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It is my pleasure to send you the March 2015 edition of our Reiki online newsletter. Clicking on the links in the table of contents takes you directly to each article. To return just click on the "Return to Contents" link at the end of each section. I would enjoy your input so we can make this newsletter even more informative and valuable. Feel free use the input form toward the end of the newsletter to send any comments, questions, information or Reiki Stories that you would like to share with other Reiki people.

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Building Understanding and Cooperation in the Reiki Community
by William Lee Rand

The practice of Reiki has come a long way since Usui Reiki Ryoho was introduced in 1922. After its introduction and development by Usui Sensei, it was further developed at Usui Sensei’s request by his student, Hayashi Sensei, who in turn passed it to Takata Sensei who added her own developments. This resulted in the two main branches of Usui Reiki we have today, the Japanese style based on the teachings of Usui Sensei and Hayashi Sensei and the Western style as taught by Takata Sensei. Takata Sensei trained twenty-two Masters and after her transition in 1980, those Masters along with many others passed Reiki on to people all over the world.

After Takata Sensei’s passing, many variations of Reiki were created resulting in the development of new styles of Usui Reiki as well as new types of Reiki derived from channeled sources.

Having different styles of Reiki to choose from can be seen as beneficial to the practice as it provides greater choice, thus allowing students to study and practice a style that feels most well suited to their temperament, their purpose and their sense of inner guidance. Read More...

If you have any questions about this article, please contact me at

This article appears in the Spring 2015 issue of Reiki News Magazine.

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Reiki Kids are Highly Sensitive
by Maureen Healy

Children are the hands by
which we take hold of heaven.

-Henry Ward Beecher

Our children are being born more sensitive than ever. They hate scratchy clothing, mean words and loud noises. Scientists estimate that between 15–20 % of children today are born with high sensitivity, although my experience tells me that it’s much higher. Of course, the challenge comes when their gentle nature rubs up against our sometimes not-so-sensitive world. So what can they do? Well, you may have guessed it—they can receive and learn Reiki.

How Reiki Helps Sensitivity
Lauren, aged twelve, said: “Reiki helps me feel tired” and that’s true. She had trouble sleeping and feeling relaxed before she got Reiki treatments. Marco, aged nine, told me: “I love helping with Reiki.” Marco is the “go to” person on his block in Los Angeles for fixing headaches and tummy problems. Whether sensitive boys or girls are giving or getting Reiki, they experience growth in very specific and important life skills:

  • Self-Confidence – When sensitive boys and girls participate in giving someone Reiki it shows that they have tangible skills. Whereas some children might demonstrate their skills through a display of their soccer trophies, these children have a crystal collection and Reiki certification to show their attainments . It makes the invisible very visible, so they feel empowered on their path. Receiving Reiki is also a confirmation for them that the power to heal is within all of us.
  • Calmness – Reiki helps sensitive children become calmer, especially when our world feels hectic and overwhelming. As in Lauren’s situation, it’s very practical to use Reiki to help someone sleep or feel more relaxed in high-stress situations (i.e. test-taking, performing, sporting events).
  • Centeredness – Sensitive children feel more deeply and are quick to respond. So by building up a practice of Reiki (receiving or giving), they learn how to access their center and take a “sacred pause” before acting. Emma told me, “I love Reiki. It helps me feel OK when I used to cry,” and I couldn’t have said it better.
  • Connection (to self and others) – Connecting with others in the Reiki world empowers sensitive children and helps them find their way. Althea, aged thirteen, told me: “I love, love, love coming to your classes and making new friends.” I teach a Reiki class at which a large group of intuitive kids come together, and they always laugh as well as make friends (it’s that birds of a feather idea).
  • Spirituality – Sensitive boys and girls tend to believe in something greater whether it’s God or Nature. By becoming familiar with Reiki, they can begin to rely on the fact that “something greater” is in and around their lives helping them. One of my students, Noah, said: “God is in these crystals” and then we put Reiki into the crystals. It is the beginning of a spiritual practice.

On the Path
Highly sensitive children are learning how to become strong from the inside out, and Reiki helps them on their way. Of course, it isn’t the only way to help these intuitive and perceptive children, but it does strengthen their growing sense of self-confidence and resilience and ultimately, their ability to create true happiness.

Maureen may be contacted at or

This article appears in the Spring 2015 issue of Reiki News Magazine.

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Reiki Classes Glastonbury/Stonehenge 2015

All classes include Holy Fire Reiki

ART/Master - May 18-22, 2015
ART/Master - May 25-29, 2015
Karuna Reiki® - June 1-5, 2015

The main attunement for all classes will
take place inside the circle at Stonehenge.

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Seven Day
Inward Bound Karuna Reiki®
Training on Maui

August 10-16, 2015
Class runs 8:30am - 6:30pm on August 10
9:00am - 6:30pm on all other days
Hana, Maui, Hawaii

Training requirement
ART/Master for a minimum of 6 months.

William Lee Rand

Assistant Facilitator
Colleen Benelli

As we explore the natural world and discover beauty and
power in sacred places, so too will we explore the inner
world and discover beauty and power within ourselves.

Find out more about this 7 day training

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International Reiki Conference

ARC would like to offer a special discounted price of AU$585 to Members of the International Center for Reiki Training and to Their Students (Full price tickets are AU$650). Download Booking Form.

Book to attend the Conference as a delegate by downloading the booking form, print both pages, then fill in your details.

The completed form can be sent by email to: or by fax to +61 3 9752 0070.

Payment of the AUD$150 booking deposit must be made at the time of booking with the balance of the registration fee to be paid in full on or before 30th June 2015.

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Interview With Hiroshi Doi Sensei Part II
by William Lee Rand

This is Part II of an important interview. A few of the topics covered by Doi Sensei include how Usui Sensei and the Gakkai teach Reiki. He also discusses the spiritual purpose Usui Sensei intended for Reiki and indicates that the Gakkai do not have a master symbol, just the 3 symbols of Reiki II. (These topics are covered in Part I and Part II.

Hiroshi Doi Sensei, a Gendai Ho Reiki Master who resides in Ashiya City, Japan, is a leading authority on the practice of Usui Reiki. His membership in the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai places him in a unique position to access information about the style of Reiki developed and practiced by Usui Sensei. The Gakkai was the original organization started by Usui Sensei and the first four presidents of the organization through 1975 had received their Reiki training from him. Hiroshi Doi Sensei’s access to the Shinpi-den members of the Gakkai including the two most recent presidents along with access to Gakkai archives gives him an authentic source of information. His devotion to Reiki and to researching and preserving the historical facts of its practice make him a valuable resource to the Reiki community. He has also developed a system of Reiki called Gendai Reiki Ho and authored a book, Iyashino Gendai Reiki Ho, A Modern Reiki Method of Healing. This book was first published in Japan in 1998 and in Canada in 2000, but it has been out of print for almost 10 years. Now a revised version has recently been published. This interview will focus on this book and especially on the new information that has been included. This is the second part of a two part interview. (Part I) The answers for this interview were translated from Japanese by Fumi Koji.

WLR: What is the most important part of the Usui Reiki training?

HDS: After the first Reiju opens the Reiki “circuit” inside, we Reiki practitioners must strive to cleanse it to raise the quality and quantity of the energy that flows in the circuit. Also we must always keep the Kokoro (spirit or heart) in peace, being careful not to mix in negative energies, such as anger or fear.

The Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai puts special emphasis on the above, explaining in their terms: “To develop the pipe of Reiki.” For this purpose, the Gakkai encourages its members to attend 修養会 Shuyo-kai, now called 研究会 Kenkyu-kai (class), to receive Reiju as many times as possible, to exercise Hatsurei-ho (the exercise to accelerate Reiki flow), to consider the Gyosei (waka poems) of Emperor Meiji as food for Kokoro and to uphold Go-kai (the Five Reiki Principles).

Gendai Reiki Ho explains it this way: “To enhance the resonance of inner Reiki with the Universal Reiki.” The practice of healing allows us to develop the pipe of Reiki, and it raises the purity of Reiki within us. The purer internal Reiki we have, the more resonance with the Universe we have. In this way, we get close to the complete oneness with the Universe. I believe this is the most important factor of Reiki practice.

WLR: What is the most important technique or skill to develop in Usui Reiki?

HDS: In 伝統霊気 Dento Reiki (based on the teachings of the Usui Reiki Ryo-ho Gakkai), after one has the Reiki circuit open and also continues to strive to raise the quantity and quality of the Reiki energy one is able to channel, it is important to learn how to use the Reiki energy. The most important skill in this respect is knowing where to place one’s hands so one can provide an effective Reiki session. 病霊感法 Byosen Reikan-ho and 霊示法 Reiji-ho are the skills used to do this and are taught by the Gakkai on the first day of training. They are taught first because they are the most important and also because they take the most time in which to develop adequate skill.

Byosen is the negative energy that comes from an illness or area of distress in the client. It is detected by using the sensitivity in the hands. With ones hands in gassho one says prayers of gratitude for the healing that is about to take place and asks to be shown those areas in need of healing. Then the practitioner slowly moves the palm of the hand above the body of the client while paying attention to the sensations on the palm of the hand. When the practitioner detects a Hibiki (disturbance) on the palm of the hand, which is caused by byosen, the practitioner will begin to treat the area with Reiki. Reiji-ho uses one’s Reiki guided intuition to know where to place the hands. It is done by placing ones hands into gassho and saying prayers of gratitude for the healing that is about to take place, and then asking to be directly shown where to place one’s hands intuitively. This knowledge then enters the mind and the practitioner follows this guidance and places the hand on or over the area to be treated.

WLR: In the Gakkai, what is the usual length of time that a student takes to complete Sho-den and each of the levels of Oku-den?

HDS: It took me 10 years to complete as I was too busy at that time to attend Kenkyu-kai very often. There is no standard time duration since how long it takes depends on the development of a person’s healing ability. The Gakkai says that some take only five years and some take more than 20 years. There were 21 who were learning Shinpi-den from Usui Sensei at the time of his passing. As Usui Sensei lived for only four years after he started the Gakkai, it is assumed that his students might have taken about two or three years to learn Sho-den, Oku-den Zenki and Oku-den Koki. Compared with those outstandingly advanced people, it is reasonable that general practitioners now need more time.

WLR: How do the Shinpi-den teachers determine when a student has completed the Usui Reiki training and is ready to receive his or her certificate?

HDS: Which Shihan instructs a class changes depending on the day, and the students can choose freely whose training to take. All the Shihans know the ability of the students who earnestly choose to come to Kenkyu-kai and training sessions. The student’s ability is carefully checked when he or she is willing to go on from Sho-den to Oku-den level. 師範会 Shihan-kai, a meeting attended by Shihans only, is held several times a year to discuss the competence of the student(s). The Shihans must all be in agreement in order to declare that a student has completed the training. It is voted down even if only one Shihan disagrees. If they all agree on the choice of a particular student, they issue the certificate, which is signed by the president.

WLR: Did Usui Sensei include any additional training for the use of Reiki as a healing method in the Shinpi-den level or was the content only about spiritual development?

HDS: When a member finishes Oku-den Koki, the Gakkai issues a certificate that acknowledges that he/she has completely fulfilled the healing ability requirements of Usui Reiki Ryoho. There was even a time when the Gakkai issued the equivalent of a special certificate to be able to charge for healing sessions.

Usui Sensei did not give additional healing trainings but I heard that he often taught classes about a Shihan’s mental attitude in order to improve one’s teaching methods when teaching about healing to the members. Though his one-on-one Shinpi-den lecture did not include healing training, I also heard that Usui Sensei’s mentorship greatly enhanced the healing ability of many of the Shinpi-den practitioners, as it strengthened their resonance with the Universe and encouraged the awareness that a human is the small universe derived from the Great Universe.

WLR: You mention that you developed Gendai Reiki as a system of healing for your own personal use and then when people commented on how much healthier you looked you decided to teach it to others. Could please you comment on how this developed?

HDS: I am familiar with 座禅 Zazen (seated Zen meditation) and therefore even early on, the invisible world was quite natural for me to understand. After finishing school, I worked for a national telephone company and moved to one of the biggest automobile companies after 12 years. And after that I changed jobs often. I was very short-tempered when I was young. When things did not turn out to be what I had expected, I became furious and at the same time I was disturbed by fear. I was on a roller coaster ride of emotion. I even lost a chance to join a company that had just accepted me under advantageous conditions as I had a tussle with the new boss at the welcome party for me.

At a certain point in my life, I became interested in healing because my best friend was suffering from an incurable disease. I learned more than 30 types of healing methods and one of them was Reiki. I first learned Western Reiki, and had a gut feeling that this was what I had wanted to find. People said that the traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho and the Gakkai were gone. But I knew otherwise, since I happened to know of the existence of the Gakkai. I joined them through an old member. In October 1993, the sixth president, Kimiko Koyama Sensei, gave me my first Reiju at the Kyoto branch, and I could not stop the tears that came because of a kind of homecoming feeling that went through me. As I continued to practice Reiki, I realized that a peaceful mind state was gradually returning, and I expected that my episodes of short-temper would soon lessen. Around this time, valuable information of Usui Sensei’s times came to me quite naturally through conversations with my acquaintances [in the Gakkai]. I sorted this information out to construct an effective and practical Reiki system to continue to improve myself. Gendai means modern; Gendai Reiki Ho is the way to practice Reiki for modern people. I have kept developing it to be a more effective system according to my studies and trials. I developed Gendai Reiki Ho in order to improve myself, and my short temper completely disappeared without my even realizing it. Then people who noticed my change asked me to teach them. In this way, it has become popular quite naturally.

WLR: In Gendai Reiki the Reiju or attunements are not the same as that given by Usui Sensei or the Gakkai. Please explain how you developed this attunement method and why you chose to do so.

HDS: Gendai Reiki Ho’s attunements are based on Neo Reiki in the lineage of Osho Reiki, which included fairly accurate information about Dento Reiki. I think its attunement method is simpler and more effective than any other of the Reiki methods.

Gendai-Reiju is an original Reiju method that quickly attunes one to the Reiki wavelength. It is a different method from that of Dento Reiki today. Around the time of the Gakkai’s establishment, Usui Sensei, using his wisdom and ingenuity, modified the Reiju methods many times to make them more effective. Gendai-Reiju is based on one of the earlier methods he developed.

WLR: In your Gendai Reiki Master Reiju you use the Master DKM symbol, even though it isn’t used by the Gakkai nor was it used in Dento Reiki. Could you please explain why you have chosen to do this and the value of doing so.

HDS: The Gendai Reiki Ho Master attunement integrates all four symbols to produce a new Reiki Master. Most Western Reiki schools attune students to the three symbols in the second level and the fourth symbol in the third or Master level. I refer to this as “setting” the symbols in the practitioner’s energy body. Those symbols can sometimes be set without balancing each other. When the four symbols are set properly, the practitioner can use each one without any trouble. But when some of these symbols do not balance each other, the effect isn’t as great as could be expected from their combined use. I know from my experience that about 60% of Master students have the four symbols in good balance. In these cases, the Gendai Reiki Ho Master attunement has no effect one way or the other. However, in the case of the other 40%, when the four symbols are not balanced amongst themselves, this attunement provides that balance, and it will remain permanently. The purpose of this integrating attunement is to produce a new Master with balance among the four symbols.

WLR: What do you see as the future of your work with Reiki?

HDS: I will turn 80 November 2, 2015, so I am not going out of my way to advertise my seminar; however I am pleased to continue to support Reiki practitioners while I still have my health and my mission. My main activity is to be advisory support for the Gendai Reiki Network (GRN), which is a non-profit organization that is managed voluntarily by a group of Gendai Reiki practitioners, my fellow classmates of Light. The GRN provides all of us with opportunities to teach and learn from each other as well as to promote Reiki in the right way. GRN offers free healing sessions and hosts Koryu-kai that anyone can attend in major cities throughout Japan. It also organizes a Reiki retreat and 研鑽会 Kensan-kai (study meeting) and works cooperatively with a physician in studying medical evidence of Reiki treatments.

The international network of Gendai Reiki has been sprouting up in many countries, growing with the GRN to exchange deep friendships. This movement has increased since the five-day event in Kyoto on March 2012, with many Gendai Reiki practitioners attending from abroad. In March 2014, we had 交流会 Koryu-kai (gathering/sharing) in Kyoto with Spanish- and English-speaking practitioners. When foreign practitioners visit Japan to join the GRN events, I arrange the Master Special Course to help them develop a clear understanding of Reiki. I expect to have more chances to bring foreign practitioners to Japan to share in new friendships and exchanges with Japanese practitioners.

If you have any questions about this article, please contact me at

This article appeared in the Winter 2014 issue of Reiki News Magazine.

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Iyashi Gendai Reiki Ho
A Modern Reiki Method for Healing

Iyashi Gendai Reiki Ho was the first book written by a Japanese Reiki Master that was translated and published in English. The author, Hiroshi Doi Sensei is a member of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, the organization Usui Sensei started to preserve and teach his Reiki healing method. It is from his association with the Gakkai and his access to their archives that Doi Sensei has written this book.

However, it had been out of print for many years. I had the privilege of working closely with the author as he updated the text to include many important facts that were not in the first edition. Some of this additional information had originally been withheld because of its sensitive nature and will likely be surprising to many readers. I also helped him to refine the translation so that the esoteric concepts would be more comprehensible to the Western mind.

This is an important book that preserves the original concepts and methods taught by Usui Sensei while at the same time offering a practical system of Reiki for modern times.

Special Shipping Rates for Foreign Orders

Click to order or read more

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Holy Fire
by Roberta Campbell Kipling

Roberta Campbell Kipling tells us how you can put a new spark into your Reiki with Holy Fire – or, more accurately, how to take your Reiki up to a new level

Holy Fire is an energy that enables us to heal ourselves and others more effectively and more deeply. It puts a new spark into our Reiki, or, more accurately, it takes our Reiki up to a new level. It bathes us in love and in light, and our clients too. It connects us directly with divine guidance and its blessings are innumerable.

The word ‘Holy’ comes from the same root as the word ‘holistic’ meaning to be whole and complete. It also denotes having a spiritually pure quality. Holy Fire has no association with any religion.

This new energy came into Reiki in January 2014, when William Rand, the President of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) was guided to introduce this new energy into his class. It was immediately recognised as a powerful healing energy. Read More...

This article appears in the March-April 2015 issue Kindred Spirit.

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Reiki Hand Positions for Self-Treatment Video
passes 1/2 million views!

As of February 23, this video had 746,332 views

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Reiki History Updated
Place it on Your Web Site

One of the facts about Reiki is that the practice didn’t start out in the West with an accurate history. There were many discrepancies in the story told by Takata Sensei and there were also difficulties in uncovering accurate information about the history. The difficulties included language, cultural and geographic barriers between Japan and the West as well as the fact Reiki went underground in Japan after World War II making it almost impossible even for the Japanese to learn Reiki.

However, as early as 1991, I began a search for an accurate history of Reiki and over time many discoveries were made. As more accurate information became available, I updated the history of Reiki in Reiki the Healing Touch. Over the last several years facts have emerged that provide important new insight into how Usui Sensei discovered, developed, practiced and taught Reiki. These new facts have come from research done in Japan by Hiroshi Doi, Tadao Yamaguchi, Hyakuten Inamoto and Arjava Petter. In August I completed an update of the history of Reiki which is included in a revised version of Reiki the Healing Touch. However, this new history is now available on the ICRT web site.

You have permission to copy and place this updated history onto your own web site – as long as you do not make any changes and use the whole document. To read the updated history or to place it on your web site click here.

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The Reiki Membership Association

The purpose of the Reiki membership association is to establish a professional image for our members at the same time we assist members in creating a thriving Reiki practice. I’ve focused my 20+ years experience teaching and practicing Reiki into this purpose and have created a set of membership benefits based on what I know produce results. Please see the list of benefits below and also go to

  • Standards of Practice
  • Code of Ethics
  • Advertise your Practice. Members average 1-3 referrals/mo.
  • Personalized Reiki Brochure
  • Membership Certificate
  • Online Database for your Classes and Students
  • Online Personalized Student CertificatesReiki Share Page
  • Social Networking Page for Members
  • Reiki Insurance
  • Step by Step Guidelines on How to Develop Your Reiki Practice

There are currently 2454 members.

Membership is for US, Canada and most of the countries around the world.

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New Reiki Grid
Using the World Peace Crystal Grid

Laminated 14 1/4" x 14 1/4" North Pole
Peace Grid Print with instructions.

Use this picture to create a Reiki Grid which will send Reiki continuously to all those who's names or photos you place in the grid. The grid is created by placing crystals over the ones in the photo and having a Master crystal to charge the grid.

Click to order or read more

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Reiki Appreciation Cards
Special Introductory Price $12.95 $9.95

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A deck of 54 cards with 10 different appreciations and photos.
Give them to those you appreciate. The card encourages
those who receive them to pass the card on to others.

10 Appreciation Card Statements

You are loved.

I appreciate you.

You are an inspiration.

You are a wonderful person.

Continue to follow your heart.

I appreciate who you have become.

The world needs more people like you.

You are a blessing to those around you.

You are doing the right thing; keep going.

You make a difference in people’s
lives and are loved by them.

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Center for Reiki Research
by William Lee Rand

The Center for Reiki Research web site provides important resources for those interested in Reiki research. The site features a listing and summaries of all Reiki research studies published in peer-reviewed journals. The summaries have been produced using the Touchstone Process; a highly rigorous peer-reviewed method of analyzing all the studies in a particular field. Its application to Reiki research is noteworthy.

The Touchstone Process was developed by the CRR staff, a group of seven doctorally prepared researchers and five nurses and is unique to the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The site also includes articles on research study design, how to write case reports, documenting Reiki sessions, insurance reimbursement for Reiki sessions and the scientific basis of Reiki. A consultation service is also offered for those wanting to conduct Reiki research. In addition, the site contains detailed descriptions of the Reiki programs offered in 64 hospitals across the US.

The site is free although it is necessary to register to use the information on the site.

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Reiki In Hospital PowerPoint Presentation

We’ve developed a Reiki in hospitals PowerPoint presentation to be shown to hospital administrators and staff that will help explain how a Reiki hospital program would work. It explains Reiki, includes Reiki research, explains the benefits of Reiki and the various types of Reiki programs hospitals are currently using, and also includes a list of prominent hospitals that have Reiki programs and so forth. Click here to purchase.

Center for Reiki Research Booklet

This 193 page booklet contains all the information on the Center for Reiki Research web site including the Reiki research references for all 25 studies published in peer-reviewed journals, the research summaries for the studies referenced, all 11 articles and the listings and detailed program info on each of 64 hospitals where Reiki is offered as part of hospital services. This is a great one of a kind booklet and a must for anyone interested in Reiki research.

Table of Contents

Center for Reiki Research.......................................................4

The Touchstone Process........................................................6

Research Staff.......................................................................7

Reiki Research Consultation Service......................................14


Reiki Research Study Summaries..........................................67

Research Studies Conclusion..............................................100

Hospital List.......................................................................101

Center for Reiki Research Articles

Guidelines for Conducting Quality Reiki Research.................17
by Mary Kearns, PhD

Writing Case Reports for Reiki..............................................21
by Jane Van De Velde, RN, DNP

Documenting Reiki Sessions................................................25
by Jane Van De Velde, RN, DNP

Insurance Reimbursement for Reiki Sessions........................29
by Jane Van De Velde, RN, DNP

Science and the Human Energy Field...................................33
by James L. Oschman, PhD interviewed by William Lee Rand

Reiki in Hospitals................................................................41
by William Lee Rand

How We Got Reiki Into the Hospital.....................................44
by Ava Wolf and Janet Wing

Developing a Reiki Program at Maine Medical Center...........46
by Patricia Keene

A Healing Space for Reiki in a Hospital...............................49
by Janny E. Adkins, RN, BS, CHTP, HNC

The Story of Dr. Chujiro Hayashi.........................................50
by Marianne Streich

How Hawayo Takata Practiced and Taught Reiki.................56
by Marianne Streich

To purchase this booklet, you will be required to log on to the Center for Reiki Research web site.

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Developing Your Reiki Practice

An anthology of articles from the Reiki News written by
people who have developed thriving Reiki practices. They explain
what worked and what didn't work and what you need to do to
make your Reiki business as successful as you'd like it to be.

Table of Contents
Create a Thriving Reiki Practice, Part I by William Rand....................................9

Create a Thriving Reiki Practice, Part II by William Lee Rand..........................13

Keys to a Successful Reiki Practice by Particia Mahaffey................................18

Reiki Centers: How Seven Owners Achieved Success by Patricia Mahaffe..23

Starting a Reiki Practice: Business Basics by Marianne Streich.....................31

Creating a Reiki Circle for Your Community by Elleen Dey, M.A.....................39

Creating A Successful Reiki Community by Kimberly Fleisher........................42

Become an Approved Continuing Education Provider by Dawn Fleming.......45

Secrets of a Traveling Reiki Master by William Lee Rand................................48

Booklet - $12   |   Digital Version - £8 (Approx. $12.65)


Reiki Classes
Taught by William Lee Rand

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki I & II
September 14-15, 2015 Gold Coast, Australia
October 1-2, 2015 Melbourne, Australia

Usui/Holy Fire ART/Master Training
May 18-22, 2015 Glastonbury, United Kingdom - Stonehenge
May 25-29, 2015 Glastonbury, United Kingdom - Stonehenge
June 26-28, 2015 Southfield, MI
September 17-19, 2015 Gold Coast, Australia
October 4-6, 2015 Melbourne, Australia
October 21-23, 2015 Sydney, Australia
January 22-24, 2016 Queenstown, New Zealand

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®
June 1-5, 2015 Glastonbury, United Kingdom - Stonehenge
June 30-July 2, 2015 Southfield, MI
August 10-16, 2015 Hana, Maui, HI - 7 Day Inward Bound
August 29-31, 2015 Sedona, AZ - Pre-Retreat Class
September 22-24, 2015 Gold Coast, Australia
October 9-11, 2015 Melbourne, Australia
October 25-27, 2015 Sydney, Australia
January 27-30, 2016 Queenstown, New Zealand

International Reiki Retreat 2015
September 4-7, 2015 Sedona, AZ

Australian Reiki Connection Conference
October 17-18, 2015 Sydney, Australia

All Classes include Holy Fire Reiki

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World Peace Card Meditation
Wednesday, March 18, 2015 - 7:30pm

Future Dates

April 15, May 13, June 17 at 7:30pm

You are invited to take part in the next World Peace Card Meditations. Please mark your calendar and forward this notice to all your friends.

Thanks for Your Help!

Because so many of you forwarded this email to your friends, there have been over 336,500 downloads of the World Peace Cards. This is a tremendous increase in the number of people using the cards. So far the total number of World Peace Card sets downloaded, received from our free offer and from our magazine has been more than 391,500! I hope you have been using your peace cards as their use brings blessings to the world as well as to you.

The next World Peace Card group meditations have been scheduled for Wednesday, March 18 at 7:30pm. This is local time in your time zone. This method has been chosen because of the special effect it produces. As people meditate in each successive time zone the energy builds like a wave which gets stronger and stronger as it circles the planet. Because of the higher dimensional nature of consciousness, the energy of peace will be transmitted for a full 24 hours and continue long after this.

Reports from those who took part in the previous meditations indicate many had powerful spiritual experiences. As they united with those taking part in the meditation a feeling of peace developed within that stayed with each for a long time. Some saw beautiful golden light surrounding the planet and others felt that a web of fear was dissipating and being replaced with trust in others and for our future.

All those who have received the cards are being asked to meditate on world peace at this time. By taking part in this group meditation, you’ll be joining thousands of people who will be using the cards to bring peace to the world. By joining together, the affect we have will be greatly multiplied. This powerful experience and will help shift the vibration of our wonderful planet into a higher state of consciousness. As you use the cards to meditate on world peace, you will be a beacon through which peace will spread around the planet which will have a positive uplifting effect on all people.

Please set aside this time to meditate with the cards. The suggested meditation period is 15 minutes, but of course you can meditate longer if you’d like to. The technique I’d like you to use is based on allowing yourself to be a beacon of peace. The World Peace Cards hold the vibration of the World Peace Grids which have been placed at spiritually significant locations and are relay stations for higher consciousness. By simply opening to their energy, you’ll become a channel for their love and peace which will flow through you to all the people on Earth. To do this, hold the cards in your hands or place them in front of you. Then simply meditate on peace.

We are entering a new era. Our entire planet including all the people and living things are moving into a place where it will be much easier to solve our problems and to create peace, prosperity and happiness for everyone. The World Peace Card meditation will quicken this process, making it easier for people to experience this new quality of higher consciousness and will provide great benefit for all people. Since this benefit will be flowing through you out to everyone on the planet, you'll be blessed by this experience as well.

Many have received the cards in the mail or in the Reiki News Magazine while others have downloaded them from our web site. If you would like additional copies of the cards, please download them using this link and print as many copies as you can use. Please feel free to give them to your friends. Also, forward this email to anyone you feel would like to take part in the meditation.

World Peace Card Download

Additional World Peace Cards

Note: This is a larger file and it may take several
minutes for it to open, so please be patient.

When printing the cards from this file, print page 2 first, then place this page in your printer and print the image of the peace grids on the back.

New Reiki Grid - Send Reiki to Others

We also have a new image of the World Peace Crystal Grid that can be used for a Reiki Grid. By using it for your Reiki Grid you'll be tapping into the energy of all the peace grids and this will add to the energy that is sent to all those whose names or photos you place in the grid making the Reiki more effective and adding wonderful feelings of peace and harmony. And each time you charge your grid, you'll be charging the peace grids for world peace! With this system you'll use 12 crystals around the outside - placing 1 crystal over each of the crystals in the photo plus 1 crystal in the center and 1 as your master crystal for a total of 14 crystals. The additional crystals will also hold and transmit more energy. Also, remember you can place your goals into the grid as well. I suggest printing it on glossy photo paper if you have it or you could get some at your office supply store. You'll need to trim the one side of the grid after it's printed.

Read the story of the World Peace Grids
Reiki and World Peace
by William Lee Rand

This is a pdf file of an article that appeared in the Winter 2004 issue of the Reiki News Magazine. It describes the World Peace Crystal Grid program, and the adventures William experienced placing them at the North and South Pole and in Jerusalem. The article contains lots of pictures

Thank you for taking part in this group meditation.

William Lee Rand
The International Center for Reiki Training


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The Reiki Touch
Tool Kit for Reiki Practitioners
by William Lee Rand

The Best Value in the Reiki World Today!

Kit contains all new material not previously available

DVD with 1 hour of Reiki instruction including hand positions, Byosen Scanning, Gyoshi Ho, Seeing Auras and Past lives and more.

CD1 with 3 guided Reiki meditations to strengthen your Reiki energy, help solve problems and enhance creativity, protect you from negative influences and connect you to an enlightened being.

CD2 with background music to play during Reiki treatments.

Workbook with 100 pages of instruction and information.

Reiki Cards containing all the hand positions, symbols (but not the glyphs) and Reiki techniques that can be used for memorization or to do readings that will direct you in the best way to use Reiki to heal.

The Reiki Touch kit has been professionally produced and is easily worth over $100.00.
But we’re making it available for only:

Regular price $39.95
Actual cost after web discount $35.95 or $25.17 if you buy 5 or more.

Limited Time Offer
Receive a Free Copy of the
2 hr. Reiki Presentation DVD and a Free copy of the first edition of the Reiki News Magazine (otherwise out of print) with each copy of The Reiki Touch you order! A $16 value!

Note: The free Reiki News Magazine is in pdf format and
requires a computer with a DVD drive to read or print it.


Reiki Teachers
Buy 5 or more, get the 30% discount and resell them to your Reiki students.
Charge a little more for your class and offer them
as part of your class materials!
This will add value to your class and attract additional students!

Remember, every kit you buy comes with the additional
2 hour Reiki Presentation DVD and first edition of the Reiki News Magazine - free!

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The Reiki CD Kit

Kit includes the following CDs:
Meet Your Reiki Guides
Past Life Regression Therapy
Spiritual Protection and Healing
Chanting Reiki Masters
Reiki Meditation 1&2
Healing the Shadow Self


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Honoring All Reiki Schools and Lineages 

The Reiki News Magazine is a 80-page full color glossy magazine containing articles on every aspect of Reiki practice written by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced Reiki people on the planet. Below is a synopsis of the current issue.


Spring Issue

Welcome . . .
to the Spring issue of the Reiki News Magazine. Our purpose in publishing the magazine is to provide you with inspiration as well as new ideas and techniques so your practice of Reiki can be more fulfilling and beneficial - to you as well as those you treat. By calling on Reiki to guide this process and by ncontinually searching for the very best writers and giving them the freedom and encouragemet to produce their best work, we remain focused on fulfilling that purpose. Check the amazing list of articles below. This issue is both exciting and practical!

Here is a list of the articles in this issue:

Building Understanding and
Cooperation in the Reiki Community

by William Lee Rand

Getting to know the other Reiki practitioners and teachers in your area can have great value. In this article William describes the challenges and rewards that await those who follow this path.

Reiki for Mental Health Professionals: Part I
by Karen Harrison, LCPC, LCMFT, AASECT

Combining Reiki with mental health counseling or therapy has many benefits for both the practitioner and client. In this article, Karen explains how this has worked in her professional practice and supplies case studies to demonstrate its effectiveness.

Release Fears and Phobias Quickly with Reiki
by Jessica Miller

Many people have fears and phobias that restrict what they can do and limit their enjoyment of life. Here the author explains a simple Reiki technique that is amazingly effective.

Understanding the Effects of
Stress and How Reiki Can Help

by Robin H Fuerst, BS, PharmD

Stress affects everyone. It can decrease productivity and enjoyment of life as well as cause debilitation and illness. In this article, Robin explains how it affects the body, emotions and mental functioning and also shows how Reiki can be used to heal its adverse effects.

Learning to Trust with Holy Fire Reiki
by Rose O'Connor

Learning to trust in life and in the guidance of Reiki is an important lesson. Here Rose explains how the experience she received during and after a Reiki class has provided a more enjoyable and effective way to experience life.

Reiki and the Kingdom of God Within
by Colleen Benelli

The secrets of the Universe can be found within the deeper levels of our being. In this article, Colleen describes how Reiki guided her to explore a spiritual concept and discover a wonderful source of love, nurturing and guidance.

Reiki Youthful Beauty Routine
by Wendy Jordan

There is much concern about staying young and healthy. And rightfully so, as these are important goals if we are to get the most from life. Here Wendy shows how Reiki is the most important ingredient in one’s health regimen and includes important techniques for its use.

Sage Magic
by Rebecca Godin

This is an article about fertility and birth, the birth of a child and the rebirth of a relationship with a sister and with the flow of life.

Reiki as a Tool for Spiritual Activism
by Molly Triplett

The planet needs our help. We need to work together to make the changes necessary so all living things can live together in harmony. Here Molly explains how Reiki can help us take the responsible action that is so dearly needed right now.

Mastering Time with Reiki
by Laurelle Gaia

We all have the same amount of time; it is how we use our time that makes the difference. In this article, Laurelle explains that Reiki consciousness understands time and can guide us to use it in ways that create miraculous results.

Karuna Reiki® – A Life Saver
for Women in Menopause

by Dawn Fleming

During menopause, woman are called on to make changes: to change from a place of fertility to a place of the wise crone. Here, Dawn describes what this means and shows how Reiki can help one align more easily into what the body is trying to do.

Reiki Stories

This is an exciting and valuable issue that will supply you with entertainment as well as quality information and instruction. If you have any suggestions on how the magazine could be improved, I'd be very happy to hear them.

The world is a wonderful place, filled with continual changes which bring with them a never ending supply of opportunities. May you grow in the ability to allow the wisdom of Reiki to guide how you create your life.

Love and peace to you and the world.

William Lee Rand,

Reiki News Magazine
Index of All Articles

Read about the people who write for the
Reiki News Magazine


Writers Guidelines
If you would like to write an article for the Reiki News Magazine,
please see our Writers Guidelines by clicking here

We are accepting some advertising in our new magazine.
To learn more about how to advertise
in the Reiki News Magazine, please click here.

Back Issues


All Back Issues
Click Here

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Reiki Stories

Reiki Heals Depression and Anxiety
After my marriage ended and many other life changes occurred together in a short period of time I experienced a breakdown due to depression and anxiety. I turned to God for help as my children were suffering in a reflection of my health. I was asked to assist a mother and disabled child during my spare time and I agreed. She told me that she was Reiki-trained and actively used it on her son, and that it had greatly improved his strength. She also offered treatment to me for free so that I could experience it. She put on relaxing music and I laid down on a Reiki table. I closed my eyes and tried to relax. I experienced a triangle of lights in my mind’s eye, tingling in most areas, and the heat from her hands. On reaching my stomach area I had an uncomfortable, hard feeling. She told me that it was mostly emotions and to relax. After she spent some time there the feeling disappeared—my depression and anxiety were gone! I thank God for bringing me to a healer. Andrea Brantom

Reiki Changed My Life
I was very fortunate to have received my Reiki I & II attunements from an excellent teacher, Anna Carlson. I am looking forward to receiving my Master attunements. Mr. Rand's book, The Healing Touch, is something that I reference daily. What a wonderful and helpful book. I now perform treatments on my family regularly.

At first I knew I was meant to be a healer, but was not sure what path I should take. After receiving my attunements, I knew this was my calling. My mother was bedridden due to a sore hip. She was once very active and taught martial arts. With her extreme hip pain, more time was spent in bed rather than out in her garden. A couple of weeks after receiving my attunements, I treated my mother. After the first treatment, she was surprised to wake up with very little pain. After a couple of more treatments, the pain was no more. She and my father are now enjoying a cruise to Puerto Rico.

I am popular at my office because I have an incredible knack for ridding my coworkers of their headaches and easing stress. Reiki is a very important part of my life now, and I love that I am opening people's consciousness to the wonders of this art. Mr. Rand, thank you for your insightful books. I look forward to reading the Reiki Master's Manual one day soon. Johnny

Reiki Removes Growth
A few months ago I sustained a fall in my home. In the following weeks, I noticed a definite lump protruding from the inner aspect of my right knee. It began to grow, causing multiple vessels on my leg to rupture, and it made it difficult to walk. My doctor ordered ultrasounds and scans that revealed a 4.3 cm growth in my thigh. I was sent to see a surgeon. As he gathered my history, he learned that I was a Level II Reiki practitioner. I had begun to give myself Reiki to relieve the pain and stretching skin sensation as the growth spread. The surgeon was not happy that I was giving myself Reiki and in a stern voice demanded that I stop immediately—that “it would cause more harm than good.”

In the meantime , I had signed up for the Holy Fire Reiki/Master class with Trish Naffky along with Barbara Kurek. I had made preparations for surgery and a leave from work for a total of two to three weeks. I never stopped giving myself Reiki treatments. On the Friday before the Monday appointment with the surgeon to prepare for surgery, I ran into a pastor at my workplace. He was known for healing and miracles. He had asked me for assistance and when I completed the task, he offered to give me a blessing. I told him about my upcoming surgery. He told me that I was going to be healed. He placed his hands atop my head and prayed over me. I felt this warmth and whoosh from head to toe and a feeling of peace.

I was not able to attend the Reiki class because of my upcoming leave from work. Trish, Barb and the others in the class sent me over 30 hours of Reiki in a three-day period. When I visited the surgeon on Monday, he examined my leg and told me that the growth had disappeared. In his words he said that he had seen and felt the growth himself and that “now it’s gone . How could this be?” I tried to explain Reiki and prayer, but he would not listen. He was trying to make a scientific explanation for the miracle healing I had received. I know in my heart that Father’s prayer and blessing along with Reiki healed me. I ’ m so grateful and appreciative to have my faith and Reiki in my life. I have re-scheduled my Holy Fire Reiki/Master class for early Summer. Maria Brodeur

Reiki Helps Burns
This year my uncle was in a house fire, which burnt his face. He was in the hospital in ICU for a few days. I asked my Aunty and Cousin if I could start sending him distant healing every day, which they accepted. I started asking Archangel Raphael and Reiki angels and masters to help my uncle and started distant healing every day. I received a phone call about three weeks after the accident from my uncle thanking me for what I had done, and more to the point “what did I do?” I told him that I was asking the angels for help and was sending him distant healing every day. He told me that the doctors kept coming in every day and saying" Your healing is amazing. We have never seen a burn victim heal as fast as you are. This is a miracle." Thanks to the healing of Reiki my uncle has no visual signs of having been burnt on his face. What a miracle! Paula Darch

All Reiki Stories

Do You Have a Reiki Story?
If you've used Reiki to heal or achieve a goal, our readers would like to know about it. Please write your Reiki story in a similar format as those above and send it in using the form below.

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Free Downloads

Our web site now offers free downloads of useful information including, the Reiki symbols, class teaching outlines, a client information form (given before a treatment), William's lineage and many other forms useful for teaching or giving Reiki sessions. To learn more about this, please click here:

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Reiki Class Schedules
William's Classes
International Reiki Conference in Australia

Click for DetailReiki I & II Class Workbook

Need a Reiki manual to use in your Reiki I or II class? I wrote this manual when I first began teaching Reiki. I have constantly updated it to contain the latest and most valuable information. It is now used by over 4000 teaching Reiki masters. To find out more, Click Here:

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Reiki Master Manual

Click for Detail This Reiki Master Manual is used by over 2500 Reiki masters as their class workbook. Combined with the Advanced Reiki Training manual, its 160 pages cover all important aspects of advanced Reiki practice as well as providing a user friendly guide for giving all the attunements and teaching all the Reiki classes including the master level. It has been edited to contain the latest information on the symbols, attunements and history of the master level. It focuses on the Usui/Tibetan style of attunements, and also includes the original Takata style as well. Illustrated with more 34 drawings and photographs.

The information in this manual has been researched for accuracy and is based on the use of original documents and interviews with Reiki masters in Japan.


Use this manual when you teach Reiki master classes. Buy 5 or more and get a 30% discount This manual is also used in conjuction with Reiki, The Healing Touch when teaching Reiki I&II classes.

CP412 - $19.95, ISBN 1-886785171, 160 pages, 8-1/2" x 11, Spiral Bound To find out more, Click Here:

Usui/Tibetan Master Manual

Holy Fire Master Manual

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Reiki Tables

We looked all over to find a set of Reiki/Massage tables that would best serve the needs and values of the Reiki community. I am happy to say that not only is the Earthlite series by far the finest and highest quality Reiki/Massage tables available today, but they are also manufactured with care and respect for the environment. Because of this, they are considered to be the world's #1 brand in Reiki/Massage tables and accessories! All tables are rated for professional use and come with a full warranty - starting with the Inner Strength line Element table at $238.00! Click below for complete details. Save Money - Our prices are lower than Earthlite's prices!

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Reiki and other Healing Books

The Reiki Touch - A Reiki Tool Kit
The Spirit of Reiki
Reiki, The Healing Touch
Reiki Master Manual
The Book On Karuna Reiki®

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Send Us Your Reiki Stories, Articles and Comments

I know many of you have had interesting Reiki experiences where you or someone else was healed or received benefit from Reiki. We are interested in reading about this and so are our readers! Please send us your Reiki stories. Also, if you have written an article about Reiki you would like to share with others send it to us using the form below. By sending in your Reiki stories or articles, you give permission for them to be published in this newsletter or in other Center or Vision publications.

You may find it easier to first compose your story article or comment, using a word processor and then highlight it, copy and paste it into the form below. Note that we cannot guarantee that everything sent in will be published.

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