and joy within, in spite of any medical condition that may still be present.  I think that the less we struggle to change the condition we are in (physically or mentally), the more likely the change will happen. To me, simply holding hands to honor the life that flows under those hands is an enormously powerful experience that invites much healing. What has been my experience as well is the kind of surrender to life and openness to the flow of Grace that stays with me now regardless of what I do with my hands—that something was started first by experiencing the touch of another human being and then by using myown hands to do the same.

There is an expression that we all use in life to indicate a special gift one human being brings into the life of another.  We say: "You touched my life."  We do not always mean it literally, but nevertheless touch IS that special gift that we can give to each other.

This article appears in the current Summer 2011 issue of Reiki News Magazine. To read all twelve articles, please subscribe.

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Center for Reiki Research
by William Lee Rand

A new web site has recently been launched that provides important resources for those interested in Reiki research. The site features a listing and summaries of all Reiki research studies published in peer-reviewed journals. The summaries have been produced using the Touchstone Process; a highly rigorous method of analyzing all the studies in a particular field. Its application to Reiki research is noteworthy.

The Touchstone Process was developed by the CRR staff, a group of seven doctorally prepared researchers and five nurses and is unique to the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The site also includes articles on research study design, how to write case reports, documenting Reiki sessions, insurance reimbursement for Reiki sessions and the scientific basis of Reiki. A consultation service is also offered for those wanting to conduct Reiki research. In addition, the site contains detailed descriptions of the Reiki programs offered in 64 hospitals across the US.

The site is free although it is necessary to register to use the information on the site.

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Reiki In Hospital PowerPoint Presentation

We’ve developed a Reiki in hospitals PowerPoint presentation to be shown to hospital administrators and staff that will help explain how a Reiki hospital program would work. It explains Reiki, includes Reiki research, explains the benefits of Reiki and the various types of Reiki programs hospitals are currently using, and also includes a list of prominent hospitals that have Reiki programs and so forth. Click here to purchase.

CAM Research Associates

Our consultation service is offered to those planning to conduct CAM research and includes strategic guidance, project planning, and management to help you include all components critical to rigorous study design.

Center for Reiki Research Booklet

This 193 page booklet contains all the information on the Center for Reiki Research web site including the Reiki research references for all 25 studies published in peer-reviewed journals, the research summaries for the studies referenced, all 11 articles and the listings and detailed program info on each of 64 hospitals where Reiki is offered as part of hospital services. This is a great one of a kind booklet and a must for anyone interested in Reiki research.

Table of Contents

Center for Reiki Research.......................................................4

The Touchstone Process........................................................6

Research Staff.......................................................................7

Reiki Research Consultation Service......................................14


Reiki Research Study Summaries..........................................67

Research Studies Conclusion..............................................100

Hospital List.......................................................................101

Center for Reiki Research Articles

Guidelines for Conducting Quality Reiki Research.................17
by Mary Kearns, PhD

Writing Case Reports for Reiki..............................................21
by Jane Van De Velde, RN, DNP

Documenting Reiki Sessions................................................25
by Jane Van De Velde, RN, DNP

Insurance Reimbursement for Reiki Sessions........................29
by Jane Van De Velde, RN, DNP

Science and the Human Energy Field...................................33
by James L. Oschman, PhD interviewed by William Lee Rand

Reiki in Hospitals................................................................41
by William Lee Rand

How We Got Reiki Into the Hospital.....................................44
by Ava Wolf and Janet Wing

Developing a Reiki Program at Maine Medical Center...........46
by Patricia Keene

A Healing Space for Reiki in a Hospital...............................49
by Janny E. Adkins, RN, BS, CHTP, HNC

The Story of Dr. Chujiro Hayashi.........................................50
by Marianne Streich

How Hawayo Takata Practiced and Taught Reiki.................56
by Marianne Streich

To purchase this booklet, you will be required to log on to the Center for Reiki Research web site.

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Hiroshi Doi is Interviewed by William Lee Rand

This is part one of a two part interview. Part one first appeared in the Summer 2003 issue of Reiki News Magazine.

Hiroshi Doi is a Japanese Reiki master living in Kyoto, Japan and is one of the leading authorities on the practice of Reiki in Japan. His membership in the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai places him in a unique position to access information about the original Reiki methods of Usui Sensei. His dedication to healing and to preserving the Usui system of Reiki make him a valuable resource to the Reiki community. He has also developed a system of Reiki called Gendai Reiki which is a combination of techniques from the original Usui system and western Reiki methods.

This article was translated from Japanese to English by Hyakuten Inamoto.

William: Did you study other healing methods or meditation techniques before getting involved with Reiki? Can you explain your background that led you to Reiki?

Doi Sensei: My grandfather was a Zen Buddhist monk and his lineage went back generation after generation. I did not become a Zen monk, but I practiced Zazen (sitting meditation) since childhood and, in a natural way, believed in the world of the unseen. After graduation I worked for the then government-run telephone company and left the company after 12 years. Since then I have had many careers. During those days I kept practicing Zazen (not so enthusiastically, though).

I think I was unconsciously seeking after my life purpose. The reason why I changed my career often was because I found each job to be inappropriate for my life purpose.

I know now that what matters more is how to deal with a job and what to learn from the job rather than what kind of job to take. I guess I was chasing after the Blue Bird of Happiness outside myself.

My family members and I have been gifted with good health, but there were many colleagues and customers of the company who suffered from intractable diseases. A good friend of mine became paralyzed on one side of the body due to cerebral hemorrhage, and this incident made me interested in “healing”. Without knowing it I became very much absorbed in healing things and I learnt more than 30 different healing modalities during the 80’s and 90’s in hopes of opening up a healing salon at my house when I reached the age of 60.

During the early stage of my healing studies I happened to make the acquaintance of a person who was a traditional Japanese Reiki practitioner. However, at the time I had no idea he was a Reiki practitioner. I was just told that it was an effective hands-on healing method. I might have an opportunity later on to detail this story.

William: When did you first hear about Reiki and when did you take your first Reiki class? Can you give us some of the details such as who were your first teachers etc.?

Doi Sensei: It was about the end of the 80’s when I first heard the name “Reiki” in a Tokyo conscious energy workshop called “Shinmeikan healing”. One of the participants had a book titled “Reiki Ryoho” which was a Japanese version of “The Reiki Factor” written by Dr. Barbra Ray and translated by Ms. Mieko Mitsui, a New York resident. Ms. Mitsui is a Reiki Teacher of the Radiance Technique and I heard she was back in Japan holding Reiki seminars. I attended her 1 st and 2 nd Degree Reiki classes in Osaka. This was 1990 or 1991.  

When I joined the 1 st Degree class I was suffering from pain in my left wrist caused by an excessive practice of golf and I could hardly sleep at night. To my surprise my pain was healed overnight. It was at my first experience of Reiki and it was at this time that I first became aware of Reiki.

William: What were the events that lead to you being invited to be a Gakkai member? (Gakkai means organization and refers to the Reiki organization started by Usui Sensei - The Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai)

Doi Sensei: I had the 2 nd Degree Reiki training with Ms. Mitsui and I was very willing to learn the 3 rd Degree having heard that spiritual uplift could be boosted up with the 3 rd Degree Reiki. As I have no knowledge of any foreign language, I was hoping to learn Reiki in Japan. Ms. Mitsui was not qualified to teach classes above the 3 rd Degree, so I had to content myself with the 2 nd Degree at the time.

I was told that traditional Japanese Reiki had become extinct and that the Gakkai no longer existed, but I was wondering, even though Gakkai was gone, there must have been some students who were the members of a Gakkai branch as Gakkai had branch offices all over Japan, and I wanted to learn Reiki from them. I tried to gather helpful information via the Internet and other means, but in vain. Thus, I arrived at the conclusion that the Gakkai had completely vanished.

In the summer of ’93 I went to Tokyo to attend a British style crystal healing seminar. There I happened to pair off with an old lady who had been a Gakkai member for more than 40 years. From her I learned that the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai still existed. Thanks to an introduction by her, I was invited to become a member of the Gakkai in October, 1993. In Kyoto I was newly initiated into Reiki by Mrs. Koyama, the 6 th President, in due form of traditional Reiki Ryoho Reiju (Gakkai style attunement). Koyama Sensei was 87 years old at the time and I vividly recall that she was kind enough to allow a new member like me to sit next to her and responded tenderly to many questions of mine.

William: I understand that the Gakkai was started by Usui Sensei. Can you tell us about its history? How was it started and how did it develop? Who were the important people? How did it change because of the war etc.? Please include any interesting facts or details

Doi Sensei: Usui Sensei was born in August 1865 in Taniai-mura, a village in Gifu-ken prefecture. He left his hometown at an early age and struggled throughout his studies in Europe, America, and China. He broadened his ideas through many different careers: public servant, office worker, businessman, newspaperman, secretary, and politician, among others. Eventually he came to seek the purpose of life and to recognize that the purpose of life is to attain the state of an-shin ritsu-mei , that is, to learn the fact that man has been given a role to play that is sustained by the universe and then to fulfill one’s role with a calm mind by trusting and leaving all to the universe, no matter what happens in the course of life. He set upon the path of Zen Buddhism in order to grasp that meaning as a real feeling in his soul, not as a mere comprehension in his head. At a Buddhist temple in Kyoto, he trained himself in Zazen meditation for about three years to strive for a true state of satori , or enlightenment, like an-shin ritsu-mei . But a state of satori still eluded him.

In the spring of 1922 on Kurama-yama, he set out to fast with the resolve that his life would end there unless he attained enlightenment. At midnight on the 21 st day of his fast, a strong Reiki of the universe penetrated his brain, resonating with Reiki in his body, and he attained a feeling of oneness with the universe. He was then enlightened and, at the same time, a healing power was bestowed upon him. Usui Sensei named it Reiki Ryoho and decided not to monopolize it, but to share it with many people. He created the principles, or Five Precepts, and the instructional method. He moved to Aoyama, in Tokyo, and founded the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai .

Enrollment as a member was required because a prescribed instruction was necessary to learn Reiki Ryoho , but Reiki treatments were offered to non-members. People from all over who wanted treatments waited in long lines outside the house. Many high-ranking naval officers were enrolled in the Gakkai . One of them was Rear Admiral Ushida Juzaburo, who became the second president of the Gakkai and the successor of Usui Sensei. Rear Admiral Taketomi Kanichi took office as the third president and Vice Admiral Wanami Hoichi, as the fifth president, administered the Gakkai in a difficult postwar time.

Naval Captain Hayashi Chujiro, who enrolled later, accomplished an important role: to spread Reiki the world over, thus meeting Usui Sensei’s expectations.

In September 1923 the Great Kanto Earthquake occurred. It was a great disaster, with 104,000 people killed or missing and 460,000 homes collapsed or destroyed by fire. Usui Sensei and his disciples roved the town the days following the quake, treating the wounded and saving innumerable people from death. It is said that this incident brought more new members-- writers, entertainers, religious men, and martial arts practitioners to the Gakkai . In February 1925, the new dojo of the Gakkai was built in Nakano in order to expand the Gakkai . From this time on, Usui Sensei was frequently invited to teach and treat people all over the country.

In March1926 he suddenly passed away on the road in Fukuyama. It is said that Usui Sensei had over 2,000 students and 21 of them were given Shinpiden . The names of eleven Shinpiden students, three of them women, are being confirmed.

William: Is the Gakkai the only group or school that is teaching the original form of Usui Reiki Ryoho or are there others?

Doi Sensei: Strictly speaking, the Gakkai is the only group (organization) that continues to use the original form of Usui Reiki Ryoho (philosophy and techniques). People who left the Gakkai, (mentioned below) presumably continued with the energy of Usui Reiki Ryoho, but structured a style of their own by adding new ideas or casting aside things traditional. There are some people in Japan and in the West who claim, “this (mine or ours) is the original form of Usui Reiki Ryoho.” This claim should be fairly inspected and verified.

The Gakkai has preserved the original form putting a strong stress on its mission to continue teaching the tradition of Usui Sensei, which has made the Gakkai appear exclusive from the outside. I’ve been suggesting that they (the Gakkai) should make efforts to realize another mission assigned by Usui Sensei that “Reiki Ryoho should be shared with many people and the joy be jointly shared”.

William: Can you explain what your training was like in the Gakkai? What did you learn as a new member and what took place at the meetings?

Doi Sensei: During Usui Sensei’s time the meeting was called the Shuyokai. It is now called Kenkyu-kai and is held at the Tokyo head office three times a month. Because of my job, I was unable to attend the Tokyo meetings and instead joined those held at the Kyoto branch. At that time, Koyama Sensei would come to Kyoto almost every month. Senior members encouraged me to sit next to Koyama Sensei, saying, “As you are a new member, sit near Koyama Sensei so that you will receive a lot of Reiki.”

At Kenkyu-kai, Seiza-style sitting was once the practice, but now participants sit on chairs in a circle. The meetings began with talks by Koyama Sensei. The talks were not serious ones, but on a variety of topics based on Koyama Sensei’s own experiences. I recognized that, on the whole, her talks embraced many lessons on how to live in peace through the guidance of Reiki. After her talks, Gyosei of the Meiji Emperor are recited. Then Kenyoku, Joshin-kokyu, Gassho, and Seishin-to-itsu are performed. Next all the participating members receive Reiju, (attunement) which is given by Koyama Sensei and a Shihan, who is appointed each time by Koyama Sensei. After Reiju, the Five Precepts are recited three times, followed by Reij i; then there is a question and answer session, Reiki-mawashi, and finally Shuchu-Reiki.

William: Did you receive any special training from Mrs. Koyama?

Doi Sensei: Koyama Sensei used to say, “Reiki is the light of love,” and that it is important to give hands-on treatments with one’s heart wishing to be helpful to many people. I had an opportunity to receive hands-on treatments from Koyama Sensei several times. The treatments were carefully and comfortably done. She used to tell me often, “Look, this is Hibiki.” Being able to sense Byosen (Hibiki) is the very basis of traditional Reiki Ryoho.

William: Can you please explain Hibiki.

Doi Sensei: When there is a life energy block or a disturbance in health, there are always minus waves (negative waves) in the causal area. They are called “Byosen” and the technique to sense Byosen in the hands is called “Byosen Reikan Ho”. And “hibiki” is a sensation in your palms when Byosen is detected. These can include a variety of sensations such as heat, cool, painfulness, numbness (tingle) and the like varying from healer to healer. Hibiki occurs at the spot of the cause of the disease, not at the symptom area. For instance, in the case of a headache “hibiki” occurs on the head if the cause lies in the brain, but there will be no “hibiki” on the head if the cause lies in an internal organ.

Also, if there is a cause there will be “hibiki” even before a symptom of the disease appears. Even after a doctor declares “a complete recovery” there is a high probability of relapse while “hibiki” remains. It is necessary to get rid of it (hibiki) in order for a complete recovery to take place.

William: How long did it take to become an Okuden? What were the requirements to graduate to this level? On what date did you become an Okuden?

Doi Sensei: It took me seven years. I received Shoden on October 22, 1993 and officially received Okuden on October 28, 2000. In traditional Reiki Ryoho , basics of Teate-Ryoho (hands-on method) are perfected at the Shoden level. New enrollees are given Shoden after they receive the first Reiju and are then certified at 6 Toh, or 6 th rank, in capability. After this point, their rank is upgraded according to the progress they make in their training. One is certified as 3 Toh, or 3 rd rank, when one successfully completes the foundations of Teate-Ryoho . The abilities to be mastered to attain this rank are sensing Byosen (Hibiki ) exactly, followed by performing Reiji , in which one’s hands are guided and naturally led to Byosen , and finally having it recognized that one’s capabilities of Teate-Ryoho , or radiant Reiki power, have surpassed a certain norm.

Those who are certified at 3 Toh can move on to Okuden if they desire, but without application for the Okuden level the member remains at the Shoden level. As Usui Sensei graded himself at 2 Toh, or 2 nd rank, the highest rank among members is the 3 rd rank. Shinpiden members stay on the same level with Okuden members in terms of their capacity.

William: Can you explain the Okuden level? What did you learn and what skills did you develop?

Doi Sensei: As I mentioned in response to the previous question, Shoden is the level at which one perfects the basic skills of Reiki Ryoho . The treatment or healing at this level is mainly intended for oneself and one’s family members. At the Okuden level the benefits of Reiki are to be shared with many people. When there were 60 branches of the Gakkai offering Reiki Ryoho training to anyone who desired it, it was the Okuden members who were the healers.

Now Reiki Ryoho treatments at the Gakkai are limited to Gakkai members and their families because of medical system regulations. Traditional techniques like osu (pressing), naderu (stroking) and tataku (patting) are no longer practiced for fear that such techniques would be considered massage and no longer conform to laws and regulations. Only techniques of sensing Byosen and hands-on treatment are taught now, though at the Okuden level, the three symbols and mantras are taught in the name of tradition, to be handed down.

The techniques I teach at my seminars or workshops are not those of the current Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai , but chiefly those from the time of Usui Sensei to Wanami Sensei.

William: Can you explain something about the Okuden symbols? Is the Gakkai’sunderstanding of the symbols different than our understanding in the West and canyou explain this?

Doi Sensei: The three symbols, if one is strictly speaking, are different from those used in the West. The symbols used in the West do vary a little from each lineage or school, but they are still not completely deviating and, on the whole, look very much the same as the traditional ones. The traditional symbols differ slightly in shape, though we may call them different from those of the West.

The symbols are effective tools in Reiki and, in my opinion, have two roles. The first role is to connect the practitioner to the special frequency of Reiki waves specific to each symbol. The second use of the symbols is to alter the length of the waves according to the practitioner’s purpose or purposes so that the higher waves of Reiki can be utilized on earth. For instance, the first symbol is used like a transformer when more Reiki “power” is needed. Moreover, the more people use the symbol, the more effective it becomes, due to the accumulation of collective consciousness. I think that the symbols, because they are easy to use and because of their effectiveness, greatly help in the spread of Reiki.

However, Usui Sensei said, “You will find for yourself that you have no need of the symbols after you have used them again and again and again,” and you will soon “uplift your consciousness to become one with the universe.” So even though the symbols are tools to connect with Reiki, their necessity will no longer exist when everything in your daily life comes to resonate with Reiki.

I compare the symbols to a rubber swimming tube used when one first learns to swim. The tube is a very helpful tool for a beginner, but one needs to let go of it to become good at swimming. Up to the point at which one no longer needs them, the symbols, like the rubber tube, should be used with care. But if one believes that one’s abilities are owing to the tool, one will not be able to let go of it. The basis of the symbol is the same all over the world, though some differences between the symbols themselves can be found; in the same way that rubber swimming tubes vary a little in their design, if not their purpose.

William: Is there anything interesting about the Gakkai and its teachings that you thinkimportant for us in the West to know?

Doi Sensei: It seems there are rumors that the Gakkai is exclusive and reluctant to accept people, that those who have learned Western Reiki will be excluded, or that foreign people in particular are excluded. If these rumors were true I may well have already been expelled from the Gakkai myself. I have never concealed the fact of my having learned Western Reiki and Shinpiden and Okuden practitioners from the Gakkai freely come and join my Reiki Gathering.

On the other hand, it is true that there are some among the senior members who are not happy with my activities outside the Gakkai . This kind of thing happens everywhere. I believe that all I need to do is just do my part. I heard that a foreign lady once met with Koyama Sensei just before leaving Japan, and that she was very moved to hear Koyama Sensei say, “You could be a member and learn if you would stay here longer.” Koyama Sensei was very thoughtful and all embracing, and I think because she was so, she had no intention to exclude people.

Yet it is true that the Gakkai has shrunken in size and has not established a system to enroll many new members. This is because Koyama Sensei, having assumed office as the first female president at the time of turmoil after the war, was very busy struggling to preserve the light of tradition that was, at many points in time, on the edge of ruin, as people showed no interest in Reiki. This may have resulted in the Gakkai appearing to be exclusive from an outside point of view .

At the New Year meeting at the Gakkai Head Office in January of 2001, Mr. Kondo, the president, asked me to tell to him and the other Shihan (teachers) about the state of Reiki in the West. They all expressed a strong interest. I proposed that the Gakkai could offer information on a Gakkai website. But they were not ready for that, and the proposal was declined.

Later, I asked for a message from the president to be delivered at the URRI Spain 2001 meeting, but in vain. However, Kondo Sensei does say to the members whenever he has an opportunity, “Let’s uplift ourselves so that we do not feel ashamed in the face of Reiki people in the West.”

On a New Year’s greeting card from Kondo Sensei this year he wrote, “I feel happy to learn that Reiki is being globally recognized.” Usui Sensei voiced this wish for the future: “I’d like to share a joy in common with many people by teaching them Reiki Ryoho.” I believe that wish will be realized, and that everybody will be able to touch Usui Sensei’s energy.

William: What role did Hayashi Sensei play in the Gakkai?

Doi Sensei: It is said that Hayashi Chujiro Sensei was the last Shinpiden disciple certified by Usui Sensei and was Shihan . At the time a Shinpiden disciple was supposed to engage in the spread of Reiki Ryoho and in Reiki treatments at the Gakkai head office or to open branch offices and engage in Reiki activities. Usui Sensei assigned a task to Hayashi Sensei, who was a naval doctor, to open a Reiki clinic apart from the Gakkai activities, in order to study and promote the efficacy of Reiki Ryoho from a medical doctor’s point of view. Of course, it was intended for the results to feed back to the Gakkai .

William: I understand that he broke away from the Gakkai to form his own school. Can youtell us why he did this?

Doi Sensei:Hayashi Reiki Kenkyu Kai is said to have started at the time Hayashi Sensei opened the clinic, not at the time he left the Gakkai. The role of Hayashi Sensei was “to cure many of the sick by means of Reiki treatments,” and “to study to improve the efficacy of Reiki Ryoho through treatments.” His clinic’s purpose was to accomplish this former goal and the latter one resulted in the organization of Hayashi Reiki Kenkyu Kai. Neither of these activities was part of the Gakkai, but was set up through Usui Sensei, though both seemed to have been initiated with the full support of the Gakkai.

It was after Usui Sensei’s transition, or death, that Hayashi Sensei became independent as Hayashi Reiki Kenkyu Kai and left the Gakkai. Supposedly, there were differences of opinion between then President Ushida and Hayashi Sensei. It appears that a policy allowing Hayashi Sensei to study freely was changed. Hayashi Sensei, after having become independent as Hayashi Reiki Kenkyu Kai, respected Usui Sensei and kept handing down Usui Sensei’s teachings and the name of Usui Reiki Ryoho to people. He did this by practicing Reiki treatments and teaching classes with a scroll hanging in the front of the room, written by Hayashi Sensei himself, bearing the Five Precepts--Usui Mikao Sensei Ikun Gokai— an admonition of the late Usui Mikao Sensei. The same three-level system as the Gakkai, with Shoden, Okuden, and Shinpiden levels, was adopted. Certificates issued are under the name of Hayashi Reiki Kenkyu Kai, but they carry the name Shinshin Kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho or Mind/Body Improvement Usui Reiki Ryoho, to signify that Usui Reiki Ryoho is instructed.

William: How did Dr.Hayashi’s style of Reiki change after he left the Gakkai?

Doi Sensei: It is not that his style changed when he left the Gakkai , but that a new style was developed from the beginning of his Kenkyu Kai .

A recipient, except a seriously ill person, was to sit when receiving treatment; this sitting position was changed to a lying position on a table.

A treatment method was changed from one-on-one to several-on-one.

These are the most outstanding features of the change, but the following changes are also recognized:

An original hands-on position was developed and the new Reiki Ryoho Shinshin or “Guidelines for Reiki Healing Method” were created.

A new system of conferring and passing on Reiki Ryoho was established, and a monthly five-day workshop was held at which Okuden was given.

While the at Gakkai, the navel and the Tanden were considered important, the energy centers like the meridian lines of acupuncture, Tsubo, or vital points, and charka, etc. became important.

William: Were there any other members who broke away from the Gakkai and started theirown schools of Reiki similar to what Dr. Hayashi did?

Doi Sensei: It’s said that at the time of Mr. Ushida’s presidency many members broke away. The following two are well known:

Mr. Eguchi Toshihiro learned Reiki Ryoho from 1925 to 1927. Critical of the Gakkai, he became independent, and set up Tenohira Ryochi Kenkyu Kai. Well known among his students were Mr. Eguchi Yasukiyo, Mr. Mitsui Koshi, and Mr. Miyazaki Goro. It is estimated that there were 500,000 students under him.

Mr. Tomita Kaiji learned Reiki Ryoho from around 1925 and set up Teate Ryoho Kai after Usui Sensei’s death. He propagated Tomita-ryu Teate Ryoho. There were four levels: Shoden, Chuden, Okuden, and Kaiden. Each level was to be completed in five days with two hours’ training each day, but fifteen days were required to complete Kaiden. Famous among his students was Mr. Asuke Jiro. It’s estimated that there were over 200,000 students.

Besides the two people mentioned above, it’s said that there were several people who established new organizations or became religious men, but this is denied by each organization involved. Only Hayashi Sensei kept handing down the name of Usui Reiki Ryoho in respect for Usui Sensei, even after he had broken away from the Gakkai.

William: Can you explain Gendai Reiki and why you decided to create it?

Doi Sensei:Gendai Reiki Ho, or Gendai Reiki, based on Usui Sensei’s philosophy and the rationality of Western Reiki, is designed to be easily practiced in daily life and with maximum benefits. It is not “a new Reiki Ryoho”, nor is it “a new Reiki lineage”, but it is “the new method to practice Reiki Ryoho”, which I’ve been practicing for myself and of which I have been enjoying the benefits all of the time.

William: How did you create Gendai Reiki Ho?

Doi Sensei: I learned Western Reiki and acknowledged that it is highly effective. Later, I was initiated into Reiki by Koyama Sensei, president of the Gakkai , and I really felt the lofty spirituality handed down from Usui Sensei. Since then, I came by valuable materials and information about Reiki. I sorted and structured them with a focus on “mind/body healing” and “spiritual growth” so that I could benefit from it myself. That is what is called Gendai Reiki Ho . At first I was practicing it alone, but my friend who had become aware of a change in me asked that I hold a seminar for three therapists. That was the impetus for spreading it to people who were drawn to me. We have been striving together to grow ever since.

*The purpose of the technique of Gendai Reiki Ho is to complete a receiving set of Reiki.

Usui Sensei said, “Reiki is Ki (energy) and Light that fills the universe.” Reiki are waves of light that lead all to harmony, and fill the space all around us. In order to receive Reiki, it is necessary that a receiving set is completed. The techniques of Gendai Reiki Ho are those of “self-purification and self-development’ that aim at resonance with Reiki waves all of the time, with no consciousness required after completion of a receiving set, but with lots of conscious practices of the techniques.

It is not their purpose merely to be learned and used.

The basic points of Gendai Reiki Ho

Gendai Reiki Ho was structured based on the following four premises

1. “Mind/body healing” and “spiritual growth” are the key words. These are techniques that allow one to live life abundantly.

2. Effectiveness is stressed. Dogmatism, prejudice and secrecy should be avoided. Secret, mystery and miracle are not advocated.

3. Effective techniques that promote characteristics of Reiki should be adopted. The purpose and reason should be clarified.

4. Techniques should be simplified, standardized and easily used. Use in daily life comes first.

William: Is Gendai Reiki considered to be Japanese Reiki or is it a combination of Japanese and Western Reiki?

Doi Sensei: Gendai Reiki Ryoho can be considered to be Japanese Reiki seen from the perspective of “the energy”, but seen from that of “the use” it is a combination of Japanese and Western. However, from a standpoint of efficacy for “mind/body healing” and “spiritual growth”, the techniques are adopted not only from Japanese Reiki or Western Reiki, but also from other than Reiki Ryoho. In Japan Gendai Reiki is being understood that it is a simplified Japanese Reiki for modern people with an addition of rationality (practicality) of Western Reiki.

© Copyright 2003-2011 William Lee Rand
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Honoring All Reiki Schools and Lineages 

The Reiki News Magazine is a 80-page full color glossy magazine containing articles on every aspect of Reiki practice written by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced Reiki people on the planet. Below is a synopsis of the current issue.

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Summer Issue

Welcome . . .
to the Summer issue of the Reiki News Magazine. Our purpose in publishing the magazine is to provide you with inspiration as well as new ideas and techniques so your practice of Reiki can be more fulfilling and beneficial - to you as well as those you treat. By calling on Reiki to guide this process and by continually searching for the very best writers and giving them the freedom and encouragement to produce their best work, we remain focused on fulfilling that purpose. Check the amazing list of articles below. This issue is both exciting and practical!

Here is a list of the articles in this issue:

Cooking with Reiki
by Elly Phillips

Reiki rules in Elly's kitchen. From the pictures on the walls to the ingredients in the cupboards, everything is chosen and prepared with the blessings of Reiki. Read about the many ways you can improve the food you make and serve to your family and friends by adding Reiki.

The Color of Reiki
by Colleen Benelli

Reiki and colors just naturally seemed to go together for Colleen very early in her Reiki practice. In this article, Colleen explains how she uses Reiki and color to show her what’s out of balance in the client as well as an agent to facilitate healing.

Reiki and Breast Cancer
by Raven Keyes

New York's Columbia University Medical Center is the site of a study on the effects of complementary and alternative medicine on breast cancer patients. Raven shares some of her experiences providing Reiki to these patients and explains the value it provides.

Japanese Reiki Techniques
by William Lee Rand

In this article, William describes the origins of the Japanese Reiki Techniques, beginning with a fresh look at the history of Reiki, followed by a detailed description of the more important techniques.

Reiki at an Animal Sanctuary
by Kathleen Prasad

Teaching Reiki at a sanctuary for exotic wildlife gives both the teacher and her students the opportunity to see how animals experience the healing power of Reiki.

Reiki for People and Pets
by Nancy Kida

Giving Reiki at a dog kennel, Nancy discovered that animals are naturally drawn to Reiki, making it easy to work with them. In this article she describes how Reiki can make an important difference in the lives of these loyal and loving creatures.

Practicing Reiki with Children
by Deb Karpek

Working with Reiki and children can be a satisfying experience. Children have a natural understanding of Reiki and their response to it is often immediate. Deb describes a few of her experiences sharing Reiki with children.

Transforming Competition into Cooperation
by Janis Alber Groppi

Reiki practitioners are not immune to the fear of competition and in this article Janis shares how to use the Law of Abundance and the Law of Attraction to turn a no-win competitive mindset into a win-win for everyone.

Bringing Reiki Home
by Eileen Dey, M.A., LMHC

Eileen offers fresh insights into how the Boomer generation can bridge the gap that may
exist with their parents so they can gently and successfully bring Reiki into their lives.

The Gift of Touch
by Natalia Pisetskaya

Like a nutrient, human touch is a necessary part of staying healthy. Natalia explains how receiving Reiki sessions not only helps us understand what Reiki is, but also fulfills this important human need.

Asking Reiki
by Deb Karpek

By developing a stronger rapport with the Reiki energy, we can tune into its consciousness and receive guidance as well as answers to our questions.

Reiki Stories

This is an exciting and valuable issue that will supply you with entertainment as well as quality information and instruction. If you have any suggestions on how the magazine could be improved, I'd be very happy to hear them.

The world is a wonderful place, filled with continual changes which bring with them a never ending supply of opportunities. May you grow in the ability to allow the wisdom of Reiki to guide how you create your life.

Love and peace to you and the world.

Reiki News Magazine
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Reiki Stories

Some of My Reiki Experiences
In 1994, I was introduced to the wonderful energy of Reiki. I was impressed with my personal experience when receiving Reiki, which then lead me to pursue my study and education in the same. I received the Master Level in 1996.

My entire life changed— professionally, spiritually, and personally. To this day the overall experience has left me in wonder of the major life transition that has led me to where I am today. Before then, I worked in corporate America, but I ended up quitting my job, and began to paint angels and spiritual subject matter professionally.

I opened my office and clinic in 1997, and met and trained under Louise L. Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life . She then published my book, Angels, Guardian's of the Light , a collection of my angel art and philosophies.

My education continued onward in order to became a non-denominational minister. The energy continues to manifest forward, as I continue to teach Reiki within the public school systems and in hospitals, training nurses in Reiki. I am honored to be on staff at a local hospital administering Reiki to patients as well.

The following are a few of the many stories inspired by personal clients.

Inge was diagnosed with a severe medical condition called Guillian-Barre syndrome, which is an acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. Her physicians at Stanford Medical Center told her that she would probably not walk again, and be confined to a wheel chair for an indefinite period of time. When she came to me asking for help, she had lost a considerable amount of weight, was losing her hair, and was very weak, yet she was willing and accepting of having Reiki to assist with her goal to be healed. I gave her Reiki twice a week for a period of three months, and within six months she was walking on her own, completely healed. Her doctors were at a loss as to how quickly she had recovered. She is now living a happy, healthy life.

Katelyn was a small child of five when I first treated her. I received a call from her grandmother one evening telling me that her granddaughter had been struck by a car leaving her in a coma. Her grandmother was requesting Reiki for her. She had been placed in ICU at Children's Hospital in Oakland,California, hooked up to respirators and monitors. Once cleared by medical staff, I was very careful of my hand placement, gently speaking to her during the session, knowing in my heart that she could hear me on some level.

I reminded her that her birthday party was coming soon, encouraging her to be well and happy for her special day. I worked on her for a period of 45 minutes, closely observed. After I finished, her nurse approached me with questioning eyes informing me that Katelyn had been breathing on her own while being given Reiki. Katelyn is now well into her teens, living a healthy life.

Anne, a female client, was experiencing edema, a dramatic swelling, in her ankles. Within a one- hour session, the swelling had diminished completely. Amazing.

I take no personal credit, or let my ego become involved regarding any of the above sessions or healings other than being a vessel for Reiki energy to flow through. This is a blessing within itself: knowing that we, as Reiki healers, have the capability of extending divine energy through ourselves and on to others. I am pleased that Reiki has become so widely accepted in the field of alternative healing, which often no longer needs a complicated explanation of what it is. I believe that Reiki heals the whole person— body, mind, and spirit. Namaste. — Rev. Karen Haughey

Reiki and Ulcerative Colitis
I’ve been in remission from ulcerative colitis for three beautiful months! It’s surprising to say these words out loud since the condition began in 1998. I never imagined Reiki would improve and stabilize my condition.

Researching ulcerative colitis guided me to many articles and books with suggestions of how to control abdominal pain, bleeding, bloating, gas, diarrhea, nausea, and fatigue, but even with these suggestions, my health never improved.

I read an article in Reiki News Magazine while at a chiropractic appointment. I was emotionally moved by the story, and I thought to myself, "it would be lovely to experience the healing of my own condition similarly to the lady in the article." I decided to book my first Reiki appointment in September 2008. The journey to control my ulcerative colitis was about to begin.

My expectations were limitless when I entered the practitioner’s room for my Reiki session. The emotional release I experienced during and after the Reiki was indescribable. Reiki awakened my inner self. I looked deep down inside of me and asked questions that had troubled me for many years. Why am I sad? Why am I blaming others for situations that happened in the past? Why don’t I stand up for myself and take the steps I need to achieve my goals or my soul purpose? Overall, I learned that the lack of compassion from my family since childhood helped me to be patient and caring toward others. I didn’t have the opportunity to enrich my education the way I had hoped, and I had to work at a young age to cloth myself and pay rent at home. These experiences gave me strength to face life’s challenges.

As I continued my Reiki sessions, my Reiki practitioner taught me how to ground myself, how to meditate, and how to shield myself from people who constantly unleashed their unpleasant energy in my direction. My intentions were to exercise regularly, eat healthier, and to accept and deal with daily challenges, positively.

My husband and children noticed my happier disposition. I became more energetic, my motivation and confidence increased, and my ulcerative colitis flare-ups were less frequent. I was jogging regularly, attending Yoga classes, and eating a proper diet, omitting pork, beef, and sweets by choice.

My next intention was to increase my Reiki knowledge. I sought to learn how to self-heal and heal others. Six months after my first session, I completed Reiki I. I taught myself the benefits of using crystals while meditating—during Reiki sessions with a practitioner and during self-healing. The lessening of my flare-ups extended by three – six months, and my medication dosage during that time became minimal.

In the first quarter of 2010, I completed Reiki II and Reiki ART. I did self-healing regularly and began to give Reiki to my willing husband and children, ages seven and nine.

Two years after my journey began, I completed the Reiki Master/Teacher certification. I slowly decreased my medication dosage and am currently drug-free. I’ve been in remission from ulcerative colitis for three beautiful months, and I’ve never been happier, healthier, or feeling more at peace in my life.

I’m practicing Reiki on friends and family members while preparing to begin a Reiki business, and writing children’s books. I’ll embrace whatever unfolds during my Reiki journey with open, loving arms and enjoy my new life’s path. —Denise Walker

Reiki and Intuition
I’d like to share a story of something that happened yesterday about Reiki and intuition. Since working with Reiki, I’ve noticed I’ve had heightened intuition, that Reiki “shows up and guides me” exactly when I need it to. I do believe this is one great example!

Yesterday I was getting ready to go to an appointment. I had just finished teaching a Reiki Level I class and was really in the flow of Reiki. I was feeling great. I love turning on the Reiki newbies to Reiki. The class left, and I was gathering my things to go to the appointment. I went out to my car to put my appointment book inside so I would not forget it. My car, in the garage, was locked, which is odd. I put the book on top of the hood and went back into the house to get my keys so I could open the car and put my planner on the car seat. Once I got inside my condo, I was distracted and never went back out to the car until it was time to leave. Then I got inside the car and drove away. I had the distinct feeling that I was forgetting something, but I was in a hurry and ignored it. It wasn’t until I got to my appointment and reached over to the passenger side to get my planner that I realized what I had done. I had driven away with my planner on the roof of my car! Oh no! My planner has the dates of all my Reiki appointments, booked a month or two out, my class dates and names of the students, and cash and checks from the current week’s sessions. Everything. My whole life! I got out of the car and felt shell-shocked. I just stood there picturing my planner pages and money flying down the street, scattered everywhere. I began to feel hysterical and then just stopped and gave myself Reiki. Right there on the sidewalk, in the middle of a busy street. I put both of my hands on my heart, sent HSZSN to the situation, and asked that it be resolved for my best and highest good. I also gave myself a hefty dose of SHK to quell the mounting hysteria. Then I went into the office where I had the appointment.

I felt strangely calm and a feeling came over me immediately that everything would be okay, no matter what. I KNEW the planner would be found, and it would be intact. I no longer felt panicked. I sat for a while and then was “guided” to call a neighbor. I asked the receptionist for a phone book, got my neighbor’s number, and called her. What is odd about this is that I do not know this neighbor. I live in a condo and have many neighbors. This neighbor lives in another building and in the 16 years I’ve lived here, we’ve never spoken. We’ve waved, and we know of each other, but we’ve never made contact. However I knew I needed to call her.

She answered her phone and I identified myself, hoping she would recognize my name. Right away she blurted out “I found your planner! It was in the middle of the street, about a block and an half from home.” I was incredulous! She said she stopped her car, got out, looked at the first page, saw my name, and brought it to my home. Because I was not home, she put it in my mailbox, and left a message on my home phone (which was listed in the planner). She said it was intact and not damaged at all. I was so excited I screamed and then cried!

I love how Reiki “guides” me to do things; sends me where I need to go. I believe it helped this entire situation, and it certainly made me feel better. I am so grateful for its powerful, yet gentle presence in my life. Thank you! —Deb Karpek

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