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August 2007

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It is my pleasure to send you the August 2007 edition of our Reiki online newsletter. Clicking on the links in the table of contents takes you directly to each article. To return just click on the "Return to Contents" link at the end of each section. I would enjoy your input so we can make this newsletter even more informative and valuable. Feel free use the input form toward the end of the newsletter to send any comments, questions, information or Reiki Stories that you would like to share with other Reiki people.

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Reiki and a Meaningful Life
by William Lee Rand

An expanded version of this article will appear in a future issue of the hard copy Reiki News Magazine.

Many have values, potentials, and dreams that haven’t been fully expressed. This usually happens because of fear; fear of rejection by friends, family, co-workers and others, fear of failure, or of losing financial security, or simply fear of change. Whatever the reason, the result can be a misalignment between what we truly believe about life and ourselves, and how we are actually living our lives.

Reiki has the potential to not only heal our bodies, it can also heal our lives. This can take place through its ability to transform our values and redirect our lives toward a more complete expression of our true needs and potentials. The need for this deeper kind of healing often becomes apparent as a result of a Reiki class or because of repeated Reiki sessions. Healing on this deeper level can sometimes mean a change in career, a change within a marriage or even a divorce, a change in religious affiliation, or a move to another part of the country or to another part of the world.

When we look at our lives, if we feel stuck in a dead end job, or a marriage or relationship that doesn’t support our real needs, or if we have “friends” who invalidate our beliefs, or have other experiences that are unsupportive of our core needs, then it’s likely that we are in a place where a significant healing can unfold for us - if we are willing to accept it.

Remember that Reiki always respects free will and will not force healing changes into our lives unless we are ready to accept them. But if we find ourselves seemingly poised in this place, not enjoying our current life, but not yet having decided to change, Reiki is present to help us. By focusing on Reiki, giving ourselves more treatments, exchanging treatments with others, or taking additional Reiki classes, we can receive the inner strength necessary to move forward and make the healing changes needed to create a more meaningful life.

These steps may not feel easy at first. In fact, this level of healing often represents a major healing crisis. Although it may be experienced as a challenging and difficult time while it is taking place, it will often be seen later as a major turning point. As this level of healing unfolds, Reiki can provide the insight, the motivation and the energy necessary to help you move forward and make the significant adjustments necessary to more fully express what we truly believe and to more fully embrace what we need to be healthy and happy individuals.

Because these necessary changes are part of our life purpose and are calling forth from our inner being, once we decide to make them, the forces of life will rise up to support us. People will reach out to help, fortunate circumstances will develop, and while it may still require effort on our part, it will end up being easier than we thought. Once the changes have been made, we will be in a whole new place with greater freedom and a feeling that the stagnant, suffocating air that surrounded us has been replaced with a fresh ocean breeze. We will have room to breathe and to grow and to be free.

Life has the potential to be a never-ending process of unfoldment, growth and increasing value. By being open to the enriching possibilities that Reiki can create in our lives, we develop the habit of being ready to take that next step, to learn new skills and to allow the healthy changes that bring an increasing level of meaning into everything we do.

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Understanding Byosen Scanning, Part II
by Frank Arjava Petter

Byosen, translated as “sick accumulation,” is the frequency that is emitted from a tense, injured or ill body part. It is also the reaction of the body to incoming Reiki energy. By evaluating these two aspects of the byosen, the practitioner can discover the area or areas that most need treatment, know how long the hands should remain in a particular area, and know whether additional treatments are indicated.

As noted in Part I of this article, byosen has five distinct levels, which indicate the seriousness of the condition, with five being the highest degree of imbalance:

Levels of byosen

  • Heat. This heat is above normal body temperature.
  • Strong heat. This heat makes your palms sweat.
  • Tingling. The tingling can be experienced as pins and needles, as a magnetic feeling, or as your hands falling asleep.
  • Pulsation, cold. The pulsation can be strong or weak, slow or fast. When the place you touch feels cold, it is not the fault of your hands, but a sign of byosen level four.
  • Pain in the hand of the practitioner. This pain may be felt in the hand, in the fingers or in the back of the hand. It may move up your hand into the forearm, and may continue all the way up to your shoulder.

Working with the byosen

Both Usui sensei and Hayashi sensei gave their beginner students handbooks that explained hand positions to be used for the most common ailments of that time. The handbooks allowed students to work effectively with Reiki before they understood the more advanced art of byosen. Once students became proficient in byosen, they listened to the body of the client and to the workings of the energy rather than relying on a specific pattern of hand positions.

Byosen is not to be confused with psychic ability or intuition. The Japanese approach is not exclusively intuitive. It is based on perception. Being perceptive can be learned, and this happens most easily in the presence of a skilled teacher. I have observed over the years that the teacher’s expertise flows naturally to his or her students as a result of their being in the teacher’s physical presence. This is the natural law of the spirit. The higher vibration transforms the lower.

In order to be perceptive, one needs to increase awareness. Begin by being aware of all the information that your senses provide for you. Look at the body of your client with the utmost attention and awareness. Notice every little thing. The client may not know what he needs, but his body does. His body will give you signs in the form of the five levels of byosen. The byosen attracts your attention; it pulls your hands to itself. Also the byosen tells you how the healing is going as well as how to proceed.

The first technique is really not a technique at all but simply a response to information from the client. A client comes to you and tells you what his physical problem is. He has been diagnosed by a healthcare practitioner. Perhaps he experiences pain or discomfort in a particular area of his body. You place your hands on that area and feel the byosen. If you feel a strong byosen, level four or five, you know that something serious is happening there that needs serious and possibly time-consuming attention. As you hold your hands on this area you pay attention to the peaks and valleys of the byosen. It comes and goes in waves. You continue working with the client until the peaks have diminished to level two or one.

The effectiveness of this technique was demonstrated in a dramatic way during one of my seminars. A participant was supposed to have her gall bladder removed a few days after the workshop. She had developed very painful stones and the doctors saw no other way for her than surgery. Every day, for five days I worked on her with the group. On the first day I felt a strong level five byosen. During the treatment one of us held her head, one held her feet, two or three held other positions, and I placed my hands on the gallbladder for the duration of the treatment. The byosen changed after two peaks and dropped to a strong level four. I felt coldness in the area, an indication of level four. I imagined the stones turning to dust. The next day we began again with a light level five and from then on the byosen dropped dramatically. On the third day, all I felt was a strong tingle—level three. By the end of the training, after five days, only heat could be felt. I urged her to have a checkup before surgery because I knew that the body was taking good care of itself. Her healing powers were activated, and I was confident that the body could heal itself. All the others felt it as well. The surgery was cancelled by a surprised physician.

Byosen is a powerful tool for increasing the effectiveness of Reiki and enhancing the outcome of Reiki treatments. I encourage you to experiment with each of the techniques described and to discover for yourself how amazingly effective byosen can be. Working with byosen requires practice and patience, but I believe you will find that the results make it well worth the effort.

*The word Gassho means two hands coming together. The correct way to practice  Gassho is to hold the hands up, with the palms close together. Each finger is supposed to lie upon the respective finger of the other hand. The hands are held so that the finger-tips are just below the nose. The elbows are not touching the body, but there is enough space in between the inside of the upper arm and the armpit to fit in an egg. The back is held erect and the head floating up by itself as if held up by a helium-filled balloon.

Copyright© 2007 by Frank Arjava Petter

This is an excerpt from the complete article that appears in the summer edition of the Reiki News Magazine.

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Honoring All Reiki Schools and Lineages

The Reiki News Magazine is a 72-page full color glossy magazine containing articles on every aspect of Reiki practice written by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced Reiki people on the planet. Below is a synopsis of the current issue.


Summer Issue

Welcome . . .
to the Summer issue of the Reiki News Magazine. Our purpose in publishing the magazine is to provide you with inspiration as well as new ideas and techniques so your practice of Reiki can be more fulfilling and beneficial - to you as well as those you treat. By calling on Reiki to guide this process and by continually searching for the very best writers and giving them the freedom and encouragement to produce their best work, we remain focused on fulfilling that purpose. Check the amazing list of articles below. This issue is both exciting and practical!

Here is a list of the articles in this issue:

Teaching Reiki
by Kathie Lipinski, RN, MSN, CH

Teaching is a skill that can be developed. Those who have a desire to teach and those who are already teachers both have latent potential that can be developed to enhance their teaching abilities. In this article Kathie explains foundation concepts important in developing your teaching style.

Reiki Ryoho, Part II, Understanding Byosen Scanning
by Frank Arjava Petter

Byosen is one the original techniques developed and taught by Usui sensei. Its use allows the practitioner to detect where a person needs Reiki and how long to treat the area. In this article, Frank Arjava explains the finer points of this esoteric art.


Feng Shui and Reiki
by Walter Lübeck

We spend a lot of time in our homes doing many important things. Because of this, it is important that we be aware of how our home’s energy is affecting us and know how to adjust that energy to improve our health and well-being. This article explains the Chinese art of healing and balancing the energy in one’s home and how to combine Feng Shui practices with the use of Reiki energy.

Communicating with our Reiki Guides
by Colleen Benelli

There are spiritual energies and forces all around us, including spiritual beings that are available to help us. In this article Colleen describes the value these spiritual helpers offer us and how we can communicate and work with them.

Reiki’s Birthplace – A Book Review
by Marianne Streich

Reiki was first discovered by Usui sensei on Mt. Kurama, a holy mountain north of Kyoto, Japan. This new book, a first of its kind, is a travel guide for those planning to make a pilgrimage to Mt. Kurama as well as an educational book for those who want to know more about this mystical mountain. An additional article describes Usui sensei’s lifelong connection with the mountain.

Being a Hospice Reiki Volunteer
by Deborah K. Shields

The end of life process is a sacred and meaningful experience that can benefit from the presence of dedicated Reiki volunteers who understand the issues that can arise in both the patient and the family and are able to provide comfort and healing.

Reiki Clinic and Children’s Home in Nigeria
by Amy Z. Rowland

This is a wonderful story about how Reiki is being used to help people in an African town. The development of a Reiki clinic and orphanage in Nigeria is an inspiration for us and offers the possibility of volunteering as a Reiki practitioner or sponsoring a child.

Children Giving Reiki
by Kylie Holmes

Children have a natural understanding and enthusiasm for Reiki. In this story Kylie tells us about how Reiki has played an important role in the lives of her children.


Reiki and Everyday Living
by Janny E. Adkins, RN, BS, HNC, HTP

Reiki can be used for just about everything including the practical as well as the seemingly impractical. In this somewhat humorous account Janny explains some of the many ways it has helped her to achieve goals and to cope with life.

Bless Your Life with Reiki
by Mari Hall

Often the answer to our seemingly complicated challenges in life is something very simple. Mari has used Reiki to release resistance to life’s flow and to reveal life’s natural beauty and wisdom.

Reiki Stories
Read the stories of people who have experienced the miracle-working power of Reiki.

This is an exciting and valuable issue that will supply you with entertainment as well as quality information and instruction. If you have any suggestions on how the magazine could be improved, I'd be very happy to hear them.

The world is a wonderful place, filled with continual changes which bring with them a never ending supply of opportunities. May you grow in the ability to allow the wisdom of Reiki to guide how you create your life.

Love and peace to you and the world.

William Lee Rand,

Read about the people who write for the
Reiki News Magazine


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Reiki Stories

Reiki Helps Scarlet Fever
The first night of my Reiki Level III class I got a call from my husband that our six-year-old daughter was sick—vomiting, with chills and fever. I immediately began sending her a distant Reiki treatment. By the time I got home she was no longer throwing up, but the fever persisted. I gave her a bath after Reikiing the water. I also Reikied her lotion, her room, and her bed. I continued sending her healing throughout the weekend of my training. The next day the fever completely broke, and she was no longer lethargic. I knew that I was in that class for a reason. What I learned that first night allowed me to be a channel for my daughter’s healing. After a trip to the doctor we were told that she had scarlet fever. Her symptoms didn't persist long and her healing came quickly. Reiki helped her body to heal itself. Ellyn N. Gray

Severe Injuries Healed
I got a call from my sister, who is also one of my students. A friend of hers, a Kansas City Reiki Master who had recently moved to Sedona, Arizona, had contacted her to ask if she and one or two of my other students could go to a hospital in Phoenix to treat a woman from Kansas City. The woman was hiking in some back canyons around Sedona and had taken a severe fall, tumbling down more than 40 feet. Her jaw was broken in two places, the occipital bone was so severely damaged that doctors thought she might lose an eye. The highest concern was the damage to the brain from a fractured skull and nasty concussion. It was felt that the brain damage was such that she would not recover. She had lesser damage to ribs and other bones.

My sister and another student (both Level II) went to the hospital and, at the request of the family, were able to visit and work with the woman for more than an hour that evening and again the next day. Meanwhile, the Kansas City Master contacted the Reiki community there to send distant Reiki. The original prognosis had been six to eight weeks before release from the hospital. On the second evening of Reiki treatment my sister was informed that, inexplicably, the patient was recovering at a remarkable rate. She was lucid and communicating well. It would be possible for her to leave as early as the next day, although she would be held for about a week to make sure she was okay before completing her recovery at home. This was exciting news and gave everyone involved an improved level of confidence in Reiki. This small group is practicing and sending Reiki on a regular basis. Bud Gill

Psoriasis and Ovarian Cyst Disappear
After the death of my brother in 1979, I began my Spiritual journey into the metaphysical world. It wasn’t until the end of my career as a State Trooper that I was able to unravel this inner Spiritual calling to help others. I sought the guidance from an astrologer who read my chart and told me that I had been a healer in a past life.

A year later, I met with a Spiritual Medium who told me that I had healing hands and should learn Reiki. Shortly thereafter, another tragedy struck with the sudden death of my best friend of thirty-three years. I prayed to the universe to show me a sign that I needed to make sense of these tragic deaths. The very next day in the mail I received the application for the Reiki Level I course. I smiled and thanked the Universe for the sign.

While still working as a police officer, I attained my Reiki I and II certifications and soon bought a Reiki table. My inner calling grew as my passion to physically help others resounded within me. I joined with others and provided free Reiki sessions to those in need. Gradually I completed the Usui Master Level and Karuna Reiki Master Level courses. I have also taken a twelve-week Qigong Medical Healing Class.

I am still working in the law enforcement field. At first, I shared my passion for healing with only a select few, and did not mention it to most of my fellow officers. As my passion grew, so has my ability to speak the truth to many individuals about Reiki, and I have stepped out of the Spiritual “closet.” Now I even use Reiki on distraught citizens that I come in contact with.

I have treated both my daughters with Reiki after they had their wisdom teeth removed. Both were in tears. Soon after applying my hands to the jaw area, the tears stopped, their breathing became relaxed, and soon they were asleep.

Recently, my wife introduced me to a school nurse who shared similar spiritual ideals and had heard of Reiki but never experienced a session. She was intrigued with the hands-on healing technique, so I offered her a Reiki session. Three days later the nurse told me that her psoriasis of 27 years was gone.

The nurse also shared with me that she had been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst, which measured five mm, and that she might have to undergo surgery. Three days before her medical checkup and ultrasound, I gave her a second Reiki treatment for one hour. During the session I told her that only she could heal herself, not me. With that she said she wanted to heal herself. I placed my left hand, palm up, under her lower back while circling my right hand in a clockwise motion three-five inches above the area of her ovaries. The energy connection between both palms was tremendous. I could actually feel the tingling on my left hand as the right hand circled above her body. I repeated the mantra “it is done” dozens of times, as my right palm chakra was buzzing with energy. (I had read somewhere that six Reiki Masters repeated this mantra as they gave Reiki to a patient with a malignant tumor and that the tumor completely disintegrated after three hours of treatment.)

After her ultrasound checkup, she told me that her doctor could not find the cyst at all. He checked several times and even showed her the monitor as he searched. She then told him about her Reiki treatment and the disappearance of her psoriasis. The doctor naturally said, “Yeah, I’ve heard of Reiki but sometimes these cysts come and sometimes they go away by themselves.”

Maybe so I thought, but I still gave gratitude to God and the Universe for the healing power of Reiki love. John M. LaCross, RI

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