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August 2008

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It is my pleasure to send you the August 2008 edition of our Reiki online newsletter. Clicking on the links in the table of contents takes you directly to each article. To return just click on the "Return to Contents" link at the end of each section. I would enjoy your input so we can make this newsletter even more informative and valuable. Feel free use the input form toward the end of the newsletter to send any comments, questions, information or Reiki Stories that you would like to share with other Reiki people.

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Reiki Helps Win Olympic Silver Medal

Hayden Roulston, a New Zealand cyclist won a silver medal in the Olympic men’s Track Cycling 4000m individual pursuit event. Hayden had a serious heart condition in 2006 which he completely recovered from and in a pre-win interview he states that it was Reiki that helped him recover.

In response to the interviewer's question How did you fix something the medical fraternity said was life threatening? Roulston's response was:Through Reiki actually. It's a Japanese healing technique. It's a hands-on treatment which transfers energy from one person to another. There was once upon a time I use to focus on just the mental and the physical, now it's the emotional and the spiritual, four very different components . . .

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Reiki for Exercise and Sports
by William Lee Rand

Reiki is a versatile healing method that has a wide range of applications. It’s able to promote healing and rejuvenation in every area of our lives. It’s also able to enhance creativity, improve motivation and increase productivity. Its use in exercise and sports activities is an area that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. Reiki can definitely improve the results you get from your exercise program and can enhance sports performance.

There are several ways it can do this. First of all, Reiki can help your muscles heal faster and more deeply after intense workouts thus helping them grow back stronger and resist injury.

According to a report from Lenox Hill hospital in New York, in order to increase the strength of your muscles, it’s necessary to work out at an intensity that causes muscles to have a burning sensation and become sore, then to rest or work out at a lower intensity during the following workouts which allows the muscles to heal. The soreness indicates that muscle cell damage has taken place, but when this happens, the damaged muscle cells release tissue growth factors which cause the muscle cells to grow back larger and increase in number as long as enough rest takes place to allow the muscles to heal. This repeated cycle of stressing the muscles through intense workouts followed by rest causes muscles to continue to grow stronger. Exercising at lower intensity following an intense workout rather than complete rest will cause muscles to heal in a way that creates greater resistance to injury.

It’s in the resting period that Reiki can really help muscles grow stronger. After an intense workout, lay down and rest right away and either get a Reiki session or give one to yourself, treating the muscle groups involved. This will provide a higher level of healing for the muscles which will supercharge the regeneration process causing the muscle cells to grow back stronger and increasing their number more so than without Reiki.

Another way Reiki can help your exercise and sports activities is in the area of injuries. These can include sprains, strained muscles, bruises, broken bones and even worse. When this happens, rest and sometimes even medical attention is necessary in order to heal. Here’s where Reiki really shines! Reiki will help all injuries heal faster. It will also reduce pain and create a more complete recovery. Regular Reiki treatments are recommended; daily sessions if possible. This can be accomplished using a combination of self sessions and session received from others. The faster you heal, the sooner you’re back in action and Reiki will speed up the process!

While playing volley ball I hit the ball too hard at a bad angle and sprained my wrist. It hurt and I was thinking I should leave the court, but began giving myself Reiki. I felt an immediate release in the wrist and it began to feel better. The ball came my way and I hit it with my good hand, passing it to another player and continued to give myself Reiki. It kept feeling better until it felt strong enough to use both hands. I continued to play and ended the game with no pain or weakness in my wrist at all. My team mates were amazed!

Considering the importance exercise has for maintaining our health and well-being Reiki can add a great deal to our quality of life when combined with exercise. The value is even greater for those involved in sports where the thrill of competition and team work provides additional benefits. Those involved in professional sports will find the use of Reiki even more valuable as improved performance improves job security as well as income. Let us be thankful for the amazing benefits the use of Reiki can bring into our lives.

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The World Peace Pendant
The World Peace Pendant is patterned after the World Peace Crystal Grids that have been placed at the North and South Poles, Jerusalem and at the ICRT. The pendant is energetically connected to the Grids and embodies the same spiritual energies to promote world peace. This is fine jewelry, handmade in the USA using the highest quality materials by the same artist who created the Peace Grids. Details

Shown at actual size.

Reiki and Fertility
by Mari Hall

My office was in the regional hospital in Kolin, Czechoslovakia. It was a supportive place to work because I could also consult the doctors there, and quite often we worked together in regards to clients of mine and/or patients of theirs. The head of gynecology sent a young woman to me for a consultation to see if Reiki could assist her in conceiving a child. Both she and her husband had been checked in the fertility clinic at the hospital and it was determined that they both had fertility problems. I told them to come in for an evaluation and initial treatment.

The couple, Jana and Honza, had been married for eleven years and had been unsuccessful in conceiving a child. They asked me to use Reiki with them to see if this might help. I had been sent the doctors’ records from the hospital, and also took a standard case history from both of them. I asked them about eating habits and stress factors and how they felt emotionally about this problem.

Jana was 33 years old and was a technician at a refrigeration company. She worked from 7 am to 4 pm and then cared for her grandmother until her mother got home from her job. She was often upset and felt as if she was a failure because she couldn’t conceive a child. She had been depressed from time to time, and had experienced weight loss and insomnia. The doctors told her she had only one functional ovary. She felt quite stressed, both in her personal life and at work. Her eating habits indicated she had a strong desire for sweets. She craved chocolate and also drank coffee with three spoons of sugar.

Honza was 37 years old and was a translator for a petrochemical company. He worked from 7:30 am to 5 pm. He was quite busy but did not feel stressed at work. However, at home he did feel stressed because Jana was depressed, and there was so much tension in the home he often worked into the night at his computer doing additional work. He was very fond of salty foods. The doctors’ tests indicated he had a low sperm count.

I decided to treat the couple individually with Reiki so that each had their own time. I also told them I might want to adjust their diet a bit as we progressed with the treatments. We had noticed in treating fertility problems that many of the couples had a pH problem in that each had a different pH, which we felt made conception harder. I gave Jana some meditations to use to help her relax. I set up an appointment with the head of the fertility clinic to speak with Jana about their diagnosis, and to especially emphasize that the problem concerned them both. She had taken it as her problem alone, and I felt it was important for her to realize it was not just her problem. The talk did help her to relax more.

I started treating her every other day for an hour each time. I treated her whole body and spent extra time over the ovaries. She had given me a record of her menstrual cycle, which was sporadic. I wanted to see when she started to ovulate. After the first month of treatments she was considerably changed. She had gained weight and had been sleeping through the night for two weeks. Her emotions were healthier; she was eating less chocolate and was more optimistic about life. She said that Honza and she had been doing things in the evenings and had been talking more. She wanted to continue the treatments at the same rate as before.

I treated Honza twice a week for an hour a day, with extra time spent over the reproductive area. He was quite open to discussing personal things, and during our time together he spoke about his fears about his marriage. He noticed that he was more attentive to Jana over the weeks that followed and assumed it was because she was more relaxed and laughed more. In hindsight he also saw that he had spent less time on the computer and more time with Jana, and that he had experienced a series of small shifts in his behavior.

During the second month I asked the couple if they would be willing to take level one Reiki in order to treat each other. In addition to the benefits of Reiki, I felt it would be a natural way to for them to spend more time having caring thoughts and feelings for each other. I suggested also that I would remain a consultant and see them monthly. They accepted this plan and started using Reiki every day on each other. At the end of the month we came together to see how the couple was doing. Both noticed a big difference in their energy levels and that they were not so intense about having a baby. The pressure seemed off and they were enjoying being with each other. Jana’s mother arranged help with the grandmother so that Jana was free to be at home with Honza more. They had come to a beautiful relaxed state with each other and seemed to be more present. They had another checkup at the fertility clinic, and Honza’s sperm count was up and Jana’s inactive ovary showed signs of activity. The doctors determined she was ovulating from that ovary that month. She had noticed she had slight pain in that side and that her menstrual cycle was more normal. I asked them if they would be willing to continue another month with a change in their diet. We wanted to see if a more neutral diet would help them change their extreme tastes and adjust their pH to more compatible levels. Jana stopped eating sugar and Honza stopped eating chips and pickles. I gave them some homework to do with each other during the next month, involving touch and communication.

We were now well into the fourth month of treatment when they came in my office and announced that they were expecting a child. It had been confirmed that morning. We talked about a course of action to support the pregnancy with Reiki. Honza said he wanted to give Reiki to Jana and the baby as part of a welcoming ritual to the baby. Every night he would give Jana a full-body treatment and as he did Reiki over the womb area he would talk to the baby. The doctors at the fertility clinic were also following Jana’s progress. She gave herself Reiki every morning and Honza gave her Reiki every night. She had little morning sickness or problems. She seemed to thrive on Reiki and on being pregnant. I continued to see her every month. I assured them I would be with them when it was time to have the baby. The doctors had agreed to me giving her Reiki in the labor and delivery room, as they were impressed with the progression of the pregnancy and how the baby was developing.

At two o’clock one morning I was awaken by a telephone call and happily went to meet the couple at the hospital. The baby was on the way. Jana was in labor, and the doctor wanted her to be monitored there at the hospital. Honza and I began to give her Reiki with each contraction. I worked under her belly and Honza worked on her lower back. They had taken Lamaze classes at the hospital and chose to have a natural childbirth. We were in the new special birthing wing. There was meditation music playing and all the nurses and most of the doctors knew Reiki. The purpose was to aid her in the delivery but also to use this as part of the research on the effects of Reiki in the delivery process. What impressed me so much was the feeling of love and support that was constant in the room. Reiki was everywhere. At 5:45 am Honza was holding his new daughter and giving her Reiki while showing her to Jana. The delivery was without complication. Mother, baby and father were all fine. The doctors and the nurses noticed appreciable differences in Jana as compared with other women who have birth without Reiki. Jana was more relaxed, the delivery went more smoothly, and the baby was more alert and pink.

Jana and her daughter stayed in the hospital for three days. The baby slept in a cot next to her mother’s bed. Jana gave her daughter Reiki every morning and Honza gave her Reiki every night. Honza said the baby seemed to know what Reiki was. We all agreed it was wonderful that she had been treated from her first moments with Reiki.

They named the baby Svetlana, which translates as “celebration of light,” a way to have constant celebration of birth and life. The story does not stop there; there is a continuation to share.

In 1997 in Liberec the first children’s Reiki seminar was taught. Jan and Honza were on the team to help with all the children who were there. Svetlana was also there to take Reiki with her little brother. She was six years old and he was five. At the end of the seminar I asked the children to whom they were going to give Reiki first. Svetlana said “To my Daddy!” It was so wonderful to see these two miracles giving Reiki to their parents. Truly I was a witness to a family born with the aid of Reiki and united in Reiki and love.

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2002 edition of the Reiki News Magazine, which is no longer in print.

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Reiki In The Trenches
by Diana Green

A couple of years ago, a realization came to me. It occurred to me that the only reason I was put on this earth is so that I may be of service. Ever since my Reiki I attunement, I had had a strong urge to express this service through Reiki, but thus far had only had limited practice with family and friends. When I received Reiki II and my feet settled back on to the ground, my first thought was, “What now?”

Just a short walk from my home, there is a wonderful healing center, owned and operated by a lovely woman chiropractor. I made an appointment to see her (I needed an adjustment anyway), and, as I walked up her pathway, she came out of her office, looked straight at me and, not even knowing I had an appointment, said, “There you are! I was just thinking about you this morning and wondering what you’ve been doing.” This really took me aback as I’d only met this woman once, and it had been six months previously. Apparently Reiki was already opening doors for me!

After my adjustment, I explained to her that I was a new Reiki II practitioner but that I didn’t know what to do next and was wondering if she could give me any ideas about how I should proceed. Generously, she said, “Well, this coming Sunday our community is holding its first Farmers’ Market, and we’re having a booth. Why don’t you come along and participate?” So I did.

I went to the healing center’s booth at the Farmers’ Market every Sunday that summer, giving free ten-minute Reiki demonstrations, first using a chair and eventually a table. I was nervous at first because I still felt a little unsure that I would actually be able to allow the energy to flow under the circumstances. There were people talking and shouting, children shrieking, babies crying, rock music blasting from the DJ’s booth two spaces down, dogs barking, and the fairly frequent screaming of sirens as the fire engines and paramedics left their station on the next corner. But none of it mattered.

Reiki flowed, and I got just about the same response from everybody: “Wow…that was so relaxing.” As the summer passed, I realized that I wanted to be a full time Reiki practitioner. I didn’t get too many clients from the Farmers’ Market, but I got something even more valuable—confidence in my ability to be of service with Reiki and the absolute knowledge that Reiki is available anywhere, anytime, in the street, in the trenches.

That summer I also met the health workers from the healing center and through them began to find my way into their community. One of them recommended that I attend the monthly Sacred Energy Circle at a well-known church in the area where all types of healers (Reiki, Pranic, Shamanistic, etc.) volunteer their services.

I jumped on this opportunity, thinking, “Ah, this will be so peaceful and tranquil, doing Reiki in a church building.” Wrong. Little did I know when I signed up that the church also offered line dancing classes on the same night in an adjoining room and that the soundproofing was non-existent. So, off I went, back into the trenches, only this time with accompanying extra-loud country music, plus counting of the steps. Once again, the circumstances were of no consequence. Reiki flowed and clients relaxed deeply.

Once I began having clients at my home, I was able to create a more peaceful atmosphere—nice music, low light, etc., but the truth is that the outside world continues to do what it will and that same fire station is still on the corner. What arose for me from these experiences is that time, location and surroundings really have no effect on Reiki. Obviously, we would all like to practice and receive Reiki in a semi-vacuum without the invasiveness of the outside world but, for most of us, that just isn’t a reasonable expectation.

Realizing that Reiki is present anywhere, anytime, regardless of circumstances, reminded me of a philosophy that can be found in all major religions. The Perennial Philosophy basically states that God is infinite and eternal, that is to say, everywhere—here, now, and in all times past, and all times yet to come. I had, of course, been taught that Reiki comes from God or the Universe (or whatever term one is comfortable with), but now I had living proof from my own direct experience. What a revelation!

All Reiki practitioners have their own personal take on what Reiki means to them. For some it is a healing practice with spiritual undertones and overtones, for others it is a meditative/spiritual practice from which healing comes. At first I thought I fell into the former category, but now I realize that I am truly in the latter. Why? Because the Divine Light of Reiki has, with a little attention on my part, shown me my path, clearly and unquestionably.

I have now had more attunements and am grateful to be able to call myself a teacher. I am deeply aware that this is my calling, and despite my stumbling steps and forays into distraction, the Light of Reiki always brings me back to the path it (God, the
Universe) has chosen for me. Amid all the noise and hubbub of the world at large, I find myself at peace with the knowledge that I, too, am part of that infinite and eternal Light, and I am grateful to be guided gently into my future, being of service to others through Reiki.

This is an article from the Fall edition of the Reiki News Magazine.

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The Reiki News Magazine is a 80-page full color glossy magazine containing articles on every aspect of Reiki practice written by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced Reiki people on the planet. Below is a synopsis of the current issue.


Fall Issue

Welcome . . .
to the Fall issue of the Reiki News Magazine. Our purpose in publishing the magazine is to provide you with inspiration as well as new ideas and techniques so your practice of Reiki can be more fulfilling and beneficial - to you as well as those you treat. By calling on Reiki to guide this process and by continually searching for the very best writers and giving them the freedom and encouragement to produce their best work, we remain focused on fulfilling that purpose. Check the amazing list of articles below. This issue is both exciting and practical!

Here is a list of the articles in this issue:


Free Reiki Clinics
by Patricia Mahaffey

There is a special joy that comes to those who freely give of themselves. This is especially apparent when one gives Reiki because client and practitioner share the benefits. In this article Patricia surveys the establishment and the protocols of three free Reiki clinics in disparate communities, each of which is providing healing to those in need.


Strengthen your Light with Reiki
by Colleen Benelli

The aura is a field of energy that surrounds us and sustains our entire being. Keeping it strong and healthy is essential if we are to be effective healers and live our lives with clarity, confidence and success. Colleen describes the benefits of a strong aura and provides exercises to strengthen it.


Enhance your Reiki Energy with a Healthier Diet
by William Lee Rand

There are higher, more effective levels of Reiki energy waiting to manifest through us. If we are to attract and channel them, our physical bodies must resonate at these higher frequencies. By making healthy changes in our diets, we can achieve the natural state of balance and harmony needed to have a greater experience of Reiki.


Healing Techniques for Difficult Situations
by Walter Lübeck

Reiki is a miraculous healing energy, but sometimes it doesn't work as well as we'd like. This article explains ways to address a variety of difficult healing situations in order to facilitate an improved healing response.



Insurance Reimbursement for Reiki Sessions
by Jane Van De Velde, RN, ND

Jane gives an overview of the current status of insurance coverage for Reiki sessions, describes her personal experience of receiving insurance reimbursement for some clients, and suggests ways for Reiki practitioners to seek, and enhance the chances of attaining provider status with insurance companies.


Teaching Reiki Effectively
by Dawn Fleming

In order to sustain the practice of Reiki and accommodate increased interest, Reiki classes must be well-organized and well-presented. Dawn provides an understanding of the important aspects of a well-designed class and the attributes of an excellent Reiki teacher.

Reiki and my Journey through Breast Cancer
by Ursula Janiga-Price

Reiki training gives one the ability to deal with adversity-to learn and grow through it. This is the story of one practitioner's journey through a difficult health issue and how she used her Reiki skills to release fear and pain and facilitate healing.



Magic Hands
by Mary Beth McDonough, BA, RN

Children have a natural awareness and understanding of the wonder and love that Reiki fosters. This heartwarming story of grandchildren who practice Reiki provides lessons for all of us.



Just for Today, I will Be Kind to People-and to Myself
by Jane Abramowitz

The Five Reiki Ideals are focused on our own development and how we treat each other. But in our desire to help others, we sometimes forget about how we treat ourselves. Jane suggests we need to extend the Ideal of being kind to ourselves as well.

Reiki and Awakening to Divine Consciousness
by Diane Anderson

Reiki is capable of healing and guiding us in many ways. As we learn the lessons it has to teach and follow the path of Reiki, we realize that its greatest gift is its ability to awaken us to our true potential.

Reiki in the Trenches
by Diana Green

Being a Reiki practitioner sometimes takes us into challenging situations. Yet when it's needed, Reiki will flow under all circumstances and create the healing that is just right for the recipient.Trusting in its guidance is all we need to do as we move along our Reiki paths.

Reiki Stories
Read the stories of people who have experienced the miracle-working power of Reiki.

This is an exciting and valuable issue that will supply you with entertainment as well as quality information and instruction. If you have any suggestions on how the magazine could be improved, I'd be very happy to hear them.

The world is a wonderful place, filled with continual changes which bring with them a never ending supply of opportunities. May you grow in the ability to allow the wisdom of Reiki to guide how you create your life.

Love and peace to you and the world.

William Lee Rand,

Read about the people who write for the
Reiki News Magazine


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Reiki Stories

Operation Cancelled after Reiki!
Last year I had a desperate telephone call from a concerned husband. His wife had been suffering from severe neuralgia pains in her face for six years. She suffered this pain 24 hours a day and in the course of the six years she had several operations on her face to freeze the nerves to no avail. The pain continued and even the strongest painkillers could not subdue the pain. Her husband brought her to my Reiki clinic on a Friday morning. She was due to have a "brain operation" at Groote Schuur Hospital on the Monday morning.

Due to the severity of the pain, I did not have any hope of stopping the pain, my only purpose was to just help her relax and not to fear this pending operation. I worked through her chakras and spent a long time with her. When I completed the Reiki treatment, I had a "flash" reminder of the teachings of my Reiki Master regarding the extension of the fingers. I then returned my attention to her face on the side where she had this constant pain. I "extended" my fingers to the inside of her face, bone, nerves and flesh and actually felt a small ridge and worked on that ridge for approximately 2 minutes until the ridge vanished. I felt a tremendous amount of "energy" pouring into her face. I asked her how the pain was. Her reply: "The pain is gone", and she burst into tears. I called her husband to the therapy room where the three of us prayed together to say thank you. The operation was cancelled and the pain never returned again. She is still in contact with me. She only had the one Reiki treatment. To me this was truly a miracle! I've experienced many healings but this one beats them all. Reiki master, Sonia Carlil

Reiki Heals Ear Infection
A few years ago I had this lady come to me for a Reiki treatment. Not knowing of her condition I began my session, but while working around her ears noticed something terribly wrong around her left ear. After completion of the session I inquired if she had something wrong in that specific area. She told me she was scheduled for surgery the 
following morning because of an inner ear infection that doctors had been unable to correct after a number of months of treatments. She went back to the hospital that night and the next morning she called saying the surgery had been cancelled because sometime during the night while sleeping her ear had broken open, and whatever was inside had run out onto her pillow. The doctors had no explanation, but she said she knew it was because of the Reiki treatment. She went on to say that after the treatment something started moving inside her ear, and she had a peaceful feeling that she had never experienced before.   John Prior

Getting Reiki Into A Hospital
As a new Reiki Master, I was eager to share Reiki with everyone. Without knowing there were actually limitations, I charged forward and approached our hospital oncology center with the idea of establishing a Reiki evening for their patients. After a one-hour presentation, they whole-heartedly accepted! After I received the news and shared it with other hospital personnel, I was told it should have been impossible to establish a Reiki share due to hospital policy. Well, Reiki came through anyway!!! We are in our sixth month of once-a-month free Reiki for cancer patients, and our patient load has tripled, to the point of having to move to a larger space within our medical 
center. Our volunteers have been dedicated, and all of them admit that they possibly gain more peace and comfort than the patients who receive Reiki. What a gift Reiki has been in my life and the lives of those who share Reiki with others.
Patricia Scheder

Do You Have a Reiki Story?
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